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The Natari Affair

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After Jack unknowingly offends a Gulf State Prince, Adam tries to take control and fix the problem. Sally intervenes, and tells the pair to solve their own problems. Adam then takes a few days off and leaves Jack to find a way to apologize to the prince. Marty finds a discrepancy in an annual report of a sleepy little stock that puts him in a position to make millions, but when no one else notices the problem he begins to worry. He phones in an anonymous tip to the OSC reporting the problem in order to cash in on his short positions. Jack makes nice. Ayn and him attend a traditional dinner party at the Prince's house, Ayn with the Women, and Jack with the men, while D'Arby takes out the Prince's aid to a night at the ballet. Jack is worried that his bid for the deal was outdone by another British banker. Meanwhile, back at Gardner/Ross D'Arby and the young aid get it on in his office. Donald makes another mistake that almost costs the firm the deal, but instead it puts them in a no profit position. Some fancy maneuvering helps them get the upper hand when they discover someone has shaved $5000 from the deal. It turns out that D'Arby's new girlfriend has stolen the money. A crime that will result in her getting her right hand cut off when she is extradited. D'Arby rushes to the airport and grabs her and brings her back to the firm in a vain effort to protect her. Jack finally asks Adam for his help in resolving the problem. Adam uses his years of experience and has the girl arrested in the lobby. His explanation appeases the angry prince, and the deal moves forward. When Adam returns home he finds his wife in her wheelchair near death, she has taken the entire bottle of sleeping pills. She begs him, to simply let her go.moreless
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