Trading Spouses

Season 2 Episode 15

Chaffee / Hornaday (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2006 on FOX

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  • Chaffee needs Chastising

    I just caught this episode and honestly I'm furious with Mr. Chaffee and his controlling issues. Sure he had no help but perhaps had he been a little less controlling and more time spent with his children not barking at them all the time he just might of had help. Mrs.Hornaday was trying to compensate for the lack of one on one that these kids are not getting. Do I agree with her stance on evolution? No but I do not agree with his stance on parenting..
  • The families listed are incorrect. This was part one of a two part Trading Spouses featuring the Hornaday Family and the Chaffee Family.

    Georgia Mom trades places with Kentucky Mom. Very slow episode. The Georgia family lives in the modern world incorporating the internet for school, household and entertainment. The Kentucky family relies upon more traditional methods for similar tasks.

    The character of Judy Hornaday is inconsistent. If, as portrayed, neglects her family, home and responsibilities, how is it that her home is tidy, pets groomed and family bored without her? Judy bonds with the Chaffee children and places them before the needs of the house. I doubt that was a detour from her life at home.

    The military style of Mike Chaffee was overdone. The Chaffee children are obviously well mannered and loved. Perhaps the absence of Shon (Chaffee Mom) challenges the parenting of Mike however the watch timing, constant nagging and lack of outward affection are a biased view of even the strictest parent.

    The computer scenes are sloppy. Judy\'s change of clothing within one day are a giveaway to the time-line.

    The same neglect to clothing changes occurs with Mike as the show represents on day elapsing. My theory is events were pieced together to make the day seem hectic.

    The events at the Hornaday house are boring. Teenagers are never without friends, schoolwork or activities. Again, events seem have been edited to create a mood of boredom.

    The scenes of the Star Wars club were fun. The episode ends with a teaser. Mike \"Takes Judy to the woodshed.\" Confrontation is part of the Trading Spouses formula so this was an expected ending for the first episode.