Season 1 Episode 20

Back Into the Breach

Aired Unknown May 20, 2002 on
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Back Into the Breach
The U.S. government project devoted to detecting aliens (from "Breach") is back in action. They are keeping the body of Wes Tarber, previously inhabited by the Nodulian Kres alive, and bring Zan (disguised as a "Dr. Armstrong") in to revive him. Zan succeeds by injecting it with the essence of Ramel, who didn't get a body in the original takeover because there weren't enough humans on the train. Zin needs access to files in the complex and revives Ramel to get in good, but kills the general he's bribing when the general gets antsy. Meanwhile Cole is analyzing Mel's grandmother's key, which apparently opens some kind of "door" beneath the Watchfire. Ramel attacks Cole, who killed his brother previously, but Cole escapes. Cole sneaks into the complex, and finds out that a Vardian ship piloted by an "Arkin" crashed into Lake Michigan. A "Dr. Milos Sandborn" interrogated the alien and then disappeared before giving his files to the government. Zin wants the files and needs Ramel to help search. Nestov shows up to help, and they evade capture. Zin finds the exact location of the power source he's looking for (finding out it's beneath the Watchfire) and escapes, Cole captures Ramel, and Nestov gets to finish his Watchfire calendar shoot.moreless

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    Deborah Odell

    Deborah Odell

    Dr. Collen Hampton

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    Richard Blackburn

    Richard Blackburn

    General Young

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    Crystal Comacho

    Crystal Comacho

    Miss October

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    • TRIVIA (6)

      • Maybe it's just me, but why doesn't Cole just go into hypertime, grab Zin, and imprison his lifeforce? He talks about how he wants to see what Zin is up to, but Zin appears to be the sole motivating force behind the search for the Vardian power source. Even if he wasn't, wouldn't taking out Zin be a huge blow to the whole conspiracy? (And yes, Cole can use the Collector in Hypertime as we saw in "Cloud Nine".)

      • There seems to be some confusion as to how the aliens refer to each other. Both Zin and Cole sometimes refer to Ramel as "Tarver," which is the name of the (now deceased) human body. This seems a little odd.

      • When Cole finds the secret panel, on Mel's satellite map there is a room just to the left beyond the panel. When Cole and Nestov go through the panel, there is a hallway in the same place that wasn't on Mel's map.

      • When Mel is guiding Cole through the complex, she warns him about a guard on his right. On the map there is a wall ahead of the guard, but when he comes out on-screen there is a corridor in front of him that he walks into.

      • The first fight between Ramel and Cole doesn't make much sense. Nestov says that Zin is meeting with his inner circle, Cole says he's going to "crash Zin's party" at the Wrigley Hotel and then the next scene Cole is in a random alley somewhere checking the ground. Later Nestov kinda apologies for his false lead, but why would Cole be checking the ground of an alleyway when Nestov send him to the penthouse of the Wrigley Hotel?

      • Nestov acts rather suspiciously in this episode, going after Cole at the Breach complex with no real explanation. Cole doesn't seem to notice. This will be explained in the next episode, "What Lies Beneath," however.

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    • NOTES (6)

      • Other then a few mildly lustful glances in the opening sequence, and one relatively brief scene with Geraint Wyn Davies, Deborah Odell has very little screentime. One wonders why she gets an opening credit.

      • The excerpts' directors credited are John Stead and Ken Girotti, and excerpts written by Scott Peters.

      • John Furey is credited in the opening, but only appears in clip-footage from "Breach."

      • Okay, Laura isn't in this episode but there's plenty of other female cheesecake to behold.

      • This episode is a sequel to the episode "Breach" (note the title) and features some extensive opening flashbacks/footage from that episode.

      • Leanne Wilson is out of the opening credits (not surprising after last week's departure), and Geraint Wyn Davies is listed and does appear. Richard Yearwood appears but does not getting an opening-title credit, despite having done so (erratically) in the past. Hey, at least it's a reason not to fast-forward through the credits each week! :)

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