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  • Season 10
    • Trading Spaces Christmas Special
      Christmas is about peace, joy, and...

      On this episode of TRADING SPACES a single Mom swaps homes with her over-the-top Christmas decorating neighbors. Christmas should be a time for festive decorations and cheer, but Christina's envy for her neighbors elaborate designs is clear each year. Will this episode wind up with a neighborly hug or will it end with all shouting "Bah! Humbug!" Christina and her brother Eddie hope their neighbors can give her daughter's playroom a more grownup look to match their current ages, while Kathy and Wayne want their game room to be more modern, interesting and fun. Designer Nancy and carpenter Brandon work with Cathy and designer Lauren and carpenter Thad work with Christina to make Christmas dreams come true for all. And a $500 bonus for each room's budget will prove a very helpful gift for both teams!moreless
    • From Buddy to Boss
      From Buddy to Boss
      Episode 12
      Two couples that used to do everything together are divided by the one couple's success when one friend got a promotion over the other friend.

      "Buddy" Gabe and his wife Trish are joined by designer Edward and carpenter Amy to make his boss's bedroom more romantic.

      Meanwhile "Boss" J.P. & wife Lynette get help from designer Hildi and carpenter Brandon to bring some color into Gabe's huge, but ordinary white entertainment room and make entertaining their friends in that room more fun and enjoyable. But will one of Hildi's wild wall concepts throw a monkeywrench into this attempt to renew their friendship?
    • Stuntman's Apprentice
      Lights! Camera! Action! On this explosive episode of TRADING SPACES two Hollywood stuntmen duke it out in style.

      Laurie and carpenter Brandon guide Justin and Cory in redesigning his mentor Jason's playroom for his young boys.

      Designer Nancy and carpenter Thad lead Jason and Candace as they redo Justin's master bedroom.moreless
    • Off to College
      Off to College
      Episode 10
      With their oldest child leaving the nest and heading off to higher education, Corey and his parents are TRADING SPACES college style! Goil and carpenter Amy works with parents Fred and Cathy to remodel their son Corey's dorm room while Frank leads carpenter Gordon, Corey, and his roommate Andrew in updating Frank and Cathy's living room, giving it a post-teenager, more adult look.moreless
    • Feuding Firefighters
      On this TRADING SPACES, things really heat up when two friends, both top firefighters, have a burning desire to determine who the harder worker is.

      Firefighter Paramedic Dina and her sister Debbie are helped by TS's newest designer Nancy and carpenter Thad to work on Jimbo's old kitchen and make it shine.

      Meanwhile Firefighter Jimbo and his wife Dilky are joined by Frank and carpenter Brandon to bring a farmhouse look to Dina's living room.

      Find out if Paige and friends can put out the flames of competition between these two heroes of the home front.moreless
    • Sisters-in-Law
      Episode 8
      On this episode of TRADING SPACES, can two formerly friendly sisters-in-law come to terms with their multitude of differences for the sake of their families?

      Amy and her brother Dillon are joined by designer Goil and carpenter Thad to work on Lauren's 'mancave' entertainment room while her sister in law Hillary and Hillary's husband Lauren are aided by designer Laurie and carpenter Amy Devers to update Amy's family room.

      Amy builds a bench/dance floor and Brandon builds a brand new wall to wall entertainment/shelving unit.moreless
    • Estranged Best Friends
      Former best friends Deana and Brook redecorate each other's bedrooms in hopes that TRADING SPACES will put their friendship on the road to recovery. They haven't spoken for four years, and for a big change in the show's routine, there is no traditional key swap ceremony. These two traders won't see each other until AFTER the reveals.

      Deana and her husband Stephan are helped by designer Frank and carpenter Faber.
      Brook and her aunt Suzanne get to work with designer Lauren and carpenter Amy Devers.

      Will both the room makeovers and the friendship renewal meet with success?moreless
    • Rival Haunted Houses
      This may be the spookiest TRADING SPACES ever as two Halloween obsessed neighbors go in for the kill. It's Cheryl and Scott vs. the new neighbors Julie and Richard. After years of being the king and queen of Halloween in their neighborhood with ever scarier displays each year, Cheryl and Scott got a scare of their own when the new neighbors put up frightful displays of their own. But now they want to go to the next level and outdo each other on Trading Spaces! With Goil and carpenter Brandon joining Julie and Richard, and Frank and carpenter Faber on Cheryl and Scott's team more than just rooms may get a new look.moreless
    • Secret Crush
      Secret Crush
      Episode 5
      On this episode of TRADING SPACES, one woman, Donna admits her secret affection for her friend Dan in hopes of transforming both their rooms and their relationship.

      Hildi Santo Tomas and carpenter Gordon Holmes (working on his second TS episode) work with Dan and his daughter Apple on his 'friend's living room

      Meanwhile first time TS decorator Nancy Hadley and carpenter Amy Devers work with Donna her friend Anita on Dan's game room while planning how to let him know she wants to become more than 'just friends'.moreless
    • Kid in the Middle
      On this episode of TRADING SPACES, Jaime, a teenage daughter of divorced parents tries to unite her mother and father in more peaceful co-custody. In a Trading Spaces first, Jaime takes turns assisting both teams.

      Her father Jeff and his grown up daughter Amanda are led by designer Edward in adding color and function to Judy's game room. Back at Jeff's house, Judy and Jaimie's other older sister Michelle are aided by designer Lauren and Thad to add style to Jeff's family room.moreless
    • Groom/Groomsmen
      Episode 3
      Years after a humiliating misunderstanding at their wedding when the groom's best friend tried to convince him that he shouldn't marry her, Joanne and Camilo trade spaces with bad boy groomsman Oscar to give Oscar a chance to prove himself to be the best man after all.

      Hildi and carpenter Amy help Oscar and Amber update Joanne and Camilo's living room appearance. Meanwhile, designer Lauren and craftsman Faber assist Joanne and Camilo in giving a makeover to Oscar's bedroom.moreless
    • Competitive Sisters
      Two competitive sisters vie for their mother's attention as they give two rooms a fresh start. And they hope to give a fresh start to their relationship as sisters with a better, more positive direction as well. Terri and husband Rob want their living & dining room to be a multifunctional family room. Edward and carpenter Faber lend them a hand (and a hammer;) Rachel and her mother Mary want to see Rachel's ordinary bedroom updated into a bedroom retreat. Lauren and carpenter Gordon (in his first Trading Spaces appearance) guide them in achieving the updated look.moreless
    • Trading Spaces Mom/Daughter
      All NEW!
      Season 10 premier!
      Trading Spaces returns to 10pm Saturdays!


      This week features Lisa, an uptight mother of 2 young children who has rigid rules to maintain order around the house, and Lisa's mother Michelle, a free-living artist and grandma who is somewhat disorganized in comparison to, and to the occasional annoyance of her daughter, and is unable to purge all of the accumulated chaos in her art studio. Can TRADING SPACES help encourage this 'Odd Couple' mother and daughter to accept each others opposite ?

      Lisa and her husband John are led by their designer Goil and carpenter Faber who redesign artist Michelle's cluttered art studio workspace to be better organized and safe for her grandkids.

      Meanwhile, Michelle and her niece Lauren are joined by their designer Frank and carpenter Thad to bring a splash of color and a more modern change of style to Lisa's orderly (and ordinary) living room. Carpenter Thad shows his skills on a quality hand crafted 'perfect' table while Faber builds a moveable inspiration wall with seating and storage and transforms 2 file cabinets into the legs of a table/craft area.moreless
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