Season 2 Episode 8

Top of the Tombstone

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While Marty is hell-bent on defeating his new arch-enemy McGrath over at CanCorp Jack is hell-bent on defeating them in his own way, by usurping a new deal for the Jakarta Harbour project. He makes several failing attempts before Jansky comes up with a model that would allow them to make the deal. Marty challenges CanCorp to a Charity trading contest, but the loose by a narrow margin. He then challenges McGrath to a winner take all marathon run, not realizing McGrath is actually a Marathon runner. In order to finish in the top 20 Marty must cheat and take the Subway. He defeats McGrath, but not due to his sly nature. McGrath gets hit by a bicycle courier before the race, knocking him unconscious. Marty then places a side bet of fifty dollars betting he won't be awake before the end of the weekend. CanCorp discovers GR's attempting to "steal" their deal, and promises that GR will have NOTHING to do with the new consortium on Jakarta Harbour, but after GR manages to woo him to their side, Adam is able to take great pride in shutting out David Aston of CanCorp. Through all of this Kathy is struggling to put her shattered family back together. Sean's presence is starting to take its toll on Jack, who also wants to see him return home with his mother. The two have an argument, and he storms off. It turns out that he does not return home, but goes to live on the street as a Squeegee kid. The trading floor disbands to hunt for him, after they realize he's missing. It is Benny who finds him. In a heated exchange between Adam and Jack, Adam flaunts the fact that he owns the majority of shares in the bank. Jack insists Sally sell him his share of the bank. She does, but sells it at 3X book value.moreless
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