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  • Season 1 Episode 22: Remember When

  • Not necessarily a goof, but...Cole doesn't mention Zin's lackeys on Earth (from Fever of the Hunt) that were not part of the prison escape. So, was his process going to grab them too?

  • Cole doesn't seem bothered by the fact that suddenly individuals in all 48 connected states will suddenly drop dead. No doubt there will be witnesses to some incidents, which will lead to an investigation once a pattern is established. (editor's note: of course, Cole has never been too bothered, and he thought he wouldn't be around to deal with it. Still, he had to leave a bunch of dead bodies around either way, even if he hunted them down one at a time.)

  • Mel and Cole don't seem too disturbed that they also zapped Nestov off of Earth - it seemed they had reached some kind of friendly arrangement with him.

  • Joanie Laurer's name is misspelled "Laurier" in the post-title guest credits

  • Isn't Cole's map incomplete and/or useless? It only shows escaped prisoners in the continental United States. He's already met some in England in Fever of the Hunt and it was hinted in that episode Zin's organization was much wider than Chicago and the U.S.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: What Lies Beneath

  • There doesn't seem to be any reason for Nestov to believe Zin's gun will harm Mel. Zin used a regular gun to shoot the other Cirronian after he zapped him with the energy gun. Of course, he may be bluffing and Mel wouldn't know the gun was harmless. Ironically, although neither one of them may know it, the gun very well could have harmed Mel, since we later find she has Cirronian energies.

  • The abandoned buildings behind the newscaster must be the worst blue-screen effect in the history of Chicago news broadcasting! And yes, the implication is she's supposed to be "live on the scene".

  • So Zin has had a fully-powered Cirronian working for him all this time and doesn't seem to have taken advantage of his hyper-time abilities? That seems a little odd. Even Cole says he's too valuable to waste as a guard...but then why hasn't Zin used him for anything else?

  • Cole "turns off" the Collector after it activates in Mel's hand. If it has an off switch, that implies it was turned on when he gave it to her. So...why did he give her the Collector turned on, when they didn't think it would do anything?

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Back Into the Breach

  • Maybe it's just me, but why doesn't Cole just go into hypertime, grab Zin, and imprison his lifeforce? He talks about how he wants to see what Zin is up to, but Zin appears to be the sole motivating force behind the search for the Vardian power source. Even if he wasn't, wouldn't taking out Zin be a huge blow to the whole conspiracy? (And yes, Cole can use the Collector in Hypertime as we saw in "Cloud Nine".)

  • There seems to be some confusion as to how the aliens refer to each other. Both Zin and Cole sometimes refer to Ramel as "Tarver," which is the name of the (now deceased) human body. This seems a little odd.

  • When Cole finds the secret panel, on Mel's satellite map there is a room just to the left beyond the panel. When Cole and Nestov go through the panel, there is a hallway in the same place that wasn't on Mel's map.

  • When Mel is guiding Cole through the complex, she warns him about a guard on his right. On the map there is a wall ahead of the guard, but when he comes out on-screen there is a corridor in front of him that he walks into.

  • The first fight between Ramel and Cole doesn't make much sense. Nestov says that Zin is meeting with his inner circle, Cole says he's going to "crash Zin's party" at the Wrigley Hotel and then the next scene Cole is in a random alley somewhere checking the ground. Later Nestov kinda apologies for his false lead, but why would Cole be checking the ground of an alleyway when Nestov send him to the penthouse of the Wrigley Hotel?

  • Nestov acts rather suspiciously in this episode, going after Cole at the Breach complex with no real explanation. Cole doesn't seem to notice. This will be explained in the next episode, "What Lies Beneath," however.

  • Season 1 Episode 19: Fever of the Hunt (2)

  • Not exactly a goof, but all you guys out there, thank director William Fruet for giving us an otherwise-pointless shot of Jess in her bra.

  • Season 1 Episode 18: Fever of the Hunt (1)

  • Why doesn't Cole use hypertime to grab Suudor in the hospital? Instead he just dinks around with him and doesn't use his hypertime ability until Suudor tosses the nurse out the window.

  • Mel investigates Suudor's Chicago house without gloves, and makes a cell phone call from the scene. Wouldn't the police pick up on this?

  • Does anyone find it a little odd that Mel hasn't heard of a copycat Manson killing? The original "Helter Skelter" killings by the Manson clan were a huge mass killing well known in the 60's. Does anybody think the media wouldn't be all over this Chondra Levy- and O.J. Simpson-style?

  • Season 1 Episode 17: A Made Guy

  • The metal cylinder seen here is clearly decorated with bold Egyptian-like Ankh symbols. In "Area 51," the metal cylinder that the crystal came in has no markings or symbols of any kind visible on it.

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