Trading Spouses

Season 3 Episode 15

Chase/ Lane (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2007 on FOX

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  • The reason I say nerve Wracking is because all through the second show the all I wanted to do was reach into the TV and smack the{straight} mom Chase that woman was like a bad rerun of Archie Bunker,with a large dollop of drama queen thrown in....

    I also am "straight" and happily married just shy of thirty years.But when I heard some of the horrible,unfeeiling,judgemental and just down right mean crude things Mrs.Chase spewed during this episode I really thought that surely this was written for her to say sureley noone could be that self-involved and uncaring of other peoples feeling,surely someone had written this for her to act out and when she got home and the stupid shaking and hysterical weeping and gnashing of teeth and the oh I was so afraid you would'nt want me back. Please I just wanted to upchuck and did anyone but me notice her family might have had flowers there but she had to hunt them down don't blame them there .The division of the money on both parts was pretty cool,but if this woman really was the way she acted then she really needs to take some of that money and invest in sensitivity training or just study some basic human kindness and also she should look into some serious counseling because this woman has some serious ME,ME,ME issues going on. Just my humble opinion you understand.
  • Straight Mom trades with lesbian Mom but that is just the first hurdle.

    The obvious conflict is swapping a straight Mom with a Lesbian Mom. Julie is portrayed as a loud, opinionated, prejudice woman content to live sheltered from anything or anyone that defies her ideals. Her new partner, Pepper, lesbian Mom living in an accepting community, appears to be the Saint.

    A closer look into the storyline of these two women reveals a somewhat obscure juxtaposition to the obvious conflict. Julie, open about her ideals, never attempts to alter Pepper's opinions and yet Pepper not only informs Julie she is wrong in her opinions, she also delivers arguments to sway Julie to her way of thinking. (This is a personal observation. I in no way condone Julie's way of thinking)

    On the other front, Judy is accepted by the Chase family. Charlie gets some pointers from Judy on self-esteem issues for the girls. As is common on Trading Spouses, the drama occurs primarily in one household, this time at the home of Pepper and Judy.

    I enjoyed this family swap. It was just a matter of time for FOX to venture into a same sex partnership. I was pleased the majority of issues did not revolve around sexual preferences however as always, disappointed in the heavy editing turning our Mom's into characters created to garner ratings.