Season 1 Episode 7

Without a Trace

Aired Unknown Jan 14, 2002 on
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Mel is talking with Det. Bruno, and how he's being taken off the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of her boyfriend, restaurant owner Rod Archer. Cole overhears the conversation and takes on the form of Archer. Mel is understandably upset, but then realizes what Cole has done. Cole can't reverse the transformation, and decides to investigate Rod's disappearance. Several folks working for gangster Marco Sylvestri start gunning for "Rod", and then Rod/Cole gets grabbed by the Feds and dropped off at a home 50 miles outside Chicago, and informed he is a member of the wintess protection program. Rod and the Feds faked his death so he could testify against Sylvestri. Rod has started up a new life, which includes a wife and newborn child. One of the Feds is a mole, and tells Sylvestri of Rod's location. Cole and Mel anonymously get Rod and his family out of the house. Cole-as-Rod takes his place, and fakes being killed by Sylvestri. while grabbing a piece of evidence and sending the Feds anonymous information that will convict the gangster once and for all. Mel decides not to confront Rod, and Cole finds a way back to his "normal" form by rebuilding himself from the original underware-model picture.moreless

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    James Gallanders

    James Gallanders

    Rod Archer/Cole

    Guest Star

    Fulvio Cecere

    Fulvio Cecere

    Marco Sylvestri

    Guest Star

    Joseph Di Mambro

    Joseph Di Mambro

    Sylvestri's Goon

    Guest Star

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Rod/Cole was driving Mel's car like an old pro when not long ago he could barely steer...those driving lessons have really paid off! (editor's note: well, he is supposed to be a fast learner...)

      • Why does the Fed working for Sylvestri have to wait until after Cole-as-Rod shows himself to figure out where Rod is staying?

      • Writer Tracey Forbes seems to have trouble with the concept of a "witness protection program" in this episode. The Feds wouldn't leave such a valuable witness so close to the person he was intended to testify against. Nor would they let such a witness have what appears to be a fairly public marriage ceremony. Also, why don't the Feds more clearly fake Rod's death, instead of leaving it a mystery? Since Sylvestri himself killed Rod's partner, and knows he didn't kill Rod, why would Sylvestri think Rod was dead and thus no longer a threat to him?

      • How does Cole manage to exactly duplicate Rod's voice, build, and body height, only working from a shoulder-head shot of him in the picture? Alien magic, I guess...

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    • NOTES (1)

      • For this episode only (as of 3/1/02), the opening credits for this episode feature Richard Yearwood in the fourth slot, and drop Geraint Wyn Davies. However, Davies appears in the opening credits in subsequent episodes and Yearwood disappears and reappears, so this may be a case where only "regular" actors who appear in the episode get credited in that particular episode.

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