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  • The Enemy Without
    Episode 13
    Marty is enjoying his new position. As a publicly traded company, he now has double the normal capital he used to have to invest. He uses his new power to inflate the share of a useless company, and makes a bundle at the same time.

    Cedric returns to the company, he now owns more than 10% of the company shares making him the second largest shareholder after Sally. Adam puts a motion on the table to put him on the Executive board, but she opposes it.
    Jack appoints D'Arby to keep his eye on Kathy, now that she's back at the firm, but his covert ops are anything but. During his snooping he accidentally finds a five year old file on a rubber recycling process. Five years ago, the process was unprofitable, the cost to produce virgin rubber was lower than the cost of recycling it. Now however, with a surge in prices, the process becomes once again, valuable. Kathy, realising she is being spied on, devises a plan to lure Jack into a trap by stealing a worthless file in plain view of D'Arby. But instead of telling Jack, D'Arby brings Grant along to catch her in the act of giving the file to Ian. The two end up falling in a dumpster just as Kathy shows up to tell them to leave her alone.

    Gardner/Ross seeks to buy the Fabris Merchant Bank, but when Cedric is blocked from his seat, he dumps is GR stocks, and offers to buy Fabris. Sally and Adam turn to Grant to raise more money, which he seems to be doing alright. Adam tells Sally that Grant is doing poorly however, and the pair decide to liquidate some of their holdings in GR, and loan it back to the bank. Sally is able to make the offer to Fabris and GR acquires it.

    The next day GR stock begins climbing back up to its previous levels, but Marty senses a problem, as the stock passes 16, he realises Cedric is trying to takeover the firm. Sally orders the floor to buy as much GR as they can, but they are unable to buy them back fast enough. Marty stops buying as soon as they hit minimum capital requirement regulations, but she orders him to buy on. Todson tells everyone they had just gotten through Grant's windfall, at that point she discovers Adam had lied to her. The most honest man on Bay Street, finally proves he is anything but. Cedric regains control of the company, and immediately fires Sally. Using the excuse that she broke the law in attempting to block his takeover.moreless
  • The Big Picture
    Episode 12
    Ian Dancer gives the executive committee some tough news. They need to clean up their image before they go public. Kathy promises to sue the firm for wrongful dismissal. Because Jack asked her to quit after the insider trading fiasco, she cannot collect unemployment. Jack refuses to write her a letter saying he fired her. If he does she can technically be arrested for insider trading, and the image of the firm will be badly hurt. Ian advises Jack to hire her back, knowing that any lawsuit would reveal the details of the insider trading, which could land all three of them in jail. Jack hires her back. Susannah cannot sign a lockup deal with Gardner/Ross for fear of losing custody of her daughter. She is charged with the task of finding her own replacement. She calls Monica back in to ask her to join, but she seems less than enthusiastic about it. At the GR party Ian finds out about the firm trying to nab Monica as the new head of their Research department. Monica finds out Ian's firm has withdrawn the bid and blames Susannah for playing God with her life. Grant shows up for his date with the computer technician, but is so nervous he can't talk to her. She waits at the bar, then storms out mad after she's stood up. Grant races back to GR to beg D'Arby for help, he suggests he emails her, and promises to help him the next day. D'Arby's attempt to bring Grant and her back together, backfires after he does all the talking and falls for her. After going out for a drink, he tells Grant and he quits. Marty goes against Sally's wishes and invests heavily in the Deutschmark, unfortunately for him it begins to drop and he loses on the deal. At the GR party Marty excuses himself and tries to earn 6 million on the Nikkei so Sally won't fire him. Barb (Marty's wife) after drinking all night, confesses to Sally that Marty is in trouble. Sally orders Marty to go home. The DM continues to fall giving them an opportunity to cover their losses by investing heavily in the other European currencies in anticipation of a Bundesbank bailout. Adam is not happy with the plan to take Gardner/Ross public, and he's still reeling with disappointment from not being able to sell his shares and retire with his wife. Meanwhile, Ian not only wants Adam onboard, he wants Adam to become head of the firm. Sally is not pleased with the idea, the last thing she wants to do, is loose control of her bank to Adam. Monica comes back to GR and apologises for being so angry at Susannah, she finally believes her that she did not intentionally try to ruin her career. As she is signing the contracts to join Gardner/Ross Susannah tells her she has decided not to sue for custody of her daughter. She reveals that her husband is a better father, than she is a mother. Susannah decides to try and take the job at Ian's firm, but the two agree to trade. Susannah will stay at GR, and she will recommend Ian hire Monica. Gardner/Ross goes public and the stock goes into a free fall after someone witnesses Grant quit. D'Arby climbs a tree in order to get Grant to come back down, and come back to the bank. He promises never to see Magda again, if only Grant will be his friend again. Grant comes back to the company, Marty buys a whole tonne of GR shares from Ian at 2 under market price, before announcing to everyone that Grant is back! The show ends with Adam walking with Cedric Ross. He tells him he bought 380,000 shares. And tells him he feels it's a "good start"moreless
  • It seems we've come full circle. The board is holding a meeting to discus a new takeover offer by a major Canadian bank. This time however, Sally agrees to the terms. Jack is furious and announces he will quit if the deal goes through. The Trading floor is also unhappy with the proposed buyout. Todson remarks that he'll be voting against the takeover, but that it will likely do no good. The bank wants Adam, or Jack to stay on after the buyout, but Adam wants to leave. The buyer tells Adam that either he stays, or Jack stays, they don't care who. A Vice President of a cosmetics company is attempting a hostile takeover of a company owned by her mother. As they reach the 9% limit of share ownership, they find someone ELSE has announced a takeover bid. Once again the possibility of a leak is brought up. In an effort to block the company from taking over before they do, Marty launches an offensive to buy the buyer. In a meeting between Adam and Ian Dantzer, He attempts to lure him to replace Jack in order to secure the buyout deal. But Ian let's it slip that someone from GR has opened a brokerage account at the other bank, the bank that has blocked the takeover bid for the cosmetics company. The account holder, is Kathy. She purchased $800 worth of the cosmetics company in anticipation of the buyout. In the middle of trading however, Computers throughout the firm crash. This time the floor is saved by Benny, using his floor trader instincts he is able to continue buying and selling, telling the people on the other end of the phone that he'll buy, or sell, 1/8th over or under the current price. This works at first, and the whole company begins using this tactic to try and continue with business as usual. The crash was caused by Grant, who has fallen for the building's computer repair girl. A very hilarious scene in Grant's office D'Arby negotiates the most important deal of his life, a date between Magda (the computer girl) and Grant. Kathy is having trouble settling into her new job. This is the first time she's ever worked in this type of industry, with this much money floating around. She has trouble understanding how they could 'round-down' a figure and drop off $24 000 from their commissions. She attempts to get Susannah's support for a new Macaroni and cheese company. When Susannah shoots her down, she takes the Macaroni to all the traders on the floor, and asks them to take the challenge. They all seem to agree that hers is the best. She then tells Susannah that the companies stock is trading way below book value, and that once their annual report comes out the stock will shoot through the roof. Adam tells Jack about his sister's insider trading, and tells him that if he doesn't agree to sign on with the bank for the next three years, he'll have his sister arrested. Anton is trying everything he can to get Sally's attention. She refuses to answer his phone calls, or his letters. Finally Anton brings a string quartette into the lobby to play. Finally she agrees to talk to him. In her office however she states in no uncertain terms that she does not love him. Anton leaves in disgrace. Jack fires Kathy, telling her that she cannot work for GR anymore after the insider trading fiasco. She doesn't feel she has done anything wrong, but leaves anyway. Before leaving Todson thanks her for her advice on the macaroni company, saying he made over 50K on the deal. The banks takeover deal collapses after Sally changes her mind. Adam returns home, and for the first time in the series we learn the reason behind his motivation to sell and retire. His wife is ill, and he wants to move her to Arizona to live out the rest of their lives.moreless
  • The Enemy Within
    Episode 10
    Adam starts going' a little nuts as he tries to find the 'leak' within the firm. He begins taping all phone calls in and out of the firm, and he forces the traders to 'buddy up' to go through each others garbage in order to find the problem. He also tries to impose mandatory drug testing in an effort to find out which of his employees has a weakness that someone may have exploited. This of course is highly illegal, but Adam doesn't care. He announces, in order to catch a rat, you don't always need cheese. You just need to make them THINK you have cheese. A new client comes to Jack & D'Arby in order to takeover a large German multinational corporation (Oberhagen) that sells everything from mouthwash to fertilizer. (like Proctor & Gamble, that type of thing) The client however has far more righteous motives than money in this one. Oberhagen manufactured a catalytic agent in the 40s to help speed up the decomposition of the bodies of concentration camp victims. The client's parents were among those the agent was initially tested on. The agent now sells as a fertilizer, and makes over 16 million dollars for the company for years. Susannah's divorce is starting to take its toll on her. A court order has put her and her husband in family therapy. A move that she believes was designed to make her and her husband better fighters before the actual divorce. She confides in Sally however, that she misses her daughter, and her husband. Anton and Sally share an intimate evening at her house. The pair talk about her personal life, or the complete lack thereof. D'Arby and Jack devise a plan to purchase the Oberhagen without paying a dime to the owners, by exploiting a late payment by two days, over 2 years ago. Jack uses that to place a receiver into the company to do a full audit. A move that they believe will spook investors into dumping the stock, thus pushing it into bankruptcy that will allow the client to buy the debt from the bank, and not the owner. Sally tracks down one of the first three buyers into Polar Pipeline, a man named Tom Pepiton. She asks him how he got the information on how to buy Polar Pipeline, and he tells her a tale of how he thinks God told him to buy it. Sally isn't sure if its true, but decides to cut the conversation anyway. Rumours if the drug tests are beginning to circulate the office. Benny jumps at the idea believing it will finally get Adam off his back. Chris has problems with the test saying the 'jars' aren't big enough, Grant is also happy. He likes the attention. Ayn however is not pleased. In fact she beings acting VERY paranoid about the whole thing. Benny asks her if she has something to hide, and she says... yes. Jack shows up at Oberhagen, Pter, (German name, correct spelling) Oberhagen, the grandson of the original owner is pissed that Jack is there. Jack begins to have moral problems with the move as it will hurt countless thousands of Oberhagen's innocent employees. As Sally and Anton are out at the restaurant Pepiton was at the day he heard 'God' talk to him she begins hearing, very clearly a conversation that no one else can hear. Anton discovers an acoustical anomaly that allows you to hear exactly what is said a few tables away at normal volume. This is how Pepiton discovered the Polar Pipeline deal. Anton moves over to the other table to test the theory, but while there, tells Sally that he has not been completely honest with her. He is married. After Chris unloads a lemon of a stock on some of Ayn's clients she storms over and begins screaming at him. Her client lost over 100,000 dollars. Dissent on the floor is growing, and Big Brother (Adam) is watching. Benny, seeing Ayn is in danger of blowing her cover jumps up and begins protesting the drug tests, in an attempt to distract from Ayn's problem. Sally checks the reservation book at the restaurant and finds out that Adam was sitting at the table the leak was audible from. He was the source of the leak. He is forced to issue (by Sally) a written apology to all of the employees including Benny. Jack's sister comes to him and begs for a job, Jack nearly throws her out of her office, but later reconsiders and asks Susannah to take her on. She comes aboard and uncovers unfair hiring practices at Oberhagen, including remnants of a lawsuit filed by a Florida man who was paid off to drop his suit. Jack goes back to Oberhagen and tries to get them to drop the formula in exchange for dropping the investigation. Pter however is not impressed with Jack. "These Jews... they're unbelievable" he says. Then, Oberhagen launches a complaint in an effort to get Jack to stop. The move fails, and Jack is able to move receivers into the company. Adam visits the Clam restaurant again, this time taking the table that allows him to overhear conversations. He takes notes on everything the other table says. Susannah, seated at the bar at the end of the show tells Sally her and her husband slept together after a therapy session in an attempt to make up. Sally then tells her Anton is married.moreless
  • Rumours
    Episode 9
    Gardner/Ross' recent financial woes are starting to take their toll. Benny, using his lip reading ability finds out GR is planing on laying off employees. Grant enters the board room and asks if he is being let go, seeing as how he is the newest member of the firm. Sally tells him that in no uncertain terms his department is NOT being eliminated. This angers Grant, as he demands that he be entitled to equal consideration in the cutback process. He storms back into his "office" and programs his computer to lose as much money as possible. Unfortunately for him it backfires, and he makes more money than ever before. D'Arby begins working with a new client who wants to build a UFO sanctuary on his land near Toronto. Jack tells him to drop the deal, saying it can't make any money, but worried for his job and desperate for deals, he asks Monica for help. Monica and D'Arby concoct a scheme to turn the sanctuary into a theme park. Sally's deal with Roz Bitner for the Polar Pipeline takeover is in trouble. The market is so slow that any time Marty tries to buy any stock on her behalf, the price inches up. Roz demands they reach 10% by the end of the day or she'll pull the deal. Adam goes to lunch with a friend who is holding 7% of Polar (which if he sells will put Gardner/Ross @ 11%) and is able to secure the deal, but then scams Sally out of half of the commission. The price of Polar shoots through the roof, and the firm discovers they have a leak. Todson, bored out of his skull goes short on the Krona and then starts a rumour that the Danish Prime Minister is going to hold a referendum to withdraw from the European Union, thus causing the currency to drop in price. Benny, overhears the false rumour and takes a three million dollar position in it as well. Todson, and Benny clean up, while Jim is shocked the idea worked (he didn't get in on the deal) The board hires a staff consultant in order to cut back and tell them how to fire their employees. In a hilarious scene Marty, and Susannah hold a vote to fire the consultant relieving them of her annoying suggestions. The vote comes down to firing D'Arby, or Jim & Monica. Jack doesn't want to see D'Arby fired, since his father has had him blackballed from every firm in town, whereas the others would have less trouble finding a new job. Jack then tells Adam that D'Arby is gay, and that firing him will get the firm sued. Sally rushes at the end to the concert of her new foreign Beau (Anton the Maestro) but misses the concert. She is caught in a lie afterwards, but Anton appears to forgive her. The board meets for one last time and Adam (the swing vote) votes to retain D'Arby, but lay off Monica, and Jim.moreless
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    Marty returns to the trading floor, where he receives a warm reception, and a pair of golden handcuffs for him and his wife.
    Frank is put in the hospital suffering from an ailment brought on by a new experimental cure for his cancer. The cancer is defeated, but the cure is in fact a virus that kills cancer. The virus has now mutated, and is now killing him. He refuses to be put on an artificial respirator unless Jack agrees to give his sister her mother's wedding ring. He does not want to die without having her forgive him. Jack and him have a short conversation (the first one in the series where they don't fight) where he tells his father that he beat cancer and that he can beat this too the same way he beat everything, by fighting.
    Chris Todson is elated that he has been able to nab a terrific curb side parking spot, now that his grandfather's will has been probated. Todson got the handicap sticker. His excitement however is overshadowed by the building superintendent calling the Securities Commissioner to complain about his illegal use of the sticker. The commission responds by ordering Todson to move his car saying they have a new 'zero tolerance' policy. The OSC is ready to launch a full scale investigation unless he moves the car.

    Marty is finding many of his prior clients are no longer placing orders through him since his suspension. The harsh realization of what has happened is beginning to set in. He goes about to get back one of his best clients by buying up as much Telepic stock as he can, on his behalf. Marty's speculative buying spree however is halted briefly by Adam's panic that Marty's move could cost the firm big time.

    Sally displaces Adam on an important deal that could jeopardies the entire thing in an effort to gain more experience. The new client storms out after she learns Jack is unable to meet with her. Adam takes the opportunity to gloat.

    Susannah's husband begins suing for custody of their daughter. She does what she can to block him from it. However, her career will pose the single greatest threat to that.

    Jack hunts down his sister, and gives her the ring. With his father now on death's door his buried sense of loyalty takes over as he tries to give his father the last thing he asked for.

    Sally joins the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra as a sponsor in an effort to sway the client she had lost, earlier. It works, the woman now impressed by Sally's cunning, and effective research team. Sally's affection seems to turn to the new conductor of the Toronto Philharmonic, and his to her.

    A seemingly important man in a wheelchair from the OSC shows up to (presumably) fire Todson, and revoke his trading license. He begs the man not to revoke his license, telling him its all he ever wanted to do. The fear is evident in his voice. The man responds by saying.... "Marty's back" and stands up from the chair. The whole office erupts in laughter as Todson turns around to see them all standing behind him laughing. Adam smiles and points as well.

    Jack and his father finally put aside their differences for one final conversation. Jack's father tells him that he loves him, and Jack returns his affections. The final scene has Frank asking Jack for change for the bus. He had not last taken the bus since he used to visit his mother. Jack gives him the change, and his father dies moments later, his name on his lips.moreless
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    The police interview Susannah's daughter, after she is dropped off at the firm by Susannah's stalker. She takes the day off which starts a series of bets as the traders try to figure out what's going on in her personal life. A bet which may not be far off. The strain of the stalker is starting to take its toll on Susannah's marriage, with her husband becoming more and more hostile towards her busy lifestyle. Adam assigns Jack to manage a 10 million dollar IPO for an independent record label. Jack fears the deal is badly flawed. The company's future debt will soon exceed its IPO revenue by 3 to 1. Adam talks to Jansky about hedging the IPO deal. He asks him to come up with a plan to make money off the money he plans on losing in the deal. Sally buys a share of Millenia Construction, the stock the stalker is trying to get Susannah to recommend, in order to get the shareholder's list. She tracks down a broker she knows and tries to find out which of his clients is buying the stock. He refuses to help, even after she tells him there is more to this deal than money. He eludes to the fact that he too is slightly scared about the repercussions of divulging the identity of the investor. Jack's father is getting worse, and so is their relationship. Jack is clearly concerned for his father, but neither of them can put aside their differences long enough to even have a conversation. Frank (Jack's father) asks him to give his mother's wedding ring to his sister. Jack is less than enthusiastic about the prospect as he no longer speaks with her. Sally and Monica, reading through thousands of old newsletters, discover another analyst remarkably changing his position on another company. Susannah tracks the other analyst down and asks him about her stalker. He plays a tape of his voice, and its the same guy. They realise the extortion attempts are being orchestrated by the Russian Mafia. Jack comes up with a better plan for the music companies IPO, but the other bank's lead manager refuses to sign on, for if they do, they don't make money on the 30 million dollar loan. Jack goes over his head, and offers the deal directly to the record company, and they take it. Meanwhile, Adam's pet project to make money in derivatives is working, Jansky creates a virtual company that will climb in value as the real company falls. Unfortunately for him, Jack's restructuring deal causes the real company to rise, and the virtual company to declare virtual bankruptcy. Ayn gets a new client referral from Jack. The client orders her to take an extremely risky position in a stock, which could cause him to loose it all. The man's wife comes to see Ayn, and tells her that her husband is a compulsive gambler, with no job. He's on the verge bankruptcy. In between a rock and a hard place, Ayn doesn't place the order. A fortunate turn of events however pushes the stock he wanted purchased into the sewer. After she triumphantly announces she didn't place the order, the man storms out saying he would be hiring another broker, one that would do what HE was told. Jack's new deal with the record IPO puts Gardner/Ross in a position to make some serious coin. Unfortunately Adam's hedge evens it all out by losing all they had gained. Lastly, when Ayn finds out about Jack's father's illness, she brings him a prospectus on a biotech startup that is working on a cure for his illness.moreless
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    Gardner/Ross' Trading floor is lacking without Marty, meanwhile, Marty is lacking without the Trading Floor.
    Adam & Sally interview the other traders to Marty's temporary replacement. They seem unimpressed by most of them, and are shocked when they finally meet Grant Jansky.
    Benny ends up with the job, but his inexperience with computers quickly becomes his Achilles heel, causing big timing problems. The problems are so apparent Adam even warns him to clean up his act, or he might be out of a job.
    On the hostile takeover side Sally & Adam are preparing a hostile takeover of D'Arby Forest, putting their resource specialist Donald D'Arby into a very difficult position.
    Anne finally starts to show some interest in Jack, as the two share lunch in her office. Jack's Father gets sicker. Jack refuses to go Benny's luck begins to improve after Marty, sick to death of his suspension, phones Benny with some information (violating SEC rules) He phones him the next day, and gives him more information in code, helping to put Benny back above water.

    Donald agrees to help Jack with the D'Arby takeover after his father makes a crack about Donald being weak. Jack takes him for drinks to try an cheer him up.

    Gardner/Ross' legal department tape records a phone conversation between Benny and Marty in code. Adam dismisses it as nothing, but Sally goes over his head and replaces Benny with Chris.
    Susannah's stalker is getting more vocal, sending more letters and phone calls to her, demanding she recommend his stock. Ziggy informs Sally of the stalker and she hires a body guard to look after her. This puts strain on Susannah's already shaky marriage. When a loud banging noise is heard while she's outside walking with him she falls to the ground, and her body guard comes running. The secret is out.
    The D'Arby takeover fails, and Donald's father throws him out of the house.

    The episode closes on a chilling note with Susannah's daughter running into her office saying "A Nice Man" drove her. Then, she begins quoting "There's always more than one target, there's always more than one target".moreless
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    Gardner/Ross is in trouble. The Securities Commission is out for blood, and they're tearing the company apart with their questions. After the debacle that helped get Cedric acquitted, the Commission will stop at nothing, till they find something dirty inside the bank. Sally begins to look into her father's former indictment and discovers he was in fact guilty. Jack has his day off, although you wouldn't know it. Between his phone ringing off the hook calling him for emergency meetings, and his father being moved from hospital to hospital for a series of tests, he hardly has any time to himself. Meanwhile, A good trade from his near past, seems to point the finger at Marty. Adam decides to give the commission Marty in order to get them to stop sniffing around, but Sally refuses to allow him to become the sacrificial lamb. Sally strikes a deal with the Commission. She refuses to sign her father's shares back to him, and Cedric storms out in fury. Jack's father is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and Sally agrees to the Commissions demands that Marty receive no more than 30 days suspension for his roll in the insider trading. Cedric announces his retirement, and Marty is escorted from the building.moreless
  • Bad Is Good
    Episode 3
    Sally is becoming extremely over cautious. With her Father still in the hospital, under arrest she'll stop at nothing to keep the image of the firm clean. Adam's deal with BritRail didn't contain an out clause, when the price of the stock begins to plummet, Gardner/Ross is on the hook for a two million dollar loss. This of course puts Jack's deal in jeopardy when the company comes up short Jack is forced to take drastic measures and hire a legendary Derivatives trader Grant Janksy. After a difficult negotiation that saw Gardner/Ross shell out over 50 pounds of chocolate a week to Mr Jansky's habit, he agrees to come out of retirement. Susannah discovers an inconsistency in the search warrant that allows Cedric to go free. Marty covers his short positions in Navidyne, violating Sally's restricted list. An action that gets him in trouble, but ultimately saves the company from near bankruptcy. Grant moves into his new office and begins his derivative trading that earns the firm enough money to negotiate the Navidyne deal.moreless
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    A Fire alarm causes the trading floor to evacuate. Marty demands everyone return to work in order to sell a large block of shares he just got, and fires all of those who don't return. This of course ends up skrewing him the next day when half of his employees don't show up for work.

    Sally is concerned that the SEC may uncover an impropriety at Gardner/Ross, now that her father is incarcerated. She orders Marty to cease any and all trades that might be considered immoral, or unethical, even though they are all legal. He refuses and demands she either fire him, or get off his floor.

    Jack leaks a news story to the paper that Gardner/Ross is about to announce a major buyout deal. He sets forth to earn his pay by organizing a buyout of a smaller company, on behalf of a larger company. The only problem is that he has neither a buyer, nor seller. With only 4 days to go before the target date he must convince the owner of a large airline company to buy a new upstart company that has created a revolutionary type of GPS System.
    Unfortunately the CEO is a big time recluse that won't speak to anyone. Jack finds Ayn Krywarik, Gardner/Ross' best broker, works with this elusive CEO nearly everyday. Ayn loses a bet, and agrees to introduce Jack.

    Adam begins negotiations with a British Lord regarding the privatization of the last part of British Rail. Adam conscripts D'Arby to accompany him to London for a meeting about the deal, which unfortunately falls through once they return.

    An old friend of Marty (Benny) asks for a job. Sally agrees to hire him, provided Marty discontinue his 'shadowy' trades.

    Jack is able to negotiate the deal with the eccentric CEO, afterwards, him and Anne share a celebratory kiss. Ayn puts the breaks on, announcing that "The aircraft has not come to a complete stop".moreless
  • Options
    Episode 1
    Cedric Ross is arrested for fraud and embezzlement after a judge whom he had lost money for years earlier signs the indictment papers. The absence of Cedric gives Adam the opportunity he'd been looking for to sell the Bank. In order to protect his interests Cedric signs his controlling interest in Gardner/Ross over to his daughter Sally, an Economics Professor at a University. Marty's old trading adversary Jack Larkin arrives from Vancouver with the desire to become an investment banker. Jack impresses Sally and Adam after he is able to score a major deal. Sally sells him shares in the company at three times book value giving him a seat on the executive committee. Jack's deal with the gold mining firm nearly bankrupts the firm when a major investor pulls out. Jack insists Gardner/Ross can carry the additional cost of the loan, and in a daring set of trading moves single handedly saves the firm and sells the outstanding debt to private investors.moreless