Trading Spouses

Season 3 Episode 16

Chase/Lane (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2007 on FOX

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  • Can I just say that Julie Chase must be the most stupid and narrow minded person I have ever witnessed in my life. How she could go through life with any friends or anyone giving her the time of day is beyond me. And how did Pepper not knock her OUT!!

    Can I just say that Julie Chase must be the most stupid and narrow minded person I have ever witnessed in my life. How she could go through life with any friends or anyone giving her the time of day is beyond me. And how did Pepper not knock her OUT!!

    I cannot see how someone can be so small. I am soooo mad at how someone can be like that. Let's hope her children can withstand her negative and weak persona and rise above it to become caring and tolerant young ladies... I hope so yet I doubt it.
  • A lesbian couple trade off with a straight couple, both with children in middle class.Issues on immigration,lifestyles,race are a big factor.

    It actually doesn't surprise me that there ARE people like Mrs.Chase out there.People aren't born that way,its learned behavior as you saw with Mr.Chase.
    Because they live in a Un-diversified neighborhood (I'm assuming) Mrs.Chase doesn't see how far behind she ACTUALLY is with times.Yes America is a melting pot of cultures.She too is a immigrant and how times have changed.She should have read that in history.I know people like her are a million;however, with social/culture shock or integration it becomes an eye opener for a new outlook on how you used to see things one-sided.I DO feel bad for Mrs.Chase that she never got acquainted with different groups of people.Her up bringing deprived her of it and NOW she's left with a "prisoner-like" experience.Since then I would hope that she learn from this experience and accepts the differences.She doesn't have to be as open but she learn as another mother would say, "IF its not nice, best be silent".
  • Julie Chase said she was worried people would think she was a monster. Well she's right, people do think she's a monster, and rightfully so.

    Julie Chase said she was worried people would think she was a monster. Well she's right, people do think she's a monster, and rightfully so. Julie Chase obviously is woman who belongs in Nazi Germany. Wasn't it the Nazi's who also wanted to wipe from existence the disabled, and anyone who wasn't of the "superior" Aryian race? She acts like the hateful bigoted remarks that spew from her mouth are simply facts that we must accept. She is INSANE!!! God save us from lunatic monsters like her! Not only is she completely insane, she is obviously also a moron. She was so upset because Pepper had "betrayed" her by telling the people at the party the sort of hateful comments she had been making, but never stopped to think she was saying these things on national television and alot more than just a room full of Pepper's friends would be upset by it. There has to have been ton's of hate mail, death threats, harrassing phone calls etc to her after this show aired. I wonder how she is dealing with the aftermath. I'd love to see a followup show on her. I wouldn't doubt it if the KKK stepped in to protect her in exchange for her continuing her hate mongering. What a sad existence she must have.
  • Great lessons learned on both.....

    Wow If you could choose as viewers to use the money...hmmmm,First I would have sent Mrs.Chase on a family gay cruise to Mexico.The cruises that are both gay family and straight mixed.A true Mexican culture city.For the vacation.I would have also had the family volunteer in a soup kitchen with poor under privileged minorities.Some tolerant classes on cultured life style differences.Maybe some etiquette classes also.Then they could use the rest on Education for the kids so they can learn from proper educators.Its good the viewers don't poll the money allotment.I don't think I am alone in these ideas.Thanks again,Looking forward to reading more....
  • I enjoyed the Lane family,but didn't like Julie Chase at all!!!!

    She is such a closed minded,self-centered person, to say the least. She is so ignorant it was hard to watch. The way she feels about gays,mexicans,homelss people, etc. I am hispanic and that was just so ignorant of her to talk that way and say she "hates mexicans" god help that ignorant mind of hers. I feel sorry for her daughters for having to live with her, I also thought it showed a lot when her daughters said that they would miss Judy very much when the week was over, instead of saying how much they were looking forward to seeing Julie, that shows that they probably weren't so excited to have her back after getting a taste of what a real MOTHER should treat them like!!! God help that ignorant woman.....
  • I feel dont feel sorry for the Chase family

    The mom from the Chase family is an ugly person with an ugly heart. Extremely closed minded, racist and needs to educate herself! I was shocked by the things that came out of that womens mouth. She obviously doesnt know how to love or she wouldn't treat others like that. She needs a reality check. I would like to call her a few things but I am better than that. I dont see how someone is so judgemental and then wont' take any criticsm. As Pepper said she can dish it out but can't take it. Her and her husband are mentally abusing their childrens but calling them fatty and telling them to suck it up. They need to go to counseling.
  • I liked this episode because of the Lane family but not because of the chase family. They were rude and very disrespectful. When the mother started talking about mexicans i got really offended. I am HISPANIC myself.

    I wish i would have never watched this epsisode. I wish that i could really talk to the that chase lady and set her straight. She couldnt be my mother or even my friend. She is a very disrespectful mother. I dont see how anyone could talk to her and even her daughters are very mean also. If those were my kids i would punish them alot. They are very disrespectful. My kids couldnt be like that. I would realy like to set that whole family straight. They need some family counseling or something. Its really annoying how she talks about mexicans
  • Amazed

    Normally don't get into these forums, but after watching the show, I was really amazed as to how people can be so ignorant. At first I was agitated about Julie and how she could be so mean,narrow-minded and her attitude through out the show truly sucks. I'm also "straight" as she put it, but it doesn't give me or her the right to judge others. I felt so uncomfortable and embarassed by Julie's remarks to Pepper and her friends through out the show.

    I'm surprised that Pepper sticked it out through the whole show. I would have kicked Julie out of my house in a heart beat. At the end of the show, I got a feeling that Julie realized what she had done. I hope she did and I hope that was a lessoned learn. As for saying those things about Hispanic people, that was uncalled for!!!
  • Sad uneducated creature!

    Okay, I know this is an old episode and the series is over, but you have to ask yourselves, where do they get these people???? I used to live in the US and I now live in Ireland. There used to be a British version of the show, but it was not as bad! Julie is uneducated common white trash! My god, she sounds like a voice for the KKK! I guess she wont vote for Obama! Hehehe! I mean, does she know she is getting filmed....everywhere! I mean the point in these shows is to make an idiot out of yourself in front of millions of people! She is a sad poor creature! I feel bad for her kids. If you ask me her husband is no better!
  • WOW! Way to keep your cool Pepper, I would've taken Julie out on day one.

    I am a lesbian mother with 2 children, and 1 on the way, I've been legally married here in Canada for 3 years. I was excited to see this episode because I can relate. Thankfully most Canadians are not that rude when it comes to same sex relationships, I was so angry with Julie's behaviour. I was glad Pepper held her ground, and I applaud the LANE family. What a wonderful bunch of people, as for the Chase family, hopefully it was a hard lesson learned and Julie will change her ways so her children don't carry on with her beliefs.
  • Pretty Sad

    Wow! I couldn't create a profile quick enough! I watch this show pretty regularly, and I have never wanted to log on & write a comment as much as I did today! I am not a gay mom, nor do I have a family member that has a physical or mental handicap, nor do I have any close friends who are immigrants....YET, I wanted to scream watching & hearing what was coming out of Julie's mouth! I seriously couldn't believe how rude, ignorant (let's hopeso, if she truly KNOWS what she is saying/doing that's even worse!), arrogant, and obnoxious she was! She put words in Pepper's mouth. Saying, you think I'm a "monster." It is ashame b/c she obviously feels that away about herself. She must not have been hugged, loved or encouraged when she was growing up. Otherwise, what has caused her to be this way? It's pretty sad. She should be embarrassed at her behavior. Having your opinion and expressing it is one thing, but this woman was downright HATEFUL! And when she was called out on her beliefs-she couldn't take the heat! Problably b/c she realized how terrible and mean her opinions are; and the fact that she so boldly proclaims them not taking into consideration anyone. She is so disrespectful but yet DEMANDS that you respect her and not "betray" her! She was ridiculous and I hope she learns (like all of us need to learn at some point) how to humble herself and realize her _ _ _ _ DOES stink! Wake up and smell the coffee Julie! I'm glad she's not my mother, and I'll never marry someone who is shallow like Julie!
  • Julie is so out there with telling the truth, but the truth is she is being a bigit. she said she didnt care what people thought of her, but then gets upset when people get mad at her about her being so full of hate. she is a bigit!

    I couldnt stand Julie she is weak, I cant believe some one that believes the crap she does cant stand up and be proud of the hatred that comes out of her mouth. shame on her I hope when she sees this she will realise how horrible she looks. good on pepper I would of kicked her a long time ago. I am a gay mother and I would not of allowed her to be around my family. Julie would kill any one that wasnt normal or have a "defect" such as being gay any one that could say any of that doesnt deserve the money from this show.