Tracy Beaker Returns

BBC (ended 2012)


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  • Tracy Beaker Returns

    I love watching Tracy Beaker Returns on my laptop all of every episodes since 10 years and I think Tracy Beaker is really good at her new first job working at Elmtree House for children and helping them out in case they have a different problems at the dumping gound care home like fighting hitting and hurting their people feelings and giving them a punishment for them like sending to their rooms until they calm down probably and she is doing this because she is a member of staff there with mike and gina and Tracy gets paid work while she is at work with them to keep them safe and take care for them and not getting other people trouble as well.
  • Home is where the heart it.

    I love (Dani Harmer) Tracy Beaker i loved her first ever Tracy Beacker till the end one i am 14 and i make sure i am home every friday for the new ones there amazing and the actors there like the friends you want but never seem to find i no that they propably are not there real personaltys but i do believe some of the things they say are personal from the begining i loved all the actors the pink ones the crimanals and i could never say my favourite and i still carnt but Daniel Pearson does stand out to me he is to himself and has that look <3
  • Tracy Gone OFF !!!

    I love Dani Harmer as an actress and I loved the story of tracy beaker as a child and still do as a 17 year old so I attempted watching her now show Tracy Beaker Returns and I must say it's still good but I know Tracy is meant to be grown up now but can't help but think she has grown up too much. She doesn't stand up for herself when she really should and the tamed tracy isnt worth watching if im entirely honest !

    I love Tracy Beaker and Tracy Beaker returns but all my friends say its for little kids so what im 12 years old nearly 13 but i love Tracy Beaker returns. Dani Harmer is an amazing actor, Richard Wisker is so fit and so is Joe Maw, mainly Richard Wisker though. The girls are all amazing. <3 I LOVE YOU RICHARD WISKER AND DANI HARMER!!!! <3