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  • Just another reality show that I don't care about.

    I am so sick of these Reality shows! It seems that every other show is one these days! Trading spaces is just another show that should not even be on the air!

    This show is pointless and boring in ways never before seen on US airways! I got so tired watching this show, I fell asleep! I can't stand watching programs about redoing rooms! How cares about this stuff anyway? I would like to know who likes this show and why they do! It is mindnumbingly tedious and just plain annoying at times, every episodes seems to be same, and that is not good for any show!
  • One of the best interior designing shows.

    i don't know but I totally dispised the show but now I really like it because now the designers actually know how to design. I used to watch While you were out but ever since they changed the host and took out some very good designers the show started to suck so I switched to this. For any designing junkie I advise you to watch it.
  • I love home improvement shows ... but without Paige and Vern, I just don't stay interested.

    I used to watch this show all the time ... I planned my evening around the new episodes. NOT anymore. Since they ditched Paige Davis, I find the show to be really dull. It's like cake without icing. I see two problems. #1 - without a host, there's no one to provide an interface between the crew and the audience ... how many home improvement shows are host-less? Bob Villa ring a bell? #2 - Paige had a chemistry for this show that was really compelling to a lot of people, including me. And without it, I just don't find myself able to stay interested. I don't know if Paige left the show or they fired her ... but without her, the show just doesn't hold my interest. I also don't find the mix of designers as interesting as it once was. Too many flakes. All in all, I've stopped watching. I check in every month or so to see if they've caught and corrected the drift ... no sign of hope so far.

  • When I first started watching it, I loved it. Now, not so much.

    I started watching this in the middle of season 4 because I caught it flipping channels and fell in love with Frank and Edward.
    I am a decorating show fanatic, and I loved the idea of being able to decorate on a $1,000 budget and getting great results. I had to start recording the daily reruns to see what I missed. But the more I watched, the more I started seeing things I didn't like, like ruining a room on purpose to upset the home owners, and conflict between the designers, carpenters, and host. The faux drama didn't interest me in the least. I liked the Trading Spaces: Family version much better, but it didn't take them long to cancel that.
    With all of the format changes TLC did over the last year - getting rid of Paige, the 3 different rooms, 2 carpenters, and the bonus budget, it never regained it's footing because they continue to keep up with the drama that no one wants to see.
    I sincerely hope that Frank and Edward get fabulous new shows, like Doug did, because this show will eventually crash and burn.
  • Used to be good but I don't know what happened.

    Used to watch this show frequently, but it soon started to lose touch with me. The designers are way too selfish and don't care about the homeowners wishes. Like if they say "We don't like orange. Don't use orange in my room", the designer still does and expects a positive reaction from the homeowner. Or if the neighbors tell the designer, "She told me not to touch the fire place", the designer does so anyway.

    Also, what's up with the getting rid of the host? I don't get it. Is it to save money or they simply thought a host was a waste of time? Either way, I couldn't care less.
  • Ever wanted to fix the decor in a friend's house? Here's your chance. Trade houses for a weekend and make one of their rooms your own.

    They lost my interest when they sent Paige away. Now it's just designers you love to hate or hate to love. New rules that make one room worth bonus bucks just won't carry it very much longer.

    Bring back the host, it doesn't have to be Paige, or stay home and redecorate quietly.
  • Trading Spaces is a reality series that takes two couple of friends, and they switch houses with either where TLC will assign a designer and carpenter to redesign. Then at the end of the show, they get a first look at the redesigned room.

    Trading Spaces was a great show, but unfortunately, the show gets a little old after a while because it is the same old routine and system where there is two couple of friends switch houses to hopefully get redesigned to their preference. However, in the fifth season they did change it a little by getting a chance to get $2,000 instead of $1,000. Overall, when watching it at first, it is exciting to see the process of how it goes and seeing the finished designs but after a while it is gets real repetitive.
  • Bring back Paige!

    This used to be my favorite show, until they got rid of Paige. I really liked Paige because of her infectious and bubbly personality. I still like all the designers, but it's not the same without a host to keep all the designers in line, and to keep the money in order. I say bring back Paige!!!
  • Trading Spaces is a great show. I enjoy watching the hard work of neighbors and friends play the game. They try to follow direction and really create a space that their neighbors will enjoy.

    Trading Spaces is a great show. I enjoy watching the hard work of neighbors and friends play the game. They try to follow direction and really create a space that their neighbors will enjoy.

    As the two day deadline closes in the novelty wears thin and each participant changes their focus to finishing the room and getting a look at their own new room design. Trading Spaces is a great show. I enjoy watching the hard work of neighbors and friends play the game. They try to follow the design direction and really create a space that their neighbors will enjoy.
  • What started out as one of the best reality programs on television has sadly turned into a pain to watch.

    Usually when a show is revamped, it improves. Unfortunately, in the case of Trading Spaces, the opposite has been true. With the complete removal of anything resembling a host, the show has gone from wildly addictive and entertaining to a blob of blah. Each team gets a carpenter, which is the only positive change from the base show that started the trend of home improvement reality programming. The fact that there is now a “secret room” with more money available in the budget was a nice touch that I’m sad to say gets old fast. The classic designers, with the exception of Frank, have turned into ego-centric hogs who refuse to help their teams, and the majority of the teams themselves seem more interested in camera time than actually revamping their friends’ home. Overall, Trading Spaces had its fantastic run, and no one will ever be able to doubt the impact that it had on television as a whole. However, in an era with shows like While You Were Out and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which continually “step things up a notch,” Trading Spaces is better remembered than seen or heard.
  • Its sad to say that such a good show has just been destroyed by overthinking producers and writers!

    When the writers and producers decided to get rid of the host, which Paige we all know and love, the show just went downhill from there. It is just not that interesting now and I don't even watch Trading Spaces anymore! Its so sad that it was such a popular show that I LOVED, and now just turned into garbage!
  • The Tale of Two Shows, the downfall of truly a great show.

    It's hard for me to rate this show accurately. There was a time when most of the shows I watched were on TLC, and I blame Trading Spaces. I used to never miss a show ... I'd even watch reruns of shows whether I had seen them or not. Now that show, I would have rated around 9.4 or thereabouts.

    And then something happened, some overpaid [fill-in-the-blank] at TLC decided that the show didn't need a host and that they would try to change it up a bit. Apparently the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" hadn't made its way to TLC HQ. I tried watching the show, but it just wasn't the same. After a couple of shows, I just couldn't watch it anymore. Now this show, I would rate probably around a 5 to 5.5 ... it's that different.

    It's not that Paige Davis made the show work, but she was a piece of the puzzle that completed the whole. Looking at the state the show is in now, I would have to say she was a HUGE part because I miss her quirkiness & fun she seemed to bring to the show ... a sense of levity if you will. It's sister show While You Were Out proved that you could replace a host & still have the show work. Who knows if things would have been different if a new host was brought in, but obviously a lack of host was a bad call. A host was someone who kept the show together and established a sense of flow, if that makes any sense. And Paige definitly fit that bill.

    The funny thing is what prompted this review was that I just recently got Direct TV, and as I am learning channels (old & new) I stumbled across a rerun of Trading Spaces on Discovery Home and remembered how much I loved that show and just shook my head, knowing I would remember when the reruns air on Discovery Home (weekdays 6:00 pm CST) but couldn't care less when the newer shows air on TLC. A Tale of Two Shows indeed!
  • Episode: MISSISSIPPI: SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY This show depicted homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina. They were refurbished by designers Laurie Hickson-Smith and Edward Walker.

    We watched all of 10 minutes before changing the channel. We were highly disgusted and certainly didn’t feel your show appropriate, particularly the airing of it during the 1st anniversary week following the hurricane. What a slap in the face to the poor and disenfranchised! We think you people missed an opportunity to do something “real” for a few folk who are still battling the insurance companies and really simply need a place to call home.

    Furthermore, my family finds it offensive that we pay a cable premium to watch trash. The tragedy is that many good people lost all they had in Katrina. Your money flashing “reality” program cheapens their collective experiences. I’ll not watch your show again! EX-fans,

    The Jimerson

    I love all the shows and all the designers Its crazy it has even inspired my husband to work on our home.*HINT* We are working with a very limited budget and I really wanted new counters in my kitchen (they were powder blue like the old 70\'s suits ICK) ,and I found the pattern I wanted on contact paper but we couldnt afford to buy them so when I was at work he bought the contact paper and covered the old counters and varnished the heck out of them we have had the \"new countertop\" almost 6 months and I still love them and they are holding up awesome. Instead of spending $3000 we spent $20. Keep it in mind if you just cant afford :)
  • I show I disliked at first, but grew to love.

    Back when the show first aired I wasn't all that hrilled with it. My mom was addicted with it at the time, and I eventually found myself watching it with her.

    I don't take to remodelling shows all that often, but this was a unique situation. Unlike most rennovation shows over the years, There was more creativity and candid moments involved that were lacking in other programs of the like.

    Fo me, I think it was the wacky designers that reeled me into watching it in the first place. From the fantastic feats of Vern Yip, creative and cool works of Frand and Edward, to the wacky, off the wall insane works of "are you insane?" Hildi and Doug. It was always fun to see what masterpieces my favorite designers would come up with each week, as wee as see the catastrophic Blunders Hildi would concoct. Definitely an interesting form of entertainment.

    The show started to wane though with the departure of it's host Paige Davis. It just was never the same again with her absent from the cast.

    All and all, a revolutionary of the show genre of rennovation.
  • Does anyone remember the dark haired girl host in the first seasons?

    I liked the show even before Paige came on, it was great. Then they got rid of Ty and didn't have as many shows with Doug and Vern. Although I like all the designers, Doug and Vern were my favorites, and I also liked how they all got along together, sometimes rocky. Then they brought in Paige and it was downhill from there. Thats when I stopped watching. So I will rate the show high because of the first seasons. Sorry I had to go on and on 100 word review its like being in English class. lol lol lol (i came in under so i had to add lols)
  • Refreshing makeover, of an old favorite "makeover show." Two young, energetic designers think outside of the box to bring 2 sets of homeowners into the 21st century by trading and modernizing each others rooms.

    The show this season should be called "Trading Spaces-The Next Generation." It is the kind of funny that makes you laugh out loud even when you're alone, but it's certainly not the show that tempted the generations before me to wallpaper with silk roses. This is a good thing...that old show became boring. This one is energetic, funny, young, and a bit sexy (see the PG rated Oct. 27 show with Lauren Makk). I think my proposed name change while paying homage to the evolution of a great new show, would help pull the knife out of the hearts of the 40 to 60 year old TS fans who are in agony over the loss of a dear old friend!
  • I'm in a fence-sitting kind of mood...

    This show had it's moments. Some of them were good (like the launch of Ty Pennington) and some of them were really bad (like Hildi Santo-Thomas or Kia did-she-even-have-a-last-name-and-would-we-care-anyway?).

    When you think about it, why would anyone WANT their neighbours in their house; at the mercy of mostly ego-centric designers after their 15 minutes, and doing a redesign on a shoe string budget? In 2 days?

    It's purely set-up TV: get a reaction and the worse it is the better.

    Having said that, the series did give Ty a shot to do something useful (notice, NOT on TLC...) and while his design style is about as far from mine as you can get, I loved Frank Bielec. He is a gentle soul with the customer in mind and there is a lot to be said for that.

    Come to think of it, Paige Davis wasn't very useful either was she? Hmmmm. Firmly on the fence...
  • Wonderful show to watch with its designers.What has happened to this show. Since the green shows are coming on in the middle of the night, i never see trading spaces anymore. even if they were repeats they were enjoyable. Why have they postponed showing .

    Most enjoyable show. Why has it been postponed. Only for one night a week, which is Saturday. During the wee hours of the night, i was able to sit and relax to watch Trading Spaces. Now, it has been replaced with the Green environmental shows. Why? this is a terrible disappointment.When will they reconsider to show, Trading Spaces again during the weekly hours of the late late night. hope that this review is considered. It is a stimulating enjoyable learning show to watch. Plus the designers are all sexy to watch. Plese bring it back for us all to view.
  • Love Paige, but enhance the designers

    First, I REALLY enjoy having Paige back to add energy and fun to the show. Second, the new relationship feature is very interesting and can really enhance the show. Third, having previous designers return to provide familiarity is great. But, in my opinion, if Trading Spaces wants to build back "the good 'ole days" with a strong foundation, the designs should begin with impressive, solid designs before moving into "off the wall" crafts. Fabric bolts with tissue paper and wallpaper with hydrants and rats do not always make a positive conversation piece. A great come back of a TV show requires building trust with viewers so that they feel their time is valued. Impress viewers to make them feel like they can do some of the same designs themselves (by borrowing the designers great ideas) THEN stretch ideas out of the box. Otherwise, it's just another show gone bad.
  • Cool show

    I think Trading Spaces is a cool show. It's outstanding for a reality show. I love the whole idea, and I always thought it would be a really cool experience to get to go on this show. I always love watching them makeover the room. And then to see the before and after thing is great. And the designers are all so funny ! It's a great show, that helps people out a great deal. I used to be obsessed with this show, and can't wait to see a new episode of it. To say it all in short: Great Show!
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    The new Trading Spaces sucks! The new woman designer is terrible, vulgar, she wore a shirt to small for her big boobs and she used curse words . The two new carpenters are trying two hard to be cool, they make me sick the way they go out of their ways to be exciting,their behavior looks fake. I never miss an episode of the show, I love all the old people, and they should all come back, even Andrew Dan Jumbos new show sucks so he should come back. Bring back the old people Please! This new Trading Spaces Sucks!
  • I like watching it for the decorating ideas. I also look to see what I don't want to do lol.

    I like this show it passes the time when there is nothing on and it gives me lots of ideas on things I do and don't want to do. I can also show my children that thier suggestions won't work for me and my house. That sometimes don't get that till they see how it looks somewhere else. Overall an enjoyable show.
  • Started out great...

    Trading Spaces was wonderful when it first came out. I loved it! I mean, how could you not? Two groups swap and redo a room (or two) and then trade back. It always gave me ideas on how other people may view the place I live in. Recently the show is not as catchy. Maybe it is time, for the show to end.
  • 2 neighbors swap houses for 2 days and redo a room with the help of a designer, a carpenter, and a host.

    This show used to be really good and I would try to never miss an episode. They got rid of Ty
  • No host anymore?

    This show is nothing without the host. With the host you at least get something to watch instead of the homeowners and designers saying everything. Once I found out that there wasn't a host I couldn't watch the show anymore it was just to boring. Paige made the show so funny because she would actually help out and give you updates.