Season 1 Episode 22

Remember When

Aired Unknown Jun 03, 2002 on
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Remember When
After bringing in another escapee after some tests, Cole determines a way to zap all of the remaining prisoners off Earth and back to Sartop at the same time by remote. However, one of the currently held lifeforces is contaminating the process, and he and Mel desperately try to determine which one before the wormhole closes. Things get complicated when Cole is zapped by an energy burst and loses his memory. He gets it back with some prodding from Mel, and they identify the "contaminated" lifeforce just in time and get rid of every remaining prisoner on Earth. Cole goes back, his mission completed. But then he returns, realizing his home is on Earth with Mel. But as they celebrate, we see the display screen show all the fugitive prisoners reappearing all over the U.S.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (5)

      • Not necessarily a goof, but...Cole doesn't mention Zin's lackeys on Earth (from Fever of the Hunt) that were not part of the prison escape. So, was his process going to grab them too?

      • Cole doesn't seem bothered by the fact that suddenly individuals in all 48 connected states will suddenly drop dead. No doubt there will be witnesses to some incidents, which will lead to an investigation once a pattern is established. (editor's note: of course, Cole has never been too bothered, and he thought he wouldn't be around to deal with it. Still, he had to leave a bunch of dead bodies around either way, even if he hunted them down one at a time.)

      • Mel and Cole don't seem too disturbed that they also zapped Nestov off of Earth - it seemed they had reached some kind of friendly arrangement with him.

      • Joanie Laurer's name is misspelled "Laurier" in the post-title guest credits

      • Isn't Cole's map incomplete and/or useless? It only shows escaped prisoners in the continental United States. He's already met some in England in Fever of the Hunt and it was hinted in that episode Zin's organization was much wider than Chicago and the U.S.

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    • NOTES (6)

      • Other than Ho Oyster Chow as Jezek, all cast members credited are only credited because they appeared in previous episodes and are shown in clips here. In reality this episode only has an actual "cast" of three people.

      • Pretty much every episode in the season is shown here. The ones that appear to be omitted (or are shown so briefly as to be pretty much moot as specific scenes) appear to be: Cloud Nine, Trust, Without A Trace, Double Down, Native Son, The Miracle, Eye of the Storm, and A Made Guy.

      • A typical season-ending "clip" show - usually done because of the series budget being used up by the end of the year.

      • Excerpts written by: Scott Peters, Tom Chehak, Peter M. Lenkov, Grant Rosenberg, Gil Grant, Peter Geiger, David Wolkove, Linda Ptolemy

      • Excerpts directed by: Richard Martin, William Fruet, Cal Schumiatcher, Bruce Pittman, John Stead, Holly Dale, Michael Robison, Rene Bonniere, Neill Fearnley, David Wu, Ken Girotti, George Bloomfield

      • Besides Richard Yearwood being listed as a post-title guest, Leanne Wilson is also listed as such since she only appears in clip/flashback.

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