Traders - Season 2

Global (ended 2000)


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  • Chaos Theory
    Episode 1
    The same night he fires her, Cedric phones Sally and asks her and Jack to meet him and Adam in the middle of the street. Cedric tells Sally her place is back at the University, but she'll hear none of it. He warns her, telling her there are things she doesn't want to know about. She walks away to find Adam trying to woo Jack back to Gardner/Ross, he also turns him down. A car zips past Sally, Adam and Jack who are talking by Jack's limo, she notices the car is her fathers. They rush to Cedric who is lying on the ground, dead. Back at the firm D'Arby finds Grant lying unconscious in a bathroom stall, he is taken to a psychiatric hospital. Adam is furious that Cedric left his entire estate, including his newly acquired shares to Sally. He begins saying he'll contest the will. Sally decides to form a new executive committee, and leaves Adam as head of the bank in order to prevent a fight. One of Jack's clients rushes in telling him The Canadian Corporate Bank (CanCorp) has told him they are going to cut off his line of credit if he uses GR to take his company public. He returns to a place of his youth, an gym to hire his old boxing coach turned Private Investigator to look into Cedric's death. Jack believes he may have been murdered, after the kids that 'stole' his car forgot to take his substantial billfold, and six thousand dollar watch. While cleaning out some of her father's things Sally finds a key to a safety deposit box that isn't on any file anywhere, she asks Adam if he knows about the key while delivering part of Adam's inheritance. She shows up at the Gym, and hires the investigator to track down the location of the safety deposit box. Grant returns to Gardner/Ross, the Doctors have found the source of his breakdown, a toxic reaction to caffeine. They tell him he can no longer eat five pounds of chocolate a week. Grant however tells him he has chocolate all over his apartment, so D'Arby invites him to come and live with him. The market is extremely erratic, but Marty bets at 3/1 he can make money in it. After an entire day of trading Marty is up a mere thousand dollars, but a profit is a profit, and he wins the bet. That evening at the bar they decide to play double or nothing. If he looses the next day he has to give up his favorite chair, but if he wins, they must paint it gold. Sally's PI tracks down the box, but it is empty. They discover that Cedric's retired secretary emptied the box as soon as the bank opened that morning. She tells Sally there was an envelope in the box, and she shredded it. But Sally and him leave the secretary's apartment they overhear her call someone and tell them about the visit. She and him burst in to the apartment and press redial on the phone. Adam answers. Sally, and the PI barge into Adam's office and demand the envelope. Adam agrees to give her the envelope if she gives him his fair share of Gardner/Ross. She agrees to sell it to him, but at three times book value. Upon opening the envelope they find it contains a CSIS file (Canadian Secret Intelligence Service) Jack is able to find another bank to provide the line of credit for the guitar company, a bank in South Korea. However, Adam is very against dealing with a bank that finances drug smugglers. Jack wins the argument. The only caveat the bank has asked for is that Gardner/Ross send a representative to Korea to learn Asian banking practices. Adam and Jack decide to send Fabris, seeing the perfect way to get rid of him, putting him on a slow boat to china. Sally's PI is able to crack the code of a little black book of favors her father is owed, and matches them to records in the CSIS file. The CSIS file, was on Cedric, the question now, is how did HE get it? Marty wins his bet, and receives his golden throne, and Sally attends Cedric's funeral.moreless
  • The Natari Affair
    Episode 2
    After Jack unknowingly offends a Gulf State Prince, Adam tries to take control and fix the problem. Sally intervenes, and tells the pair to solve their own problems. Adam then takes a few days off and leaves Jack to find a way to apologize to the prince. Marty finds a discrepancy in an annual report of a sleepy little stock that puts him in a position to make millions, but when no one else notices the problem he begins to worry. He phones in an anonymous tip to the OSC reporting the problem in order to cash in on his short positions. Jack makes nice. Ayn and him attend a traditional dinner party at the Prince's house, Ayn with the Women, and Jack with the men, while D'Arby takes out the Prince's aid to a night at the ballet. Jack is worried that his bid for the deal was outdone by another British banker. Meanwhile, back at Gardner/Ross D'Arby and the young aid get it on in his office. Donald makes another mistake that almost costs the firm the deal, but instead it puts them in a no profit position. Some fancy maneuvering helps them get the upper hand when they discover someone has shaved $5000 from the deal. It turns out that D'Arby's new girlfriend has stolen the money. A crime that will result in her getting her right hand cut off when she is extradited. D'Arby rushes to the airport and grabs her and brings her back to the firm in a vain effort to protect her. Jack finally asks Adam for his help in resolving the problem. Adam uses his years of experience and has the girl arrested in the lobby. His explanation appeases the angry prince, and the deal moves forward. When Adam returns home he finds his wife in her wheelchair near death, she has taken the entire bottle of sleeping pills. She begs him, to simply let her go.moreless
  • High Flyer Down
    Episode 3
    A shifty acquaintance of Jack's returns to call in a favor. He asks Jack to have Gardner/Ross front a hemp growing operation, but Jack is more concerned with finding out the downside on the deal. It takes him the whole episode to find it, but he finally does. Jack manages to maneuver his way around the pitfall, and is able to send his acquaintance to a farm in BC for 10 years to oversee the project. Meanwhile, Kathy's son is having problems in school, fighting, cutting class, being in a gang... Jack tries to put him on the right path by training him to box. Things seem to be going alright until Kathy forbids him from continuing.moreless
  • Trudy Kelly
    Episode 4
    Trudy Kelly, Canada's (fictional) answer to Martha Stewart arrives at Gardner/Ross with the desire to buyout her 'owners' Kathy asks Jack to help her get the new job on the floor, he refuses, but she gets the job anyway. Benny makes an error in trading, that costs him half a million. Kathy tells him she'll enter the chit as a sell by 'accident' and correct it later. It appears however that the Trudy Kelly / Kelly Styles image is owned entirely by the parent company (BullCom) and they have no interest in selling it. Adam rushes home after his wife's nurse injures her back lifting her out of the bed. This upsets his wife greatly. She asks Adam again to let her die, but Adam cannot let her do it. Trudy Kelly drops a bomb on her show when she announces to everyone that she will be wrestling control of her image from BullCom without telling anyone ahead of time. The deal finally goes through with loads of conditions. A deal that leaves her virtually broke, but satisfied that she owns her image again. Marty finds out about the bad trade, but Benny is able to unload the shares at only a slight loss. He tells him never to pull anything like that again. Adam agrees to be out of the house at the time his wife is to kill herself. The episode closes with him seated in the backseat of a limo on the way to her burial.moreless
  • Separation Anxiety
    Episode 5
    The Heron Lake nation, angry that the Quebec Government has refused to issue them a gambling license has come to Gardner/Ross for help. Jack comes up with an idea to float the Heron Lake - BOND. A bond, is typically only available to countries, but with some fancy maneuvering Jack manages to get the nation a Triple B rating. The Quebec government is furious with GR, and they decide to re-issue the license in order to halt the bond issue.moreless
  • Spin
    Episode 6
    The head of the Equ-worth fund is seen leaving Gardner/Ross. She was there to collect a two million dollar interest payment on a bond issue. As the agent in charge of this bond Sally undertakes an investigation to find the source of the bond. It turns out, her father was in charge of a 30 million dollar Cartegean bond, registered to a shell company "Sally Ross Securities" leaving her on the hook for all of it. Marty is in a slump, down just over 1.2 million when Kathy tries to help. She tells him of a way of reading his own subconscious using a pendant. The technique proves right the first two times, and Marty makes his money back. However, when he tries to take a long position in Kenderson Cable, a huge selloff leaves him on the hook for over 1.26 million putting him back where he started.
    A Canadian Senator (Warren Bishop) comes to Sally with a cheque for two million dollars, that will meet the interest payment. He tells her that the bond was setup as a slush fund for CSIS, and he asks Sally to administer it. However, Adam soon learns there IS no secret CSIS slush fund. He also discovers a link between the Senator and a youth violence project, that links him to the boy that attacked Cedric.

    Meanwhile an old friend of D'Arby's Pete Macashac shows up at GR desperate to raise 40 million in order to save a timber mill D'Arby once worked at. Donald suggests a loan, but Adam overrides his authority and pushes through an equity offering. D'Arby's father shows up and demands he attend an awards ceremony in his honour, but D'Arby refuses. He also learns his father is planning on stealing the mill. D'Arby is able to convince Macashac to take a loan, over the equity offering, and he saves the mill.

    Sally and Jack bring in her father's killer, and pay for his legal council in exchange for his testimony against the crooked senator.moreless
  • Home Office
    Episode 7
    Sally goes to see Ryke at his boxing class and sees him helping another woman to spare with a young boy, which makes her more than a little jealous. When Ryke leaves the room, Sally asks her if she's a friend of his to which the woman (named Connie) says that she is just helping the young boy to fight because she works with troubled kids. Sally then informs her that she is a client of his and an investment banker. She then asks Connie if she is a social worker, but instead finds out that she is a nun. Connie then figures out that Sally thought she was moving in on Ryke, but Sally denies it saying "She's just a client".

    Back at the office, Sally, Jack and Adam are talking about how to get a mutli-millionaire named Noah Dexter to invest $3 hundred million into Gardner Ross. Adam says the best way is to meet and convince him, but says he can't do it with the excuse that he saw Noah shoot a duck once(which upset him). He says that once Dexter hears the name Gardner Ross he'll decline. Jack then decides to get Marty to meet with him. Marty refuses, but eventually agrees. Sean shows up and Jack confronts him asking why he's not in school. Sean claims that it's a Pro-D Day and asks him for $20 for new gym equipment for the school. Jack, not convinced about it being a Pro-D Day, gives him $5 and tells him that he can't see his mom at the moment.

    Sally gets Ryke to find out where Dexter will be that night, he later shows up telling her that he'll be at a baseball game in the sky box and that she doesn't need to keep making excuses for him to come over so that she can see him. Sally denies that that's what she's doing. Ryke gives her a cassette of nature sounds made by Connie and marketed by Domico Records telling her that their's a problem with them making a hissing noise. Connie's been selling the tapes to raise money to send some children on a field trip, but since the tapes are being returned because of the hissing, he wants Sally to help because she's not good with business. He then asks her to dinner, but she says she'll need to see if she's free. This upsets Ryke and he leaves. Sally later has a meeting with the owner of Domico Records and asks him to get better cassettes. He gives her some pathetic reasons why he can't do it (can't get better tapes until their's more sales and can't get more sales until he has better tapes). He then asks if Sally is going to buy him out, she tells him no and he goes into describing a "shotgun deal" (A deal involving two people where one can buy the other one out with a days notice).

    Meanwhile, Cathy has been making mistakes on the trading floor, creating tension between her and some of the other traders(especially Marty and Chris). Sally calls Cathy up to her office to confront her about her mistakes. Cathy says she's been having problems with Sean, but doesn't tell her exactly what's going on. Sally tells her to improve because she has the potential to be a trader. Afterwards, Sally tells Jack about the problem with the record deal and asks him he if he knows someone who can help. He says that he knows someone from Savage records. She also asks him about Cathy, but doesn't get a better understanding of the situation.
    Meanwhile the plan to get Marty to win over Noah Dexter is to double book the sky box he'll be in and convince him to invest in Gardner Ross without him knowing that it is GR right away. At the baseball game, Marty and Barb are in the box waiting for him while Marty explains to Barb what he's going to try to do. When Dexter arrives, he's confused about why they're their, but decides to stay. Barb makes it very difficult for Marty to talk with him. When it looks like Dexter is ready to invest, Barb blurts out that the bank is Gardner Ross, making Dexter wary. Marty assures him that it's fine and the two start talking badly about Adam. This makes Dexter confident in investing until Barb, who still has no clue what Marty is doing, tells Dexter that Adam is the godfather of their second son (Mark). Dexter then backs out. The next day, during a meeting, Marty tells Adam, Sally and Susannah that he almost had Dexter until Barb ruined it. They plan to try again, this time taking him to a restaurant for dinner. But instead of Marty and Barb going, Adam wants Marty and Susannah to go together. Both are very reluctant, but know they have no choice.
    Connie and Demico return to thank Sally and tell her that they were bought out by Savage records for $25,000. Sally has no idea what they're talking about because it was Jack's doing. Connie tells her that she will be given $10,000 and Demico will receive $15,000. Sally tells them that that was just the first offer and that they could probably go higher. Connie is satisfied with what she's been given, but Sally suggests that Connie match the offer and buy out Demico. She refuses saying that if she had $10,000 she wouldn't need $10,000. But Sally wants to arrange to meet with her again to discuss it. Connie tells her she'll come get her in the afternoon. Sean stops by the floor again selling chocolate bars. He sells one to Jack for $3 hesitantly saying that it's for a school trip to Ottawa and that he has to do it. Adam sees Sean and ask for one. This time he tells him that it's to save the rain forest. Adam buys one, but tells him that he can't always rely on acting cute to make sales.
    Sally and Connie go out into a forest discussing the deal with Savage records. Connie is fine with what she got, but Sally feels that she could reach a six digit offer. She then asks Sally about Ryke and whether he's taken her out to dinner. She tells her that if he takes her for Italian, it means he's not sure about the relationship, but willing to try. If he takes her for Chinese, he wants her bad.

    Before he goes to dinner, Marty gets ready at the office and Barb shows up to help him, apologizing for wreaking things before. He tells her that their won't even be any women their because they aren't allowed in the restaurant. She believes him and then puts a tie clip on him. At dinner, Marty and Susannah wait for Dexter and are both uncomfortable being around each other. Hours pass and he still doesn't show. After a few plates of food (and several glasses of wine), Marty and Susannah start talking with each other as if they were friends. She tells him that it wouldn't hurt to take her advice once in a while. Surprisingly Marty agrees and asks for her advice. She tells him that "tie clips are out" and takes his off and gives it to him. Susannah soon gives up on waiting for Dexter and heads home, leaving Marty to handle the deal. Minutes after she leaves Dexter arrives, with Barb! Apparently Dexter forgot where they were meeting and Barb had been driving with him all night trying to find them. Barb looks around and asks Marty why their's women in the restaurant if they aren't allowed in. He nervously tells her that they must have let them in after dark. She tells him to put some effort into lying to her and confronts him about not wearing his tie clip. Noah looks and sees that someone else was sitting at the table, but says nothing.
    Next day, Sally and Jack tell Adam about Connie and how they want to reverse the shotgun deal and that it will cost them $25,000. Adam of course disagrees and wants nothing to do with the situation. He goes to his office and sees Dexter sitting their. Him, Dexter, Marty and Susannah toast to the new deal. Dexter says that he is confident with Marty, he also sees Susanna and figures out that she was the one with Marty last night. Jack goes to Ann for her input into the deal with Connie. Sally comes by and tells him that she bought Demico for $35,000.

    While working on the floor, Cathy receives a call from Sean's school. He's done something that she'll have to pay for financially. Later, he comes by and asks her if she'd like to buy a chocolate bar. Furious, Cathy says that she thought Sean lost his chocolate bars. She slaps him across the face (in front of some of the traders) saying that when he steals money, she has to pay for it. She tells him to go back to school and that their not through with this and goes back to her work. As Sean leaves in the elevator, we see him smash the side of his face that was slapped into the wall to make the mark bigger.

    Sally calls up Connie to tell her about the new deal. Now Demico doesn't own Connie, Sally does and that Savage records will have to give a better deal. Connie is upset, but Sally assures her that this is better. Connie says that she only needed the $10,000 and Sally tells her that they'll give it to her as a loan. So instead of getting the money, Connie will now be in debt. She asks why she couldn't just except what was given, but Sally says that she just wanted to help because she rarely gets the chance to do good.

    Susannah comes to give Marty advice on a trade and he accepts it without a fuss and Noah arrives to thank Marty. When Susanna leaves, Noah tells Marty that she is an attractive woman and understands why he didn't tell his wife where he was going. He further insults his life at home. This makes Marty really upset, and he yells at Noah to get off the floor (as well as probably losing the deal with him). Guilt ridden, Marty phones Barb and confesses that he lied to her and had dinner with Susannah because Adam didn't want her to go along.

    Connie is waiting for Sally in the board room. With her is a priest who is also a lawyer for the Arch Diocese. He presents Sally, Jack, and Ann with Connie's contract with Demico records, and tries to get her out of the deal with Sally so that she won't be $10,000 in debt. While all this is happening, Jack sees Cathy crying as someone takes Sean away, he rushes out and she tells him that Social Services is taking him away. Cathy says that she didn't hit him that hard and that it was only a little slap. Benny comes to her defence saying she's telling the truth, but Jack is still wondering about how Sean's face got marked up. He tells her that Sean can stay at his place until the court hearing.

    Sally goes to see Connie at Ryke's gym and finds out that she can't take the children on their field trip because the Arch Diocese has decided to market the cassettes themselves. Sally apologize and gives her a cheque for $10,000 to send the children on their field trip. Sally then asks Ryke to dinner, he wants to take her for Chinese, but she insists on Italian.moreless
  • 0.0
    While Marty is hell-bent on defeating his new arch-enemy McGrath over at CanCorp Jack is hell-bent on defeating them in his own way, by usurping a new deal for the Jakarta Harbour project. He makes several failing attempts before Jansky comes up with a model that would allow them to make the deal. Marty challenges CanCorp to a Charity trading contest, but the loose by a narrow margin. He then challenges McGrath to a winner take all marathon run, not realizing McGrath is actually a Marathon runner. In order to finish in the top 20 Marty must cheat and take the Subway. He defeats McGrath, but not due to his sly nature. McGrath gets hit by a bicycle courier before the race, knocking him unconscious. Marty then places a side bet of fifty dollars betting he won't be awake before the end of the weekend. CanCorp discovers GR's attempting to "steal" their deal, and promises that GR will have NOTHING to do with the new consortium on Jakarta Harbour, but after GR manages to woo him to their side, Adam is able to take great pride in shutting out David Aston of CanCorp. Through all of this Kathy is struggling to put her shattered family back together. Sean's presence is starting to take its toll on Jack, who also wants to see him return home with his mother. The two have an argument, and he storms off. It turns out that he does not return home, but goes to live on the street as a Squeegee kid. The trading floor disbands to hunt for him, after they realize he's missing. It is Benny who finds him. In a heated exchange between Adam and Jack, Adam flaunts the fact that he owns the majority of shares in the bank. Jack insists Sally sell him his share of the bank. She does, but sells it at 3X book value.moreless
  • Family Legacy
    Episode 9
    D'Arby's mother shows up at Gardner/Ross with the desire to leave her dominating husband. He arranges her to speak with Ayn in order to find out if she can afford to do so. Ayn suggests she leave the office, for if her husband finds out, he could have her cut off from everything. Jacks's Jakarta Harbour project is in serious jeopardy, with investors bailing for unknown reasons, the problem is traced back to meddling from CanCorp. Adam is offered a seat on the board of Beale Manufacturing, a company that has been family run since its inception, (by Clifford) However, Clifford's sister is furious with the decision and promises to sue Adam should he take the seat. The final bank pulls out of Jakarta Harbour putting Jack on the hook for over $100 million, he flies into a rage and attacks Adam in the bathroom. Adam and Jack find a compromise by having Beale invest in the Jakarta harbour project. The deal ends up turning around all of their problems and Jack and Adam end up back on top.moreless
  • Emeritus No More
    Episode 10
    While appearing on the financial talkshow "Money File" Sally, Adam, and Jack are ambushed by the host as he reveals several key bits of highly classified information. The leak causes GR to scramble in order to make a series of payments on the Jakarta Harbour Project. Marty is forced to raise 65 million in one day, a nearly impossible task, and he fails miserably at it. During a game of Racquet ball a friend of Adam's tells him he wants to sell his sports management business and retire. He asks Adam to broker the deal, and make sure that its as good as it can be. Kathy asks Grant to hide some boxes for her, when he asks what they're for she concedes that Benny is moving in with her. In order to save the deal Jack must sell a 65 million dollar stake in the Jakarta Harbour deal to the Seoul Pacific Bank, a move that forces GR to sell them a seat on the board, and they loose their autonomy.moreless
  • 0.0
    A Charismatic client (Klassen) who's running an artist's specialty store is beginning to worry Sally and Adam as his ambitious dreams are getting in the way of his loan repayments to the firm. At the same time a gossip columnist runs a story on Sally and Ryke which upsets her. Her and Ryke have an argument over the importance of the article that ends with him leaving to investigate her client's checkered past. It turns out that Klassen was an old boyfriend of Ayn. During a private meeting with Ayn, Sally asks her about the direct nature of her former relationship. Ayn finally concedes that she once had a drug problem. Seoul Pacific (bank) sends their latest set of recommendations to Gardner/Ross. This time, they want GR to fire Marty. A management consultant comes in and makes a series of recommendations including consolidating the floor, and moving Jansky out of his office and onto the floor. This couldn't come at a worse time, Marty is in a slump. Jansky comes with a top secret plan to save Marty's job "Stop Trading When you're at the Top" Klassen misses his loan payment and Sally is furious, her and Adam talk about placing the company into receivership. As it turns out, he has gone to Montreal to buy an old warehouse from a former business partner. Susannah and Marty, in an uncharacteristic move make an alliance and become fast friends. She makes several recommendations that all go through the roof, putting the floor back in the black. Sally begins to suspect Klassen may be a drug dealer after he spends the missing loan re-payment on a warehouse in Montreal, formerly owned by an old drug dealing partner. Ryke discovers that the partner is dying of AIDS, a disease he got in Jail after he was arrested for drug trafficking, a crime that just as easily could have been pinned on Klassen. Sally comes up with a compromise that gives her a 50% equity stake in the company, and she agrees to buy the warehouse so that the dying friend can get the money. Benny corners Adam at the urinal in the men's room and demands he reconsider replacing Marty. Jansky begins reporting directly to Adam after he is told that Marty is no longer in charge. After ten reports directly to Adam, he caves in, and decides not to fire Marty. Adam enters the trading floor with a fresh new trader in tow, primed and ready to take over Todson's former position. After an argument in the coffee 'nook' between Jack and Ayn, Jack finally decides he must end his relationship with her. She walks out of the room crying.moreless
  • Middle Ground
    Episode 12
    Someone mails a bomb to Gardner/Ross causing a mid day evacuation. All fingers seem to point to an environmental extremist group known as "Planet Alert". Benny discovers the stock of a small fishery in the Maritimes that is suddenly increasing in value, suggesting raiders are trying to buy up the company and break it up, selling it. This action of course would end up closing the company, and putting all the employees there out of work. Darby announces he is a member of Planet Alert, and shares a degree of their concern over the new gas refinery. Adam sends Jack and Darby to Honduras to investigate the Planet Alert claims that a retrofit gas refinery is polluting the environment. While looking into the matter Darby begins suspecting that something is not right. Cathy embarks on a quest to throw Benny the perfect birthday party. Marty however has been becoming increasingly hostile towards her due to her relationship with Benny. Meanwhile, back on the farm as it were, an environmental terrorist sabotages GR's computer systems forcing the trading floor to evacuate to the emergency bunker. Before Sally and Adam can leave Cathy walks into their office, followed by the terrorist with a large bomb strapped to his chest. Adam tries to reason with the bomber, which only gets him handcuffed to the desk. The police convince the bomber to retrieve a message from Planet Alert's founder in an effort to get him to disarm, but it was a trap. The Swat team fires a single round into the man's head, killing him. The dead man's trigger he was holding falls from his hand, and Sally and Adam prepare to die. The bomb doesn't explode, and they are able to leave safely. The founder of Planet Alert offers an apology to Adam and Sally. Sally rages on him, accusing HIM of causing the bomber's death. Afterwards Sally, Adam, and Jack decide to listen to some of the demands of Planet Alert and force the owner of the refinery to set aside one percent of his profits to an environmental impact fund. Cathy finally settles on bowling for Benny's 48th birthday. The firm celebrates together, and Marty and Cathy make up.moreless
  • Us And Them
    Episode 13