Trading Spaces - Season 4

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Episode Guide

  • Washington D.C.: Acker Place
    In Washington, D.C., Paige informs the designers they must complete the project without the use of power tools or appliances. One team has a bit of trouble following that rule during homework.
  • Illinois: County Road
    It's a family affair on the next episode of Trading Spaces. Designer Doug Wilson travels home to his family's farm to re-decorate two of his brother's living rooms. That's right; Doug designs not one but TWO rooms with the help of three of his brothers! To assist in the heavy workload are carpenters Ty Pennington and Carter Oosterhouse. Even though there are more carpentry projects than normal, Ty and Carter still have time for a dance-off. You'll have to see it to believe it. Watch, as host Paige Davis goes to new heights to help a designer and his family. Planes, farm equipment and sibling rivalry are all a part of this special episode. (And you get to see Doug's parents — what more could you ask for?)moreless
  • Columbus: Camden Road
    These homeowners are hoping for a new look to their living room and master bedroom. Up for the challenge are designers Vern Yip and Doug Wilson. But the women are the power tool experts, the men sew and iron, and one of the boys who gets choked up.
  • New York City: West 85th Street
    The Trading Spaces crew has arrived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Will the unpredictability of the city that never sleeps be too much for designers Frank Bielec and Doug Wilson? On the fifth floor, Frank is playing a prank on the girls in his apartment trying to convince them that his plans include pink flamingoes and manatees! Is America's nicest designer suddenly turning into a lying prankster? Down two floors, Doug has finally met his match with his homeowners. They are two young and spunky girls with very little home improvement skills but with a great deal of interest in a certain designer. And since when did going out for margaritas count as homework? Carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor has to build a large wall unit in Doug's house, but it seems all her helpers are too busy partying. Will Paige be able to round up Doug and the girls to assist Amy Wynn?moreless
  • New York City: Harlem
    Trading Spaces redecorates two Harlem rooms in this episode. Designers Laurie Smith and Kia Steave Dickerson want to create a second renaissance of their own for these out-dated rooms. Carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor has her hands full with a Murphy bed install in Kia's house while in Laurie's house there is a hole in the ceiling that needs serious attention. Always up for the challenge, Amy Wynn tries to balance showing off fine handiwork with finishing on time. Speaking of time, it's a race to the finish in Kia's house, and Paige has brought her stopwatch with her. When she says "times up," she means times up!moreless
  • Salt Lake City: Fleetwood Drive
    In Salt Lake City, designers Frank Bielec and Edward Walker tackle two basement living spaces, each with unique design challenges. And guts get savvy, as homeowner and Paralympian medalist, Muffy takes on the painting and sanding all from her wheelchair.
  • Salt Lake City: Linda Vista Drive
    Trading trailers! Designers Laurie Smith and Laura Day with the help of carpenter Ty Pennington, transform the limited space in a mobile home into an open and roomy living area. It takes many a trick to make these mobiles' tight main rooms clutter-free.
  • Evanston: Northwestern University
    It's dining hall decorating academia, as two sororities at Northwestern University tackle each other's houses. With the largest rooms ever and the same deadline, it's a race to the finish as these teams of eight attractive sorority members each, dive in.
  • Raising the Roof
    Raising the Roof
    Episode 64
    Paige welcomes us to Bucks County, Pennsylvania & tells us that in honor of Home Depot's 25th anniversary, they have increased the total budget to $25,000. Each team, made up of Habitat for Humanity families, will be getting $12,500. Craftsman Faber will be building Genevieve's carpentry projects, while handy gal Amy Wynn will help out Edward. Before starting on the rooms, Faber, Genevieve, Amy Wynn, Edward, & our homeowners help with the building of another house in the neighborhood. In a Habitat neighborhood, you help to build your own home. Each homeowner must contribute 500 hours of "Sweat equity" instead of a down payment on the house, after that, they have regular mortgage payments, minus the interest. Homeowner Chat Rick & Dorothy Chase have lived with their five kids in a small trailer for eleven years, so having a house is a blessing for them. They want to have their family room redone. Natasha, a single mom of three young children who works full time & goes to school at night, recently moved with her children from her sister Akira's apartment into their house. Her sister Akira will be helping her redo her neighbors' room. The main room she wants done is her living room. Designer Greeting After being told about the larger budget during the key swap, the teams go to meet the designer that they'll be working with over the next two days. Genevieve came with about twenty birch trees, all having to do with her plan to bring the outdoors in. She tells her team "I'm not going to overspend things. You can take me out of Trading Spaces, but you can't take the Trading Spaces out of me." Rick wants to give Natasha's living room some personality because she just moved in & hasn't done much of anything to it yet. Day 1 Paint Reveals Gen wants to paint the ceiling a bright white. She has lime green for accents; there will be the addition of both baseboards & crown molding. Natasha is worried that Edward will paint her room black & purple. Paige joins in the paint reveal over at Edward's room. First, there's a cream colored primer going up, followed by a shade of orange, with almost the same shade of green as Gen for accents Dorothy & Rick agree with Paige that Habitat for Humanity have brought the community closer together, but Paige points out that a bad room could produce the first feud in the neighborhood. Carpentry Consults Genevieve asks Faber to split several birch trees in half for a wall treatment, & then explains her entertainment center. Edward shows Amy Wynn his plans for a screen to block off the kitchen from the living room & an entertainment center with two cabinets and floating bridges. Genevieve's Room Paige checks on Faber's progress with the entertainment center, she points out that it looks like some sort of musical instrument. Gen shows Natasha, who can't sew, some of the fabric & how the pillows & fabric match. Natasha helps Faber make a finger pull hole on the storage unit. After Gen & Faber bring in the birch to put up on the walls, Gen remembers that the new wood floor hasn't been put down yet, so they can't do anything with the trees. Edward's Room Amy Wynn loves the smell of real wood, not MDF like all the other episodes. While helping Wynn out in Carpentry World, Rick mentions that Dorothy has been helping on some of the other houses that are going up. Edward decides to spread the $12,500 throughout the house instead of just in one room. He starts by painting Natasha's bedroom with some of the money. Edward shows Dorothy the drapery fabric & how to do a hand blind stitch. Dorothy helps Wynn out with the kitchen divider. Homework For homework, Genevieve's team has to install the new floor with the help of Home Depot's at home services. Edward's team has to paint the entertainment center bridges, stain the rest of the entertainment center, & install the new floor in both the living room & the kitchen with the help of Home Depot's at home services. Day 2 Genevieve's Room Gen & Paige walk into the room to find that there weren't enough materials for the Home Depot's guys to finish the floor. Gen leaves to try to get more materials. Gen & Faber are having trouble deciding where the trees should go, above the base molding or at the floor. Akira & Natasha come in & think it should go right at the floor. Gen tracks down more flooring & the Home Depot guys come back to finish installing it. Do to the fact that it's a family room, Gen blew up several family pictures. The main picture is a large shot of all five kids that will be the main picture in the room. Genevieve brings two old suitcases in the room, as a way t tell Rick & Dorothy that they will be going on a five day trip for two to Ireland. Paige wonders if that's allowed in the rules. Edward's Room Edward tells his team that he has a plasma TV & surround sound with a DVD player. Amy Wynn helps Edwards team assemble the entertainment center. Edward shows them Natasha's finished bedroom. Back in the living room, Edward has the team hot gluing black cording as crown molding. On the patio/ deck, Edward has a new set of patio furniture. Designer Chats Genevieve- $12,500 on the nose. Gen gave Rick & Dorothy whatever money was left in her budget to use as spending money while they're in Ireland. Edward- $12,466.91 Edward explains that the new floor was the biggest expense because it goes from the front door, through the living room & ends in the kitchen. Reveals Besides what Edward has already shown us, Paige shows the team that Edward left stuff behind for them to decorate Natasha's kids' rooms. Natasha is in tears because she feels so blessed Rick & Dorothy love the room, but they are even happier when Paige reads the card from Genevieve that says, "Your neighbors tell me you both take care of the world, now let the world take care of you… Family is Life, Life is Family. After the reveals, Edward, Gen, Faber & Amy Wynn come out of one of the back rooms for a "party."moreless
  • Virginia: Harding Avenue
    Olympian Kerri Strug helps Hildi Santo-Tomas as she uses PVC piping to create a room divider separating a living area and a bar; meanwhile at the other house, Edward Walker creates a common area for Kerry's small apartment.
  • Inside Out
    Inside Out
    Episode 62
    This episode gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of an episode in New York City. It also gives us a look at the lives of many of the cast members.
  • Utah: Mountain Berry Drive
    Trading Spaces gets in the mood for the upcoming summer Games with a special episode featuring Olympian gold medallist Jimmy Shea trading spaces with his coach in his sport of "skeleton" former Olympian Randy Will. We're in Park City, Utah for this competitive episode and to add to our already full plate of tough rooms, surprise snowstorms and too many carpentry projects is the fact that rather than being right next door to each other as in most shows, Randy and Jimmy live about an hour and 10 minutes apart! Talk about your time's up! It's a design challenge to remember for Genevieve Gorder and Doug Wilson. And for carpenter Ty Pennington? Well, he's so bogged down at one house an hour away he recruits extra help to start installation at the other house hoping no one will notice that they haven't even seen Ty yet in their house! For a man who goes down a mountain face first 6 inches off the ground at 80 miles an hour, how scary could a little redecoration show be? You'll have to tune in to find out?moreless
  • Philadelphia: Durfor Street
    YO! Trading Spaces has arrived in South Philly! Space is tight, and the only thing that is separating our two homes is the TS trailer. Paige will have to make sure that our homeowners don't see what's happening at their houses. But it doesn't mean they can't wonder what all the banging is about! You wanna talk tight spaces? How 'bout we have to take the front bay window out just to move the furniture out of the room to even start redecorating! Now that's tight. Time is not on designer Kia Steave Dickerson's side as she waits to the last minute to install a brand new floor. It is up to her homeowners to see if they can finish on time. Twenty-two feet away, designer Christi Proctor is having a tough time selling her homeowners on her design plan. Maybe with the help and influence of hometown carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor our homeowners and designers can get on the same page. So, as they say in Philly, "You'z guys should watch!"moreless
  • Pennsylvania: Noble Street
    The neighbors take over on this episode of Trading Spaces. Our two sets of homeowners bring some interesting ideas of their own to the table. The only question is: will our designers adjust? Edward Walker is thrown a curve by his team. They want to use their fabric as the main artwork in the room forcing Edward to change his whole design plan. Paige Davis better keep an eye on Edward's budget as it seems that Edward's response to change is to just GO SHOPPING again! Across the way things are a little rocky as Frank Bielec tries to adjust to his homeowners' rock fireplace idea. It turns into a sticky situation or more accurately not so sticky as the fireplaces stones continue to just fall off. Tune in and find out if homeowners and designers can learn to play nicely together.moreless
  • Unglued
    Episode 58
    After traveling to more than 40 cities nationwide to tape over 200 episodes, you would think that producing an episode of Trading Spaces is a well-oiled machine. But what happens when that machine springs a leak? Between flubbed lines, foiled designs and some homeowners that just left us wondering "Why?", it's no wonder that host Paige Davis and the cast of designers and carpenters get tongue-tied and lose their cool. On Saturday, June 12, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, TLC presents Trading Spaces: Unglued, a one-hour special that unearths bloopers, outtakes, and never-before-seen moments from America's favorite home makeover series. Featuring previously edited comments, calamities and crazy situations culled from hundreds of hours of footage, Trading Spaces: Unglued opens the lid on the hidden world often left on the cutting room floor. See host Paige Davis trying to hold it together when everything falls apart, how designers like Doug Wilson and Laurie Smith react when plans go awry, and the unbelievable moments with homeowners and fans that left our stars speechless. Anyone remember the naked carpenter? Fans of the series will finally get to see their favorite carpenters, designers and hosts stutter, stammer and trip like you've never seen before!moreless
  • Philadelphia: Brown Street
    Trading Spaces has taken over the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia, one of the new hip and trendy neighborhoods being reclaimed in the city. In this episode, we have four young urban pioneers ready to tackle two days of hard work. Designer Laurie Hickson Smith wants to create a basement lounge with the help of her homeowners. The only problem is that her homeowners are not that skilled in redecoration. In the other house Doug Wilson gives free reign to carpenter Carter Oosterhouse to build an armoire. And as unbelievable as it may seem, Doug is not happy with the result! Shocking! Paige might have to step in to mediate yet another disagreement on the set. Will Doug and Carter resolve their differences and will Laurie have to simplify her design? Tune in and find out.moreless
  • Orlando: Spring Glen Drive
    Double Trouble. There's no other way to describe an episode with identical twin sisters, living in identical houses only 10 feet apart, redecorating the exact same room. The only real difference is that one twin has a clear acrylic bed with mirrors over the top! And that's what most of this episode is ... over the top! Hildi Santo Tomas tackles the one twin master bedroom, while Edward Walker takes a crack at the mirror image next door while working with this husband and wife chiropractor team. Carpenter Carter Oosterhouse has a tall order as Edward wants a 7-foot high headboard and Hildi wants to make more clear acrylic furniture to match the existing bed. And don't look now but she's come up with yet another unconventional way to cover a wall without paint, and if I'm not mistaken that looks like silver foil again! Twins might live next door to each other and look exactly the same, but one thing certainly separates them ... their design taste. Can twins hit a home run in the others' room or do they really not know each other so well after all? You'll have to watch to find out.moreless
  • Orlando: East Lake Mary Drive
    Trading Spaces always looks for neighbors who live right next to each other. These homeowners do... if you don't count the very large lake that stands between them! The utility vehicle of choice in this episode is a powerboat which tries to deliver more than a boatload of Amy Wynn Pastor's carpentry projects in these two rooms. Designer Frank Bielec has a big floor and a big floor problem to solve in his family room and he comes up with a clever solution. Meanwhile Laura Day is trying to transform a drab kitchen and give it some sparkle with stainless steel... but do tools that normally love to work in wood also love stainless steel? It's a race to the finish and halfway through Paige and Wynn run out of gas and with the ladies stranded in the middle of the lake what does gentleman Frank Bielec do? Why what any good designer would do, he tries to blackmail Paige by trading a rescue rope for some slack in his room budget. If they didn't love each other so much, they'd probably kill each other! And this reveal is one of the more entertaining ones so far this season. Don't miss it.moreless
  • Manhattan Beach: 20th Street
    This episode finds us in the bodacious city of Manhattan Beach, California with some young sun and surf loving folks. Designers Genevieve Gorder and Hildi Santo-Tomas are ready to ride one in with our very own beach bum, carpenter Ty Pennington. Hildi is here to help two lovely, young professionals who want to make their living room look more grown up and sophisticated. Two doors down, Genevieve is trying to make one gross and barren living room a little more hip and cool (aka "lady friendly") for the former frat brothers who live there. Outside, the ever righteous Ty keeps his hammer moving to the beat of the ocean gods and a drum set. Tune in to find out if our teams keep their toes on the nose and get a totally gnarly space, or if they have one nasty wipe out of a room!moreless
  • Los Angeles: North Cherokee Avenue
    Doug Wilson and Hildi Santo-Tomas... To some, their designs might be considered on the extreme end of the spectrum. But when their forces combine they are each others yin and yang... their black and their white. This episodes brings us to West Hollywood, California and our dynamic duo is determined to create rooms with very different elements but very similar energies. Let's hope carpenter Carter Oosterhouse will be able to keep balance outside and our colorful homeowners don't really have a bunch of colors in mind. And what could have happened in this episode to make Paige more therapist than host for one of our homeowner teams? This Trading Spaces story begs the question: What's black and white (not red) all over?moreless
  • Los Angeles: Belton Drive
    We're in the heart of Los Angeles, and this episode finds us California dreamin' our way through two rooms, two days and a 1,000 bucks. Designers Christi Proctor and Edward Walker have come into town wanting to shake up some outdated spaces. Christi will be taking on an artsy and over-cluttered living room and will try to make it as whimsical and creative as the folks who lounge in it. Down the road, Edward says "Stuffed Animals be gone!" Our tough L.A. cop has to say goodbye to his plush ducks and bears that usually hang out on his bed in the master bedroom. Hopefully he will be able to sleep without them once he sees the mature and classic room Edward creates for him. Outside carpenter Faber Dewar enjoys the sunshine as he builds some fabulous pieces for some fabulous rooms. Tune in, this is one episode you don't want to miss!moreless
  • Oklahoma: Osborne Drive
    Trading Spaces is back in Norman, Oklahoma with two families of American Indian heritage. Host Paige Davis tries to make sure that our designers work a Native American flavor into their rooms without crossing the line over to offensive stereotype! Don't miss this dance! Designer Laura Day wants to bring a Santa Fe feel to her homeowner's dining room. She has big plans with an elaborate light fixture that incorporates the traditional Dreamcatcher. Will the homeowners eyes light up when they see it or will they be turned off? Across the street, Designer Kia Steave-Dickerson is also trying to incorporate her homeowner's family history into the room. Will the homeowners be excited to see Kia painting their family heirloom piano or will they freak? On the carpentry side, Kia wants carpenter Faber Dewar to turn into David Copperfield and make an entertainment center float. Never a dull moment in this one!moreless
  • Oklahoma: Clinkenbeard Road
    Trading Spaces and the crew head out to the wilds of Norman, Oklahoma. Host Paige Davis finds herself "down on the farm" with one of the more unique settings we have ever visited. Designer Frank "Shotgun" Bielec introduces a new way to distress furniture. Will the homeowners love the idea or go running for the hills? One thing is for sure, everybody should take cover. Across the farm, designer Genevieve Gorder is once again all about "bringing the outside in", but she's already done moss once... could this time turn out to be a hit? It's up to carpenter Faber Dewar to make those dead oak trees work somehow as a mantle piece. We always have homework on the show, but rarely does it involve a cow giving birth. Only one of the unusual events in this unforgettable episode. (Warning: Only one bench was harmed in the shooting of this Trading Spaces.)moreless
  • Home Free: Winner's Circle- LIVE REVEAL
    With 70% of a nationwide vote, the Light Blue Team of Jon and Stacy Laymon of Ocoee, Florida, have won the eight-week competition that was Trading Spaces: Home Free over Angel and Vilma Rivera of Kissimmee, Florida. They won up to $350,000 to pay off their mortgage. Whether or not they were winners, both the Riveras and the Laymons were the recipients of up to $27,000 in room renovations courtesy of their Home Free competitors. The first round featured a $2,000 bedroom renovation, the second a $5,000 living room redesign, and in the third, new appliances and other niceties resulted in kitchen makeovers valued at up to $20,000. Host Paige Davis, designers Christi Proctor, Kia Steave-Dickerson and Edward Walker, and carpenters Carter Oosterhouse and Amy Wynn Pastor, as well as all of the other competitors, appeared on the one-hour live broadcast from Orlando, which featured clips from all the previous episodes and some new footage of the finalists, and a countdown clock ticking away the minutes to the big news. The home viewer mortgage winners were Nicole and Jeremy, of Salt Lake City, Utah, with a check personally presented to them by Frank Bielec at home. The couple and their young daughter Aurora were flown into Orlando and appeared live on the show as well.moreless
  • Home Free: Finals
    Home Free: Finals
    Episode 48
    Show Open Paige explains that this week the teams can have their choice of the designer & carpenter that they want to work with. The Light blue team wants to work with Doug & Ty. The Yellow team chooses to work with Frank & Amy Wynn. Key Swap Paige explains to the teams that it's back to Home Free basics for this episode. They have a budget of $2000 to spend on the kitchens that they're redoing. Day 0 Once again the rooms are described by videos. The Light Blue team doesn't want country. The Yellow team would like to see some new countertops in their kitchen. Shopping Challenge It wouldn't be Home Free without a shopping challenge. This week's shopping challenge is called "Nothing On The Table," in which the teams must acquire a table by the end of Day 2 without spending any money on it. They can't go to junkyards, garden centers, bait & tackle shops, thrift stores, high-end stores, or any shop for that matter, they can't knock on doors, or call family & friends. The table must be completely free. The Yellow team's plan includes painting the room a smokey blue, tiled countertops, & have Amy Wynn build a planter & shelving unit. The Light blue is going to do a Venetian palster wall treatment, put down a new floor, lay tile on the countertops and backsplash, and have Ty build a wine rack. Shopping Angel & Vilma decide to go to a sod farm to get wood from the pallets that the sod is stacked on. Jon & Stacy head to a construction site to find some lumber; they find a piece of OSB that looks like a fish. Day 1 As the teams look over what they find on Day 0 while they were shopping, Paige finds Doug & Frank outside of the hotel & tells them to swap rental cars & go to the other house because they're trading designers. Vilma & Angel are confused as to why Doug is going to be working with them. Jon & Stacy think they'll enjoy working with Frank. Doug doesn't care for the color too much & asks Vilma "When was the last time I did a room that you didn't like?" Vilma simply answers, "Last week." Paige is trying to get Doug's receipts for Frank because he didn't give them to him. Even though this episode is being filmed about an hour apart, Paige is still being the Budget Police. Carpentry Consults Amy Wynn is impressed that all the lumber was free as the Yellow team explains their plans for the table made from the pallets. Jon meets Ty as he is coming out of the Porta- Potty to discuss their plans. Doug wants to change the window treatments, but the team doesn't go for it. Jon talks about redoing the cabinets with a two-tone look. Doug still wants something chocolate in the room, but will have to settle for navy blue, which is as dark as the team will agree to. Angel & Vilma are starting to cut the pallets into separate pieces when Doug walks up with a "Home Free" envelope from Paige. Angel swears & starts to walk away. Frank & Stacy begin working on going for an aged look with the Venetian plaster. Paige tells the teams to drop everything & meet her at Home Depot. Frank calls the envelope from Paige a "communiqué from Satan." The final challenge is to spend up to $18,000 on stuff for the kitchens. Anything bought in the hour can be installed buy the Home Depot at home crew can install. Both teams' plans include stainless steel appliances. The Yellow team ends up buying new appliances, countertops, lighting, & accessories. The Light Blue team buys new appliances & countertops. Homework The designers will stay to help the teams with homework. Frank & Jon are found in Carpentry World cutting the logs into slices for the tabletop. Stacy weaves some rope through the back of a set of chairs. Day 2 Doug gets a warmer welcome than he did on Day 1 as he checks out the table that was built. The veneer on the cabinet doors is buckling, but Ty tells Frank he knows hoe to fix it. Vilma's art project involves using various objects. Frank tries to help fix the cabinet doors with a heat gun. Jon puts grout around the slices of logs on the table so the surface is even. As Frank & Ty struggle getting the wine rack into place, Frank decides thta he's channeled Laurie. Doug is upset because the valances are too low & the curtains will droop a few inches, so Amy Wynn adjusts them for him. Doug asks Vilma for a back erub, but ends up giving her one instead. Someone didn't measure the fridge that the Yellow team bought correctly, because it is about 1/2 inch too tall, so Ty has to reinstall the cabinet so the fridge will fit. Designer Cahts/ Damages Yellow- $17,186.93 Light Blue- $19,122.60 Reveals Both teams absolutely love their brand new kitchens.moreless
  • Oklahoma City: Kentucky Avenue
    It's double trouble on the next episode of Trading Spaces as the crew invades Oklahoma City. Paige has her hands full four energetic college girls, two of whom happen to be identical twins! Designer Edward Walker must use all his wit and charm to keep up with his spunky homeowners. All work and no play makes his team stir-crazy. So, overnight the girls steal the "Paige Cam" and take it to their semi-formal dance! These homeowners today! Across the apartment complex, designer Christi Proctor has her own set of problems. She has big plans for carpenter Faber Dewar and they include wrap around seating and new lighting. Will he be able to finish in time for the reveals? Maybe it would help if the girls would stop flirting with him and distracting him from his work. This episode has so much energy it'll make you tired just to watch it!moreless
  • Tampa: Amelia Avenue
    What happens if you hold an episode of Trading Spaces and nobody comes? Well, not nobody exactly, but what if all four show carpenters are busy and the homeowners can only shoot those days and what d'ya do? Well episode 36 is what you do. You get designers Doug Wilson and Hildi Santo Tomas to strap on tool belts and head into carpentry world and in addition to designing and sewing and painting, they're now sawing, nailing and building. Now you'd think that with this daunting task ahead of them they might scale back and build something like your 7th grade shop project just to go easy on themselves... but you'd be wrong about that. Doug tackles a huge entertainment unit in his living room and Hildi constructs an entire fake fireplace build-out! Paige Davis jumps into the middle of it all and the results are really something to be seen. If nothing else, you simply have to watch this episode just to see Doug Wilson do his impression of Ty Pennington. It's a show biz moment not to be missed!moreless
  • Home Free: Semi Finals 2
    In the Opening, Paige tells us that who ever wins this week's episode will be competing against the Yellow team, Angel & Vilma, in the final round for their mortgage pay-off. The Light Blue team, Jon & Stacy, will be working with designer, Laurie Hickson- Smith, and carpenter, Cater Oosterhouse. The red team, Smitty & Angela, will be working with designer, Laura Day, and carpenter Ty Pennington. Key Swapmoreless
  • Florida: Fairway Road
    Question: What happens when you take two designers and turn them loose inside a big ol' house Trading Spaces "style?" Answer: Anything!! This episode finds us in two huge, enormous, gigantic, massive, and colossal houses not far from Miami. And for some unexplainable reason, these extremely well-to-do folks have actually invited us into their homes! Not for dinner ... not for a soak and a sauna ... and not for a game of tennis. We're coming over to redecorate, with just $1,000 per room. Trading Spaces is Trading Mansions! Designers Edward Walker and Hildi Santo-Tomas are in for a real challenge in this episode. With the help of handy man Carter Oosterhouse, they have just two days to redecorate these larger than life spaces. Hildi is set to tackle a dining room big enough for a royal meal. And she intends to take her ideas and run ... you know ... run out of time, paint, tables, concrete ... Edward is taking on a plain old guest room in the east wing of this palatial estate, and nothing short of the biggest headboard in Trading Spaces history will do for this room! It's jewels, drills, the "dreaded gold leaf," plus some good old fashioned redecoration dramamoreless
  • Home Free: Winter Garden
    Christi is going to be working with the dark blue team, Scott & Tammy, while Laurie will be working with the red team, Bishop (aka Smitty) & Angela. Homeowner Chats The Blue team wants rich, warm colors. They have a dresser/ armoire with their TV on top of it. The Green team calls their room a blank canvas, but they don't want dark colors on the walls. Key Swap The same as the previous key swaps in Home Free, Paige goes over the rules, hands out the $2000, & hands over the keys. Designer/ Homeowner Chat Smitty & Angela want to get some seating in the room. Scott & Tammy want an entertainment cabinet & to get rid of the "1920" furniture. Paint Challenge Paige has 2 paint cans, one for each house. Both have 20 paint chips in them & whichever one they choose has to go on all the walls. The Red team get a moss green, Laurie doesn't seem to like it. The Blue team get a shade of blue that is very near to the same shade as their shirts. Budgeting & Shopping The Red team is going for bedclothes, an armoire for the TV, two shoji screens, & a wooden grid on the walls to break up the green paint. The Blue team opts for a four-poster canopy for the bed, which already has column posts, a chaise lounge, & a table with an automatic pop-up TV. Shopping Challenge Paige stops the HOs as they're walking down the street & she's driving up the street in the opposite direction in her SUV. She asks them to follow her for the shopping challenge. The shopping challenge is at a large fishing/ outdoors store where they must spend $100. The Blue team is getting desperate for something to buy, so Tammy suggests buying a watch to put in the room. Paige announces to the teams that shopping time is up. The Red team spent $106.39. The Blue team spent $127.80. Both teams do more shopping at places like Wal-Mart & flea markets. Carpentry Consults Christi is trying to get Carter to do $400 worth of work for $300. Laurie gives Carter $525 for the armoire, screens, & wall grid. Day 1 Smitty & Angela show Laurie a bargain for a mahogany table. They have $258 left over. Christi is showing her team items for the room she found including a leather chaise lounge. The gang also has several light fixtures to choose from to put in the room. Smitty, Angela, & Laurie start painting to walls. Laurie buries her head in Smitty's arms because the room isn't being painted YELLOW! Paige's shopping didn't use $200, so Laurie & Angela head to the store to try to find decent lighting, while Smitty stays back to paint the walls. Carter has an idea to use a plumber's snake motor to power the automatic TV stand. Christi asks Tammy what she doesn't want to see on her walls, her answer? "Bright green!" After doing some testing, Carter decides that the motor he found won't be able to power the TV stand. Laurie asks her team how the wall grid is going, they are then shown painting the grid. Nothing can go much better, until the sprinklers turn on & get the wall grid wet. The Blue team has a set back, there aren't any shelves for the dresser & Carter can't promise them anything. Homework Challenge The teams can either pick a new paint chip & repaint all of the walls or the can take what is the box Paige brought into the room. Both teams choose to take what is in the box. It is a glossy black chest of drawers. Smitty & Angela paint the chest white & add room details to the drawer fronts. Scott & Tammy decide to upholster the drawers. The Red team finally turns in at 5:25 AM. The Blue team heads to bed around 3:45AM. Day 2 The wall grid isn't quite finished yet, it's more like stripes going around the room. Christi & the Blue team start painting & glazing the ceiling. Scott doesn't care for the look of the ceiling. Smitty & Carter finish the shoji screens. The Red team has almost finished the wall grid. Scott & Tammy are sewing something or other for the room. Carter & Scott get the entertainment center together so it can be painted black. Designer Chats/ Damages Red Team- about $1,950 Blue Team- $1,956.40 The Red team begs America for their votes during the designer chat, The Blue team made the color they ended up with work. Reveals Both teams love their rooms, but Smitty's not sold on the ceiling.moreless
  • Home Free: Semi Finals 1
    For the semi-finals, the teams will be working on living rooms. Due to the distance between the houses, each team will have their own designer, so both Trading Spaces trailers will be used for the Carpentry Worlds. The Yellow team, Angel & Vilma, are going to be working with designer, Edward Walker, & carpenter, Amy Wynn pastor. The Lavender team, Glen & Justine, are going to work with designer Doug Wilson & Carter Oosterhouse as carpenter. Key Swap Paige tells the teams that the budget has been upped to $10,000. $5,000 of that has already been spent. She also gives both teams an envelope that has instructions in it, but they can't open it until they are with the designer & carpenter they'll be working with. Day 0 Designer Chat Glen & Justine didn't care for the Green team's room. "But they love Doug," according to Glen. They call the room "Sassy Caribbean" Angel wants to put up an unusual wall unit that is modern with a touch of contemporary. Since the homeowners don't really know eachother, both teams receive a video of the other set of homeowners. After the load out, Paige shows up in each room to tell the homeowners about the fabric they'll be using. In her hand, she has a dartboard that is covered with about 10 different fabrics. The team must throw one dart & whichever one it lands on must be the main fabric used in the room. Some fabric is really nice & costs $80 a yard. There are also some cheaper fabrics on the board, but the total fabric cost must come out of the budget. Both designers give the teams advice on where to throw the dart. Glen's dart lands on the red dragonfly/ butterfly fabric, while Angel's lands on one of the most expensive fabrics. Paige tells us & the teams the contents of the secret letter. It's a $2000 shopping challenge. They can't spend the money in a store; they have to buy stuff from total strangers. The paint color is free choice, but it is dictated by the chosen fabric. The lavender team's plan includes a new floor, sofa, entertainment center, & a wall mirror with a mosaic border. The yellow team opted for a new coffee table, sofa, & a shelving unit. Both teams get off to a slow start on their shopping challenges. The Lavender team stops at one house & asks to use the computer to look through the classifieds online. Most of Angel & Vilma's stops are dead rings. Glen & Justine give the entire $2000 to a woman for a $600 couch. The Yellow team gets a leather sectional from a woman who has to make sure it's okay with her husband. Day 1 While looking at what the Lavender team found, Doug says some of the items are "so un-Doug." Edward is pleased with what the Yellow team found. Both teams begin painting the rooms. Glen & Justine supervise as Carter creates a mirror frame that the broken ceramics are going into. At the other trailer, Amy Wynn & Angel build the wavy shelves for the storage unit. Carter likes the beefier shelves, but the Lavender team wants a leaner look. Wynn uses long carriage bolts to hold the shelves to reduce bulkiness. Yet again, Doug is installing another Pergo floor. Edward found some pieces he wants to give a bronze finish. Justine is going to glue the pieces of broken plates into the perimeter of the mirror frame, but Doug decides that they can just use Liquid Nails & grout around it. Edward has seen a lot of fabric in his Trading Spaces career, but not $1100 worth for one room! Homework Challenge This is the $5000 Homework Challenge! Each team can open up to five boxes. Some of them hold prizes, some hold challenges, & one box contains the identity of the designer & carpenter who are working in their house. Angel is either tired or upset when Paige brings in the brightly colored boxes. The first box holds a canvas; the second contains $500 bonus money to spend any way the teams want to. Angel & Vilma open their 3rd box & find the fabric wheel, so they have to re-throw the dart. Justine doesn't want to open the fourth box, but they do & find a new plasma TV. They go all the way & in the fifth box get a Polaroid camera & a picture of Edward & Amy Wynn. Angel & Vilma don't take their last box. Before the teams re-throw the dart, Paige calls in a few people to help them out- the Green team & Purple team to help out the team that they were against in Round 1. Jim throws the dart& lands on a different fabric, so they need to change the fabric in the room. Omar throws the dart & lands on the fabric that is already in the room. A benefit of this homework challenge is the Green & Purple teams can stay to help with homework. Both teams go shopping to buy fun stuff like digital cameras with the bonus money. Day 2 Vilma can't wait to unpack the TV & hook it up. Glen & Justine debate over how much curtain should droop onto the floor. Vilma thinks the artwork in the room should be "pictures of sexy models like Ty & Cater, who have six packs instead of keg," as she pats her hubby's chubby tummy. Carter proceeds with the plans for the armoire. Amy Wynn shows Vilma how to use a nail gun because Ty didn't the last time. Angle & Vilma decide where to place the new leather sectional. Doug's advice on arranging the tchotchkes on the shelf: don't get too cutesy. Designer Chats/ Damages Lavender- $9,969.32 Yellow- $9,57.00 Glen says, "We just applied for the regular show & all of a sudden, we're designing $10,000 rooms." Vilma wants to go home to see Carter because Angel has had three days with Amy Wynn. Reveals The Yellow team thinks that they'll be more comfortable in their new living room. Glen & Justine give a slightly more enthusiastic reaction about their new living room.moreless
  • Hollywood: Fletcher Street
    The Trading Spaces Redecoration Rescue Squad has arrived on the scene in Hollywood, Fla., responding to reports of two rooms in great distress. Room Savers Hildi Santo-Tomas and Laurie Hickson-Smith have reported for duty prepared to revive these sinking spaces. Outside, our captain of carpentry Carter Oosterhouse has his hands full! Hildi is faced with giving CPR (Carpet Pulling and Ripping) to her living room in a tiny condo as she tiles, upholsters, builds and paints her way to safety. Down the road, Laurie tries to save her tile flooring in her teeny master bedroom to no avail! How will she manage to pull this room to shore?moreless
  • Florida: 99 Terrace
    Florida: 99 Terrace
    Episode 40
    Round and round and round we go, how these rooms look after Day 2, nobody knows. Well actually, designers Hildi Santo-Tomas and Kia Steave-Dickerson have a very good idea how they should look, they just have to convince everyone else to agree with their visions. Our designing duo has landed in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., to redecorate two very bland rooms for four very spicy homeowners. They'll have the help of our very own spicy carpenter, Carter Oosterhouse. Hildi has the great challenge of redecorating a dingy and drab refurbished garage/TV room/office/make-up room. Hopefully her homeowners like stripes, color, and more color. Across the street, Kia has the great challenge of redecorating a boring and blah master bedroom. Her homeowners are beyond passionate and Kia wants to create a very romantic and uh... "loving" space. Let's hope they like movement and unconventional furniture!moreless
  • Home Free: Ocoee
    Home Free: Ocoee
    Episode 39
    Before meeting this week's teams, Paige tells us last week's results. With 80% of the votes, the yellow team will be moving on to the semi-finals. Homeowner Chats Jay & Melanie's room is already pretty good. She designed the wall, but they both want something different. They don't want their furniture painted, however, they do want the ceiling fan & carpet gone. Jon & Stacie's room is just the opposite of Jay & Melanie's. Their bed doesn't have a headboard & they don't have much new furniture. It does have big windows & a tray ceiling. Key Swap Paige hands out $2000 to each team & goes over the rules. They then proceed with possibly the largest key swap ever- one key is on a giant disco ball & the other is attached to a large key. Day0 Designer/ Homeowner Chat The Light Blue team wants more light in the room & Hildi wants to mow the carpet. The Orange team wants drama & romance, while Edward was thinking something far Eastern. Paint Challenge This time, the teams have the choice of three cans- one has paper, one has fabric, & the third has a question mark on it. Which ever can the teams choose, is what they have to put onto the walls, as long as paint doesn't find it's way onto the walls. Hildi & the Light Blue team get the question mark. Edward & the Orange team get the can filled with paper. Edward tells them they can put wallpaper up. Budgeting & Shopping The Light Blue team plans for new hardwood floors, Venetian plaster walls, an alcove headboard, & a cutout ceiling. The Orange team decides on a platform bed, sliding screens, & tissue paper for on the walls. Shopping Challenge Paige tells the teams that they must spend $100 on non-living things at the Home Depot Garden Department. After finishing at Home Depot, Jon & Stacie head for the supermarket. Jay & Melanie hit Target to try to find a television stand. Carpentry Consults Amy Wynn is confused by Hildi's plan for a headboard 7 calls it "Confucius." Wynn isn't confused by Edward's clearer plans. Amy Wynn figures she'll need roughly $300 from each designer. Day 1 Based on a few fabric swatches, Hildi has picked out fabric much like what Jon & Stacie were wanting for the room. Paige & Edward check out what the Orange team bought including Bruno, the non-edible pet fish. The reason Jon & Stacie went to the grocery store was because they are tinting the Venetian plaster with food such as coffee, tea, & fruit to be exact. Amy Wynn ahs enlisted Melanie's help on the bed frame's difficult assembly. While Paige is in awe about the walls, Hildi & Jon start on the layout of the ceiling cutouts. Jay & Melanie are struggling with the television cabinet. Hildi wants to further the food theme by putting a Hershey's syrup wash on the ceiling, which is nixed by Stacie. Homework Challenge Paige is outside with the cans of paint the homeowners wanted to see in their own room. Jon & Stacie have to work with purple paint, while Jay & Melanie get a shade of red. The Light Blue team paints an alcove purple & fills a vase with the remaining paint. Jay & Melanie put the paint into a bowl filled with sand to create a planter. Stacie & Jon work on the ceiling using dye, not Hershey's chocolate syrup. The stress of the show is starting to take its toll, especially on Melanie. Day 2 Hildi thinks that the ceiling will work once the room is completely finished. Edward shows up with new hardware for the drawers, which Jay rejects right away. The ceiling cutouts are being covered with fabric so they can be tacked up to the ceiling. Jay & Melanie are trying to make lamps out of birdcages, but Melanie doesn't like how Jay wanted to hang the light in them. Paige is starting to get worried about time, but Jon isn't,, so Paige tells him, "Okay, it's your mortgage." Jay & Melanie have overcome their differences on the birdcage lamps & realize that they still love each other. Hildi helps Jon install the last ceiling cutout panel that needs to be put up. Jay & Melanie put finishing touches on the screens before they are installed in the room. The bed is put together by Hildi, Jon, & Stacie as one of the last pre-load-in things. Edward installs the rope lighting for a dramatic effect. Designer Chats/ The Damages Light Blue Team- $1,992.03 Orange Team- $1,939.13 Hildi is pleased because they didn't really go that far from what Jon & Stacie wanted to see get done in the room. The room is much warmer & cozier with all the new installations. The Orange team's room looks more oriental than anything else. The birdcage lamps that caused so many arguments didn't even find their way into the room. Reveals Melanie didn't want to cry when she saw her new room, but she did. They love the room & seem to be impressed by the scent from the food that was used to tint the plaster. Jon & Stacie like their new room, but weren't too sure if Jay & Melanie liked their room. They got their answer when Stacie got a big hug from Melanie.moreless
  • Minnesota: Lakeside Circle
    Vern & Gen both redo master bedrooms. The secrecy issue is not that great in this episode, as Gen's flooring is delivered before the Key Swap on Day 1.
  • Home Free: Kissimmee
    Before this week's teams start, Paige tells us that the Lavender team won last week with 62% of the votes. Homeowner Chats Vilma & Angel want an elegant & relaxing master bedroom. Eddy & Omar want color, but they still want their master bedroom to look "big." Key Swap Paige goes over the rules for Home Free, then hands over the keys. Day 0 Designer/ Homeowner Chat Kia, Eddy, & Omar decide they want floors, storage, a headboard, & to reposition the furniture. Frank, Vilma, & Angel decide on a headboard, window treatments, & seating. Paint Reveals This time, the teams have three cans to choose from, but the one they pick is the one that won't be used in the room. Eddy & Omar end up with two shades of off-white. Angel & Vilma have to use dark blue & a near teal color. Budgeting & Shopping Eddy & Omar go for a headboard, an entertainment center, & want to put down a hardwood floor. Angel & Vilma want a headboard made of premade doors, a wall unit, a bench, as well as a ceiling fan. Carpentry Consults Ty tells Kia it'll be cutting it close with $400 for the wall unit. Frank wants clean & contemporary for $300. Shopping Paige gives them a challenge of spending $100 in an auto scrapyard in 30 minutes. THe purple team can't find any bench seats to use for seating. Next, candle holders out of an engine block. The yellow team wants wheels to use for lamp stands. Both teams manage to spend the required $100. Eddy & Omar are trying to find flooring they can afford at Home Depot. Angel & Vilma are looking for room accessories. Day 1 Paint finds it way on to the walls, wood is cut, & the teams begin to disagree. Yellow team decides to outline the outlets on the walls to get both colors used. Purple team uses alternaing colors for the walls & trim. Paige & Omar are smooshing canvases togetherto make art work using a car part they purchased. Paige accendentally uses too much black paint & actually SWEARS for the first time in Trading Spaces history. Angel is trying to figure out how to use the wheels to make a lamp base. Ty has to compromise the wall unit plans due to not enough wood. Angel dry-brushes silver spary paint onto joint compound. Homework Paige gives both teams 5 yards of pink polka dot fabric that they have to use in the room or lose $500 worth of stuff from the room. Both teams accept the challenge. The yellow team rolls it up into plant stands & turns in by 10:15 PM. 12:30 AM- The boys try dying the fabric, but that doesn't work. 3:00 AM- The purple team decide to braid the fabric, spray paint it, & form a heart. 4:00 AM- Lights out for the purple team. Day 2 The entertainment unit is too big to get into the house, so Kia & the team take off the sliding doors, which haven't been opened for several years. Ty offers to help by breaking a window. Ty works on the floating shelves for the yellow team, but the team decides that the shelves need legs. Ty, Eddy, & Omar are having issues with eachother. Designer Chats/ The Damages Purple- $1,977.67 Yellow- $1,957.00 Eddy & Omar plan on doing a better job on their next room. Angel & Vilma say they enjoyed the Trading Sapces experience. Reveals Frank, Kia, & Ty watch out of the rooms on a monitor. The yellow team loves their room. The purle team loves the shelves, but don't care for the color too much.moreless
  • Tampa: Horatio Street
    Four lively, attractive single young women, two designers, one carpenter, 1,000 bucks and two days... oh, and did we mention two condos right across from each other with no space, no parking and no secrecy? Oh yeah, we've got our hands full on this one. Frank Bielec is up to his impish best in this episode and with this living room/dining room combination, he's really got two rooms to do, not one. Meanwhile Laurie Smith is dealing with a similar large open living area and she's going for a Tuscan feel complete with arches everywhere and some fancy French sounding Tremeaux mirror project. Carpenter Faber Dewar is pressed into overtime trying to build everything Frank and Laurie want. Paige Davis, "executive director in charge of making sure homeowner's don't see what's happening in their room until the reveal on Day 2" has got her hands full on this space-challenged condo episode. Do the "girls" live up to their pact with each other not to cry? You'll have to watch for yourself.moreless
  • Home Free: Orlando
    Home Free: Orlando
    Episode 35
    Paige introduces us to the 8 couples competing to get their mortgages paid off. Paige also tells us that the neighbors will approve the design, control the budget, & are in conrol. Casting Call Hundreds of homeowners with signs & costumes descend on Home Depot in Orlando, FL on a weekend afternoon in December. They think their trying out for a regular Trading Spaces episode (which is odd- TS was just there late last season.) Strapped to a forklift with a bullhorn in hand, Paige tells the crowd the plan to pay off someone's mortgage. To make the cut, you needed to test your skills in foot painting & toilet racing. Some people even used small children to try to get picked. At Home Depot, 3 skill stations were set up. At the 1st one, hopefuls had to pick fabric swatches out of a bag blindfolded, put them on a board & decide how they'd be used in a room. In the 2nd, homeowners had 60 seconds to drive 6 nails into a piece of wood with only one hammer stroke per nail. In the 3rd, homeowners had to paint a picture of their house using only 5 paint colors & no brushes. The Homeowners Lavender Team- Week #1 Swiffer queen, Genevieve, is back & has just mailed herself to Glen & Justine. If only all packages were that exciting! Glen is a youth pastor. Green Team- Week #1 Jim & Allison watch a tape for TS:HF participants & find Doug adressing them personally. Outside, the real Doug is at the door. Jim is also a minister & housewife Allison is an accomplished opera singer. Purple Team- Week #2 Doorman Eddy is surprised to open the car door for Kia, & then they head to his house to tell his patner, Omar, the news./ Partners for 3 years, they have worked hard for their own house & would love to have their mortgage paid off. Yellow Team- Week #2 Most of the time, finding Frank in your bedroom would be scary, but Angel & Vilma don't mind because he shares big news with them. They have 3 kids & recently became grandparents. Orange Team- Week #3 Jay & Melanie were sent to the HomeDepot pro desk to check out some carpet colors, but the guy behind the desk is their designer, Edward. Jay is a music producer & song writer, while Melanie is a dental assisstant. Light Blue Team- Week #3 Hildi drives up to Stacie & Jon's house in the latest of compact cars to give them the news. Jon's an animatronic artist & recent mother Stacie is a hair stylist & SFX make-up artist. Dark Blue Team- Week #4 During the interview, Christi shows up wearing a big hat to hide her face. Tammy is elated as she is told that she & Scot are playing for the big bucks. Scott's a musician & Tammy's a manager for a beverage company. Red Team- Week #4 Laurie shows up at the home of Bishop (aka Smitty) % Angela with enough ballons to make the Prize APtrol jealous. Poastal worker, Smitty, met teacher wife, Angela, in high school. Round 1 of Home Free is master bedrooms all the way around. Home Owner Chats Jim & Allison want a little more romance in their master bedroom. They have a fairly new bedframe, a dresser from Jim's teen years, & a cluttered computer area. Glen & Justine also want some romance. They also have a cluttered computer center & a bed so new, it doesn't have a head or foot board. Their wish list includes hardwood floors & a chandelier to replace the ceiling fan. Key Swap Paige tells the homeowners the regular rules. She also tells them that they have the power to veto the designer's design. Paige hands out the upped budget of $2000. There's one difference, this is Day 0, when the planning, budgeting, & shopping needs to get finished. Day 0 Genevieve tears up her plans & asks what they want to do in the room. Their ideas include getting the bed & computer clutter taken care of and Gen agrees with them. Jim & Allison bring their own plans for the room's design. Doug grabs the $2000 & says he'll be glad to "copilot" & will have ideas to bounce off them. Paint Reveals Each room gets a choice of 3 cans: one choice of the room owner, one choice of the homeowners working in that room & one of the designer. The color picked must go on the walls. Glen & Justine randomly chose Genevieve's pale yellow color. Jim & Allison picked their own color- orange. Budgeting & Shopping The lavender team plans for a new bed, head board, side tables, & computer area. The green team goes for Pergo flooring, overhead lighting, & a new computer desk. Carpentry Consults Gen asks Wynn to build a new head board & side tables. Doug discusses plans for a computer desk. Shopping At their first stop, Glen & Justine get a bargain on some office furniture. Their next stop? Hancock Fabrics. Jim & Allison aren't successful at a high-end store. They next hit good old Target. Doug stops in his SUV to ask for money to buy a light fixture. Gen is worried about asking Amy Wynn to turn old table legs into a desk. Jim, Allison, & Doug ended up eith several lighting fixtures, but will return what isn't used. Day 1 Both teams start painting the walls. Gen writes something on Glen's head with the paint, but it's hard to tell what it says. Doug, Jim, & Allison had a misunderstanding with the paint. Did they choose orange because they liked it, or because Glen & Justine liked it? jim is starting to like the dragonfly fabric for the duvet & headboard. Wynn is working on the tables for the lavender team & thinks she got the hardware close. Gen isn't loving (but isn't hating) some of the fabrics. Gen sugggestspainting the furniture white. Doug's light looks like a garage light. Doug returns most of Jim & Allison's stuff they bought. Soon, a team drops off the Lavender team's new bed. Doug & Jim start installing the Pergo flooring while Allison seranandes them. Wynn is busy at the end of Day 1 with projects for both teams. Homework Lavender- Stain the end tables. Green- Doug- take back garage light. Paige adds on to both teams' homework by having to use an entire gallon of paint in the room by morning. The Lavender team gets red paint. The Green team gets pale yellow paint. Lavender decides to paint the insides og the dressers & drawers. Green team paints inside, back, & sides of the bookshelves. 1:20 A.M.- Green team has used half the paint on one cabinet. 2:37 A.M.- Justine realizes it's the first time on Trading Spaces you want your room to look bad. 3:48 A.M.- Both teams' paint cans are empty. 6:15 A.M.- Green team still hasn't gotten any sleep. Day 2 Gen's happy they didn't paint the walls or any fabric. Doug shows up with a decient fixture. To dress uop the office table, Glen & the PaigeCam go to get a piece of MDF covered in metal. Jim never used a router, but did well with it. While upholstering, Genevieve asks Justine about her kids. While upholstering with Jim & Allison, Doug maneges to hit Allison on the head with the headboard. Doug hangs the light, not the garage light. Gen & Amy Wynn have a bed diving competition off the ladder, much like Faber did in episode 4:37, but no other ladder, just the bed. Doug asks Jim to create some artwork for the room- in just 22 minutes! Gen & her team run into problems with the end tables. Amy Wynn made the drawers smaller than their openings. Doug & Allison mount the headboard while Jim was painting. Doug decides the room needs some flowers & gets back with them right on time. Designer Chats/ Damages Lavender- $1,976.10 Green- $1,99.56 The homeowners join the designers for the Designer Chat in this mini-series. They point out things they like in about the room. Reveals Doug, Genevieve, & Amy Wynn watch on a monitor down the hall. Jim & Allison love their room & everything about it. Justine doesn't care for the dragonfly theme & will change it when they are able to.moreless
  • Tampa: Winding Willow Drive
    Trading Spaces heads to Tampa and takes on two master bedrooms. Designer Edward Walker is going for big time classic romance in his master bedroom makeover for a former Mrs. Florida and her husband. Over at the neighbors' house, Christi Proctor is trying to bring an island/tropical/Hemingway sort of feel into this bland boudoir. All carpenter Ty Pennington has to do is build two rooms worth of furniture in two days, that's all! When Christi's fabric doesn't show up on time and she and Mrs. Florida try to sneak "off campus," Paige Davis catches them on Paige Cam, finds out the destination is SHOPPING and immediately becomes a willing co-conspirator. We hate to give anything away, but let's just say this is a moist episode because the tears started way back in beginning when Edward just showed the fabric to his team! If pulling some cloth out of a box does that, you can imagine the emotional edge we see by the end of two grueling days!moreless
  • Austin: Mather Trail
    Deep in the heart of Kyle, Texas, is where we find designers Christi Proctor and Frank Bielec who are saddling up with some innovative plans for our homeowners. Frank gives new meaning to the phrase everything is bigger in Texas including the bookcases. And it's Carter's job to figure out how to bring it in to the room. On the other side, Christi finds out how difficult a large kitchen can be and our homeowners find out how difficult a tile backsplash can be. Will Paige be able to round up theses designers and make sure they bring their plans in on time?moreless
  • Austin: Govalle Avenue
    The Trading Spaces crew has rolled into Austin, Texas. Capitalizing on their talents are designers Kia Steave-Dickerson and Laurie Smith who have brought big plans to the Lone Star State. Carpenter Carter Oosterhouse might have met his match in this episode with two brothers who built their houses from scratch. Laurie wants to bring the French Riviera to this living room while the homeowners have a different plan for the room. And how much trouble can one empty canvas be? When both homeowners are artists who've never worked on deadline, the result could be disastrous. Next door, Kia plans to bring crystals and silver to add a new energy to this master bedroom and everyone seems to think Kia's wall color is plain white except for Kia. Will the homeowners feel the vibe of their new bedroom? Host Paige Davis has her hands full during these reveals.moreless
  • Austin: Round Rock Trail
    Trading Spaces brings the fine arts to Texas. Or at least that's what designer Doug Wilson is trying to convince his homeowners he's up to. Either way he wants to paint nude figures all over the walls and it requires the services of live nude models for this romantic master bedroom motif. Since the homeowners refused to model, he has to look elsewhere for help. Meanwhile native Texan Christi Proctor is radically transforming the neighbor's kitchen and no one likes her choice of color and it's possible that their neighbor's favorite rooster might not survive. No actual animals were harmed in the course of shooting this episode although it looked for a time that carpenter Carter Oosterhouse wanted to inflict a little pain on Doug. As usual, it's up to Paige Davis to bring it all in on time and under budget. Nude models and a porcelain rooster all in the same episode? That's my kind of redecoration show!moreless
  • Houston: Mulberry Lane
    A "Jumbo" guest star for Trading Spaces? Can designers Frank Bielec and Hildi Santos Tomas handle While You Were Out's carpenter Andrew Dan-Jumbo? And can he handle double the houses and double the designers? Always the referee, host Paige Davis is going to have to keep her eye on Hildi who seems to be giving "Jambo" (as Hildi insists on calling him) a hard time. And speaking of time... Hildi's running out of it because she has some large plans for this 80's style master bedroom. Down the road, the homeowners are on the fence about Frank's design plans. He wants to bring the outside in... let's just hope their neighbors still want to be inside when he is finished. Do they like their new master bedrooms? Tune in to find out.moreless
  • New Orleans: Freret Street
    "What voodoo would you do?" With a little help from the supernatural, our designers Barry Wood and Laura Day have descended on New Orleans to redecorate and design two new rooms. Barry Wood is challenged with the transformation of a very traditional (and very large) living room in an old Creole cottage. Down the very long and winding road, Laura Day channels in the decorating spirits in order to create a cheerful garden room in a very drab den. Outside, carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor tries to keep up with all of the crazy Cajun madness that our designers have cooked up. I hope she's better with power tools than she is with our new motorized scooters! Will our homeowners think these new rooms are ghastly or gorgeous? Tune in and find out!moreless
  • New Orleans: Carriage Road
    Old world meets new world in this Trading Spaces episode. Carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor and designers Christi Proctor and Hildi Santo-Tomas have descended on New Orleans and are determined to change the look of two very outdated spaces. Christi wants to bring the French Quarter feel to her dated dining room and is making a very bold and possibly permanent decision for the walls. Across the street Hildi is trying to modernize two merged styles that just don't mesh. But is it too much for our handy gal Amy Wynn? Will these queens of Creole succeed in the end? Tune in to this episode and find out!moreless
  • New Orleans: Melrose Drive
    The Trading Spaces team has headed down to New Orleans and our designers have invoked the Mardi Gras Spirit for a little bit of inspiration. Designer Edward Walker is devilishly decorating his master bedroom with some Bourbon Street flare, even though his homeowners said "NO MARDI GRAS!" Down the street designer Doug Wilson is working "with" his country clad kitchen and is trying to recreate a French Bistro feel. Outside, handy gal Amy Wynn Pastor is there to keep these boys designing on a dime. French Quarter... French Bistro... with all this crazy Cajun influence will our teams think their new rooms are tres jolie or just plain bad! Je ne sais pas!moreless
  • Nashville: Murphywood Crossing
    Rick Rifle and Laurie Smith arrive in Nashville with tools in hand ready to cut, saw, and build their way through these rooms on the Trading Spaces chopping block. With the help of carpenter gal pal Amy Wynn Pastor, both Laurie and Rick are heavy on the carpentry projects in these spaces and are ready to make dramatic transformations. Laurie is making a structural change in her family/exercise room and Rick is changing up all the furniture in his master bedroom. Will these homeowners like the finished result? Tune in for this episode. It's sure to please.moreless
  • Nashville: Cold Stream Drive
    Trading Spaces has hit Nashville and it's time for a home redecoration hoe down. Two steppin' their way into the neighborhood are designers Hildi Santo-Tomas and Edward Walker, with carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor in tow. Edward has big plans to turn his bland master bedroom into a fabulous partitioned space that will reflect the more colorful side of his homeowners. Across the street Hildi uses wrapping paper to gift wrap the walls of her playroom, and you wouldn't believe what she does to the ceiling with a favorite Trading Spaces item: paint cans! Six hundred and fifty of them!!! And because one of our homeowners is a session musician right here in Music City, he serenades while Paige dances. Truly something for everyone is this dandy. Be sure to tune in and watch as our designers use the ordinary to make the extraordinary.moreless
  • Atlanta: Bluffview Drive
    Atlanta welcomes home its favorite handy man Ty Pennington who gets a surprise serenade from his alma mater's marching band. Yet, once the music's over, it seems Kia Steave-Dickerson is marching to a different tune when she finds out Ty spent $700 on his craftsmanship, leaving her with just a bed and barely a bedroom. Meanwhile, Hildi Santo Tomas takes on the neighboring master bedroom by giving the walls, ceiling and furniture a unique face lift while also managing to save up enough cash to install plush white wall-to-wall carpeting.moreless
  • Atlanta: Highlands Trace
    Designer Frank Bielec channels in some calm and meditative vibes for this master bedroom that's chock full of do it yourself craft projects. Carpenter Ty Pennington is given free reign to design a masterpiece of a bed for Hildi Santo Tomas, yet finds his hands full again when he's called on to install wainscoting in Frank's room. And, as the stars seem to be lined up yet again, Hildi's imagination runs rampant as she delivers another "first" in wall treatments. Will the homeowners agree with her vision to think outside the box, or just feel boxed in? And let's just say that Hildi really did lose her mind and fly off the deep end . . . how could you tell? You be the judge.moreless
  • Nashville: Rosella Court
    Just when you thought you were safe ... Designers Hildi Santo-Tomas and Barry Wood land in Nashville, Tenn., and are ready to shake up two master bedrooms. With the help of carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor, our design duo gives these homeowners sleeping space they never could have imagined! Hildi has her homeowners expecting the unexpected, as usual. Let's just say that her helpers turn into her favorite "feathered" friends for this redecoration of romance. Meanwhile, Barry is busy creating an international space that will conjure up memories of trips and continents past. Outside in Carpentry World, much to Barry's delight and Hildi's dismay, Amy Wynn is trying to add her own design elements to her projects. Will she mess up the grand plan of TS's design diva? Be sure to tune in for this episode, it should be one for the record books.moreless
  • Pennsylvania: Woodland Avenue
    This could be a Trading Spaces first. We always have two designers, one host, one carpenter and four homeowners. But in this episode we have three designers! John and Roz want their dining room updated from that "trapped in the 70's" look. Edward Walker was all set to do just that when he threw his back out. Kia Steave-Dickerson to the rescue as she comes in at the last second to execute Edward's design for the room. Tricky though, because Edward is flat on his back at home on the other end of the phone trying to give instructions. Meanwhile, Christi Proctor is down the street redecorating Neecy's living room but where to start? It's a large room that needs attention anywhere you look. To add to the tension Neecy has traded spaces with her brother so if she hates it John will have to hear about it for the next 20 family reunions. Can Paige Davis keep three designers under budget and on time? Talk about phoning it in! Check this one out.moreless
  • Pennsylvania: Conway Avenue (British Invasion)
    The British Invasion continues on Trading Spaces. Changing Rooms' designer Anna Ryder Richardson teams up with our own Laurie Smith in this suburban Philadelphia episode. Anna brings her special flair to Jen and Jonathon's master bedroom. In England "special flair" must mean cutting big holes in the wall and "tights" or what we in America call panty hose. Laurie is trying to bring a touch more elegance to Mike and Dina's living room, which of course makes you immediately think eggplant and placemats. Carpenter Carter Oosterhouse is clearly struggling to stay focused on building plans because in his words, Anna is "cute and has that great accent". And they say professionalism is dead! Can host Paige Davis avoid an international incident? The reveal reveals allmoreless
  • Pennsylvania: Wynnewood Drive (British Invasion)
    Designer Laurence Llewelyn Bowen of the BBC America's Changing Rooms has arrived with a few tricks, some snappy suits, and his revered "Book of Powers." (In America we call them plans.) There will be no tricks when it comes to budget, however because host Paige Davis is ready with her electronic currency converter! Paige better keep a "good old American dollars" eye on designer Christi Proctor who is kissing the budget in this nail biter. The good news for carpenter Carter Oosterhouse is that Christi's plans call for only one carpentry project. The bad news is that it's one of the largest projects ever. Will Christi go over budget? Should our homeowners be afraid of Laurence? More importantly, is America ready for the "The Book of Powers?"moreless
  • Jersey Shore: Rainbow Drive (British Invasion)
    Knock. Knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange, who? Orange you glad Hildi didn't paint your kitchen orange? Hildi Santo-Tomas is given the task of re-designing a plain white kitchen. She decides that this kitchen needs some color and the appliances need to be touched up. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. Can anyone stop Hildi? British Invasion carpenter Handy Andy has come all the way from England to "have a go at it," but Hildi seems determined this time. Doug Wilson has big problems of his own. The living room that he redecorates has large walls, a large couch, and a large TV. Can his plans live up to this large space or will they fade to black? This is the episode that will test friendships, and host Paige Davis, as always tries to keep Hildi and Doug reigned in and on time. Add it all up and you've got daring designs, a few disagreements, and four shocked homeownersmoreless
  • Jersey Shore: South Laurel Drive (British Invasion)
    Surf's up along the Jersey shore for this Trading Spaces episode and "Handy" Andy of BBC America's Changing Rooms has hopped the Big Pond to give a hand to Doug Wilson and Frank Bielec out in Carpentry World. Inside, Doug is channeling in the nautical vibes of the sun and surf and next door Frank is battling one of the ugliest kitchens in Trading Spaces history! Will Doug be able to make peace with the language differences in the wood shop and understand what the heck Handy Andy is talking about?! Will Frank be able to turn the tides (and the water pipe valves!) and get in touch with his fugly side in his very dated room? Tune in and find out!moreless
  • Pennsylvania: Lloyd Lane
    Batten down the hatches there's a storm a' comin! Hurricanes notwithstanding, Trading Spaces weathers a storm of design activity in suburban Philadelphia. Designer Edward Walker tackles a southwest themed living room and charts a decidedly different direction. Kia Steave-Dickerson takes the world's blandest dining room and wants to inject some elegance. But is cutting a hole in the wall really all that elegant? Carpenter Carter Oosterhouse ends up building one project from memory because ... well because the plans blew away, that's why. Remember that hurricane thing? Paige Davis keeps everybody focused on the goal. And the results? Do they love it? Do they hate it? If you watch this episode you'll find out. . . maybe.moreless
  • New York: Taft Avenue
    Don't miss a minute of this episode, from the stunning open at Niagara Falls to one of the most bizarre reveals in the shows recent history. Watch as Designers Barry Wood and Edward Walker take the plunge in Buffalo. Barry's challenge is to redesign an old country kitchen into a brighter, more modern space. Designer and homeowners find themselves in a sticky situation, as they battle major wallpaper complications. Edward's task is to turn a small, cluttered bedroom into a tropical sleeping paradise. Edward gives Carpenter Carter Oosterhouse free reign to design a unique headboard. Tune in to see, if the designs sink or swim!moreless
  • New York: Presidio Place
    We're in Buffalo, New York for this episode with designers Barry Wood and Edward Walker. Will Barry's homeowners go along with his design or will they split (like Barry's pants) to go trash picking? In their neighbor's house, Edward wants to bring a cosmic contemporary feel to this conventional space. Meanwhile, carpenter Carter Oosterhouse discovers how out of this world Edward's carpentry projects are. Will Paige help to keep these teams grounded or will they come apart at the seams?moreless
  • Massachusetts: Indian Ridge Road
    Trading Spaces is all about doing a lot with a little and designers Frank Bielec and Christi Proctor are up to the challenge. One of our teams wants to unify their large master bedroom that starts off looking like 2 or 3 separate spaces. Frank is his crafty best and even though his budget won't allow the new floor he craves he's got to pull off a big transformation somehow. Meanwhile Christi has a kitchen that isn't so large, but still manages to have over 30 cabinets in it! Can you say "painting for homework?" Handywoman Amy Wynn Pastor has her work cut out for her, but luckily the next door neighbor who happens to also be a builder falls for Paige's beguiling smile and neighborly knock on the door and agrees to help out. And you can smile til your face breaks, but when stainless steel is measured wrong and doesn't fit that's a big problem! Any episode that has flirting and unrestrained smashing of breakables with a hammer can't be all bad!moreless
  • Boston: Dartmouth Street
    We're in a beautiful, restored, historic home in Boston for this one and we have to contend with a lack of space but a boatload of homeowner opinions about what looks good. Best friends and business partners, Esther and Tara live upstairs and Dana and RJ live downstairs so just keeping plans secret nearly drives host Paige Davis nuts on this one. Upstairs, the women's living room already looks good so what in the world can designer Christi Proctor do to take it up a notch. Similarly, downstairs the men's library is pretty darn elegant to start with so Doug Wilson has a huge challenge to take it to a new level of sophistication. Carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor has never been busier with projects that happen to include rebuilding the stairs! Along the way Doug has to fight for every single project with his feisty homeowners, and oh, did we mention a surprise telegram from a drag queen? Oh yeah, this episode has it all!moreless
  • $100 Grand
    $100 Grand
    Episode 11
    Doug revamps a kitchen/ dining room/ family room with the help of Amy Wynn. Laurie designs a living room with Ty's help. Each designer get $50,000, well actually $49,000 because the homeowners get $1,000 for the "Paige Gift." Doug's homeowners bought top of the line kitchen appliances & a PS2 for the kids. Laurie's team purchased a DVD library. Both rooms got brand-new hard wood floors. Laurie puts marble around the fireplace & when she goes to get the extra to return it, Laurie finds that the extra boxes have gone missing. Ty then tells her that he saw Doug leaving her tent carrying something. Laurie finds Doug as well as her missing marble. Paige reminds Laurie that she "borrowed" Doug's electrician; they were able to hire more professional crews than they ever have been in the past. Paige is still on location when Doug returns at 2:30 AM to check on homework. After a long day 2, both teams love thier rooms.moreless
  • Pennsylvania: Madison Circle
    "Trading Spaces got game"... a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game to be specific. Host Paige Davis opens the show by throwing out the first pitch at PNC Park but after that all the curveballs are coming from designers Edward Walker and Rick Rifle. Edward is trying to add some whimsy to a blah kitchen, but just when does whimsy cross over the line into goofy? And Rick sets out to transform a formal feeling dining room into something with an island feel, and believe it or not manages to come up with a Trading Spaces first. And you thought there wasn't anything we hadn't already tried on this show! Oh yes and carpenter Ty Pennington in keeping with our baseball theme does a little pitching of his own but in his case it's a fit! Trading Spaces and Baseball... what could be more American than that?moreless
  • Pensylvania: Hillcrest Drive
    Friends don't let friends have Beanie Babies, especially when those adorable creatures completely take over the master bedroom! Even though certain people (like the neighbors) have little room to talk when it comes to style -unless you count white walls, white upholstery and white rugs as style - there is never a good reason to be overrun with stuffed toys. So can designers Frank Bielec and Edward Walker do anything with these difficult personality types they're working with? Will homeowner Kathy ever like anything Frank's doing to the neighbor's living room? And what is carpenter Ty Pennington going to do with that hockey stick and that cuddly purple Beanie Baby? Perhaps you might want to send the kids into the kitchen to get a snack during that scene. But don't miss the emotion-packed reveal at the end of this episode!moreless
  • Louisville: Forest Bend Circle
    Trading Spaces heads south to Louisville, Ky., land of fierce college loyalties. Former University of Louisville cheerleaders switch houses with their fun-loving, active neighbors and tackle two really large rooms. Carpenter Ty Pennington at one point appears to suffer heatstroke trying to keep up with the demands of our intrepid designers. Laurie Hickson-Smith tries to bring color and a party feel to a plain family room. Frank Bielec infuses the cheerleaders' master bedroom with a tropical feel, and in the process, does something that he's never, ever done before on Trading Spaces. What would that be? Also, does Ty really have heatstroke or is he just being Ty, and how could we tell the difference? Tune in for this action-packed episode.moreless
  • Pittsburgh: Penn Avenue
    We're in the heart of old Pittsburgh where a 130-year-old classic sits right next to a new townhouse. The design challenge couldn't be more different as designer Christi Proctor takes a hodgepodge of a study and tries to give the room a touch of elegance and wit. Meanwhile, speaking of wit, Frank Bielec is at least halfway there already and is charged with giving his plain living room a Southwestern feel and the ever-elusive "understated elegance." Christi was going for "distressed" in her room but if you ask carpenter Ty Pennington, he's just plain "stressed" because of how much work Christi has lined up for him. Does it all come together and will these best friends still speak to each other at the end of the Day Two? Tune in to this project-packed show to find out.moreless
  • Ohio: Shelby Avenue
    Trading Spaces is all about room transformation; and there's no better example of that principle than this show. Our athletic Ohio homeowners are looking for a new look and feel for their family room and master bedroom respectively. What designers Rick Rifle and Doug Wilson give them certainly qualifies for that! Carpenter Ty Pennington is in rare form for this show where he gets to show off not only his master carpentry skills but also his flair for frat house humor and he also proves that not just anyone can wear a Karate outfit! Paige spends a great deal of the show trying to reign in Doug, and calm down Rick, both to little avail. This show will forever be known among the fans as "The Prison of Love" episode and if you want to know why you'll just have to tune in to see. Little in life is guaranteed, but it's pretty likely you won't soon forget this one.moreless
  • Ohio: Stratford Road
    We're in the heartland for this episode, where designers Rick Rifle and Laurie Hickson-Smith tackle a dining room and a family room. Laurie has big plans to transform this ordinary family room so that it accommodates the expanding needs of the homeowners and their family. Expanding almost as quickly are her carpentry projects, which, according to handy guy Ty Pennington, are way beyond what he thinks they should be. In the neighbor's house, Rick Rifle is trying to give his homeowners a bold dining room for large family gatherings. Does turquoise make a room seem bigger? Or does the room just seem bigger because no one will ever want to eat in a turquoise dining room? We've never seen a homeowner make a face quite like this before and host Paige Davis employs her best diplomacy trying to find the silver lining.moreless
  • Louisville: Fallen Timber Drive
    In this episode of Trading Spaces we discover why we should have paid attention in metal-shop class during eighth grade. Designer Kia Steave-Dickerson runs into a little snag while adding some masculine energy to a master bedroom; she's trying to use welded metal, but none of the welds hold. Oops! Next door, Hildi Santo-Tomas' homeowners are defending the only orders given to them by their neighbors: "No pink in my living room!" Guess what color Hildi has come up with for her design ... or did she? And carpenter Ty Pennington still looks great even though he's wearing a welder's helmet way too much for his liking. When is pink not really pink? Does anyone really look good in a welder's helmet? These important philosophical questions are answered, but you'll have to tune in to find out for yourself.moreless
  • Minnesota: Pleasure Creek Circle
    Always the thinker, Designer Doug Wilson transforms a hodge-podge of an office space into a lovely lavender workplace. Amy Wynn Pastor shows her skills in full force by accomplishing many projects with no time to spare. Meanwhile, Christi Proctor highlights her designs with an old world feel. Help us welcome Christi to the family on this episode of Trading Spaces.moreless
  • Louisville: Fall Harvest Court
    Whatever happened to well-behaved homeowners? It seems that designers Hildi Santo-Tomas and Edward Walker can't do anything to please these finicky folks. Hildi tackles a very contemporary living room and tries to make it sparkle; however, neither the silver leaf nor the homeowners will cooperate. Edward is transforming a master bedroom next door, but everyone — including Paige — gives him a hard time about his design plan, which they all think makes the room look like a coffin! Meanwhile, carpenter Ty Pennington has to figure out how to laminate aluminum for Hildi and still finish Edward's wainscoting on time. Is Edward's new room dead on arrival? Can Hildi get back on her feet after re-covering brand new sofas that were just reupholstered in expensive leather? This is one full hour of Trading Spaces.moreless
  • Minneapolis: 11th Avenue
    Flirting and Fighting is the theme of this episode of Trading Spaces when four single ladies put on the Minnesota charm! Designer Genevieve Gorder is happy to return to her hometown and inspires her team to revamp a barren living room into a botanical retreat. While Amy Wynn Pastor crafts some awesome TV cabinets, designer Doug Wilson charms his team into transforming a bland living room into a serene oasis. Will the ladies be swept off their feet? We won't kiss and tell, tune in and see it for yourself.moreless