Season 1 Episode 16

Dark Road Home

Aired Unknown Apr 22, 2002 on



  • Trivia

    • Orderlies do not give shots nor are shots ever administered through clothing.

    • Why did Daggon use his real human name for his commitment? He might have had fun with an alias. After all, it's not like he needed an ID to get in there!

    • Nurse Price wouldn't have left that door unsecured; she would have waited until help had arrived.

  • Quotes

    • Mel: Cole!
      Cole: Hello, Mel.
      Mel: What's going on!?
      Cole: It's called a 'lapdance'.
      Mel: I know what it is! That's not exactly what I meant!
      Cole: But she's really good, Mel! You should try it!

    • Mel: You're amazing.
      Cole: And so are you ... Let's go home.
      Mel: Home is up there.
      Cole: Home is wherever you are.

  • Notes

    • By law, the dog would've been caged for transport and would've never exited the train on his own four feet. Further, if one assumes that one of the other fugitives released him from his cage, then he would've never been delivered to his new master, Stan Robert. Hence, "The Beast" wouldn't have happened.

    • Richard Yearwood as Nestov is back to opening-credit status, although he had less screen time then he did in "Eye of the Storm" when he didn't getting an opening credit.

  • Allusions

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