Season 3 Episode 9

Hope Chasers

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Unknown on Global

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  • This is a must-see episode.

    While Sally and Paul tease each other, Sidleman finalizes
    his divorce, Jansky deals with his loss in love to Ayn by trying in a non-Romeo & Juliet style, it's really Ayn that brings the all the stories to a full stop.

    After being rescue by Jack from Jansky's party, the two of them wake up the next morning together in bed. Jack makes some coffee and walks into the bathroom to discover Ayn's secret.

    Jack is devastated and can't think straight. Ayn calls him later that night to tell him her bags are packed, she needs help, to please help her. But Jack doesn't respond and Ayn starts shouting and crying. Later, Jack goes to the apartment and finds Ayn on the bathroom floor.. dead.

    This episode was definetly a break from the normal ups and downs. It lulls you and catches you totally off guard.

    At the time of this writing, the Women's Network is airing it in Canada (May, 2006).