Trading Spouses

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Trading Spouses

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In this fresh take on the classic fish-out-of-water story, moms and dads try out the ultimate life change: ditching their families to take over a clan from another walk of life. For some, it's a dream vacation; for others, an absolute nightmare.

When the families are switched, they live with their host families for one whole week. When the mom or dads are finally reunited with their loved ones, they have to tell their families the twist: They decide how the other family will spend their $50,000 prize money.

    Sue You Think You Can Dance?

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    • Mr Chaffee AKA Mr. Dick Asshole


      Mr. Chaffee is not a christian he is a man who has turned his family into his personal cult.

      No one is perfect Jesus Christ was as close to,perfect as anyone or anything will ever be and he himself was not perfect.

      Mr. Chaffee is an ass (ASS) let the kids be kids.

      I bet he fucked up growing up and he wants to make sure his kids are his idea of perfect.

      Mark my word look into his past I bet there are dark secrets.moreless
    • Georgia/Massachusettes Episode

      That was the best episode it was so refreshing that two different families made each other feel at home. I wish that all people behaved that way. I would love to meet Diane one day she really know how to show love no matter your ethnic background ;)

    • Mrs de Conciliis a self-absorbed, thoughtless woman

      Mrs Hawkins was so kind and thoughtful - really wanted to help the de Conciliis family. She did so with her wise advice as well as thoughtful use for their money. Mrs. de Conciliis should be ashamed of the way she wasted the Hawkin's $50K - it could have made a real difference in their lives. It could have gone towards education - NOT interior decorating, trips to Rome and donations to others. What an wasted opportunity!moreless
    • de Conciliis/Hawkins Season 3 Episode 3

      I truly believe that Mrs. de Conciliis could have made a better decision in utilizing the money for the family., Instead of looking at the interior design of the families home she should considered helping the family with counseling and also I was very upset that she did not give the twins anything, when she saw the situation up close and personal. My heart goes out to this family because Mrs. Hawkins really helped her family and made sure Mrs. de Conciliis kids had what they wanted even though they already are financially stable to get the things they so desire. I really was sad for Mrs. Hawkins. I do not believe that was not cool for her to give a 19 years $4,000 worth of VS and the twins nothing. SMH when you know better you do better. ijs I just did not agree with her decision and I would probably have had the outburst that Mrs. Hawkins did. God bless both families just my opinion.moreless
    • Harlem mom vs. Mansion mom

      I have never- ever in my life been so offended for someone else as I was for the young black woman who went to the Caucasian home (mansion). At the family b-b-q, grandma or some other civil war throwback actually asks the poor woman "what African tribe are you from?" This English-speaking, Harlem born and raised woman whose clearly never seen Africa a day in her life and probably has no desire to either. REALLY!!!!??!! I'm not sure what episode this was, but if you watch it, you'll never forget it. While the black woman found practical ways to use $50,000.00 even specifically leaving mom and dad money "for bills" which will probably go towards a new boat, well-meaning but clueless Caucasian mom tied all of the Harlem family's money up in "trust" for 5 to 10 years, each- with provisions that if the children don't go to college, they will NEVER see the money. I guess it was just beyond this idiots capability to let the parents figure out what their own children and household needed. Of all the condescending, patronizing nonsense......This was just painful to watch.moreless

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    teen angst, outrageous situations, fish out of water, odd couple, microscope to the world