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  • I watch Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls every time it is on and I hope I can be on it some day and my sister lover it too.

    I watch Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls every time it is on and I hope I can be on it some day and my sister lover it too. Like i said i love this show and hope to be on it some time and i would like to have the theme to be fashion and molding put together. I think it would be a blast doing my brothers room and having my friend help me but if they were to do my room they would have to know what i like. i hope i can be on the show soon. love kelsey
  • How my god. Look at the!

    Oh my god. Look at the! How can they do all that in 2 days!? Have you seen the rooms?! A party room/play room. A skateboarding room. A room that you always dreamed of. It is better than the adult one. I may be a teen but I love DK, I love kid shows! A teen, or an adult must still feel like not old. This show is the one to make you feel not old. Live on not being old. Sorry old dudes. And dudeits. Ha, ha,ha! You will just watch it on Dk or nbc. You will love it.

    P.S do not be mad old dudes and dudeits.
  • Kids redo their own rooms, no price tag, no parents, no rules, no common sence.

    What is the point of this show? To make $5000 bedrooms for kids who will out grew them in 6 months? A waste of parents time and money. I saw bagel themed room with plasic bagels on the walls? How will you clean that and what happens when the room needs to be repainted? All the "Challenges" are the same. Toss some weird colored goop around (pink for girls blue for boys). Why are kids painting? The paint will look rediculous and messy. A boy got his room all done in pink. Is this the room he will show is girlfriend when she comes over 5 years from now. When they sell the house they will need to redo the room because nobody wants to by a house with a bedroom that has cartoon characters on the walls. Give me a break.
  • A show where viewers see what really happens when boys redecorate girls' rooms, and girls redecorate boys' rooms

    This show is okay. But the way the bedrooms come out at the end of each episode is incredible. You wouldn't believe how much creativity the designers and kids have, and the person whose room it is always ends up loving. But that's usually the only reason I watch this show; to see the final outcome. The rest of the show isn't that interesing. They just show the carpentry going on, and how they paint the walls and stuff like that. Although they do have two challenges where they can get the "labor savers" to do their work. I would make it more interesting, like the winner of the challenges gets to chose one thing that goes into their room. They never get to see the work that's done in their own room because they're busy working on the other person's room. Well, I think you should check this show out, because even though I don't care for it so much, that's just my oppinion, and there are a lot of people who love it. Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!