Season 1 Episode 6

The Beast

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 2001 on
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The Beast
A blind man is led into the middle of an intersection and left to be run over by his German Shephard. While picking up Mel from an aborted date, Cole senses the presence of one of his prisoners, and soon determines the German Shephard has been taken over by one of the last arrivals on the train: Medoran, Zin's bodyguard. Zin is putting his bodyguard to use, killing a councilwoman who stands in the way of his desire to have a district of Chicago rezoned. Cole tracks down the dog, which can shift forms into a werewolf-like humanoid, and manages to capture it.moreless

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Brenda Bazinet

Brenda Bazinet

Councilwoman Joan Elders

Guest Star

Conrad Coates

Conrad Coates

Councilman Prestin

Guest Star

Amanda Brugel

Amanda Brugel

Uniformed Officer

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Mel: I'm afraid to ask how you even got this one!
      Cole: From the police computer system.
      Mel: You broke into the police computer system?!?
      Cole: Yes, Mel.
      Mel: You say 'yes, Mel' like you can just do these things!
      Cole: I can just do these things.
      Mel: I know you can do these things, but you're not allowed to do these things! You do know that you're not allowed to do these things?

    • Cole: You smell.
      Mel: Thanks!
      Cole: No, I mean you smell different. Are you wearing cologne?
      Mel: No. Perfume ... Men wear cologne, women wear perfume. Do you like it?
      Cole: Yes, I do enjoy the feeling it gives me. I don't know why.
      Mel: (quoting the advertising slogan) 'Pheromones ... Something men have a hard time resisting'. Do you think it's too much?
      Cole: Too much for what?

    • Jess: What's wrong?
      Cole: I don't know. I smell pheromones.
      Jess: Sorry?
      Cole: I smell pheromones. Something men have a hard time resisting.
      Jess. I knew it! She's got you!
      Cole: 'Got me'?
      Jess: You've got jealousy written all over you!
      Cole: I do?
      Jess: Deny it all you want, Cole. But I see it.
      Cole: Where?

    • Mel: Do you have dogs where you come from?
      Cole: Yes. Something very similar. They don't have fur, and they don't have legs or teeth, but they do sound very much the same.
      Mel: That would be a barking snake around here.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Trivia Note: 1-800-COLLECT was either a running gag in the series or, more likely, a blatant 'internal' ad. It was specifically mentioned in the dialog in three episodes (here in "The Beast" by Mel as she's doing inventory with Jess, as well as by Zin in "The Miracle" and by Laura in "Fever of the Hunt, Part II") and it showed up on one of the shredded documents Mel was putting into the Digital Pattern Analyzer ("Native Son"), several times as a banner on some of Cole's on-screen computer displays (three times in "The Miracle" alone, once in "The Dark Road Home"), on the face of one of his gizmos ("To Catch a Desserian"), and on a sign in a phone booth ("A Made Guy").