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  • this show is so good it would be number one on tv if they didnt take it off

    this show is very good and it so life like and it so good it beliveable and i do belive it could happen to anyone at anytime is not fake like charmed at all i really hope mabey some day they do bring it back on telvison and hope it still has the same people on there it would be nice to see it on tv more off then
  • Low budget but good.

    I was one of the few viewers of this show. It played where I was in the middle of the night and I always made sure to record it. There was just something about killing Sc-Fi shows in Syracuse, NY. They showed Babylon 5 at 3AM, Highlander at around the same time.... Adrian Paul is always going to be cool. I remember him on War of the Worlds. He'll never top The Highlander Series though (don't bother with the last Highlander movie, it was crap). Tracker was a show about an alien come to Earth to track down fugitives hiding out in human bodies. It was funny and campy. I liked it.