Season 2 Episode 11

The Hands Off Approach

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A Charismatic client (Klassen) who's running an artist's specialty store is beginning to worry Sally and Adam as his ambitious dreams are getting in the way of his loan repayments to the firm. At the same time a gossip columnist runs a story on Sally and Ryke which upsets her. Her and Ryke have an argument over the importance of the article that ends with him leaving to investigate her client's checkered past. It turns out that Klassen was an old boyfriend of Ayn. During a private meeting with Ayn, Sally asks her about the direct nature of her former relationship. Ayn finally concedes that she once had a drug problem. Seoul Pacific (bank) sends their latest set of recommendations to Gardner/Ross. This time, they want GR to fire Marty. A management consultant comes in and makes a series of recommendations including consolidating the floor, and moving Jansky out of his office and onto the floor. This couldn't come at a worse time, Marty is in a slump. Jansky comes with a top secret plan to save Marty's job "Stop Trading When you're at the Top" Klassen misses his loan payment and Sally is furious, her and Adam talk about placing the company into receivership. As it turns out, he has gone to Montreal to buy an old warehouse from a former business partner. Susannah and Marty, in an uncharacteristic move make an alliance and become fast friends. She makes several recommendations that all go through the roof, putting the floor back in the black. Sally begins to suspect Klassen may be a drug dealer after he spends the missing loan re-payment on a warehouse in Montreal, formerly owned by an old drug dealing partner. Ryke discovers that the partner is dying of AIDS, a disease he got in Jail after he was arrested for drug trafficking, a crime that just as easily could have been pinned on Klassen. Sally comes up with a compromise that gives her a 50% equity stake in the company, and she agrees to buy the warehouse so that the dying friend can get the money. Benny corners Adam at the urinal in the men's room and demands he reconsider replacing Marty. Jansky begins reporting directly to Adam after he is told that Marty is no longer in charge. After ten reports directly to Adam, he caves in, and decides not to fire Marty. Adam enters the trading floor with a fresh new trader in tow, primed and ready to take over Todson's former position. After an argument in the coffee 'nook' between Jack and Ayn, Jack finally decides he must end his relationship with her. She walks out of the room crying.moreless
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