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Trading Spouses

Season 2 Episode 1

D’Amico-Flisher/Perrin (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

D’Amico-Flisher/Perrin (1)
In the two-part second season opener, we meet a woman from Massachusetts and a woman from Louisiana who swap families.
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  • What in the world?! Borderline Personality Disorder anyone? I was so saddened to see how horrible and bossy this "Christian" mother was to her children and to most everyone around her.moreless

    As a Christian woman myself, it made me cringe to see Margarette and her friends act so mean to Jeanne and "in Jesus' Name". She seemed to use Jesus as a weapon. No wonder a lot of people think Christians are hypocritical and judgmental people. We are called to LOVE, NOT to judge!!

    I hope that Margarette is able to someday understand that Christ didn't come here to condemn, but to love. As Christians and Christ in us, we are given the amazing opportunity to show the love of Jesus through our compassion and understanding toward others! We don't have to agree or take part in what others do if it is against what we stand for as Christians. But just as we take a stand against killing or abuse, we have to be just as appalled by not being compassionate, or not being loving to others.

    As much as Margarette seems to read the Bible, I think she needs to revisit what the Bible says about the definition of love. Was she kind, patient, forgiving, compassionate, not easily angered? Uh, no. Did she protect, trust, hope, and preserve the relationships in her life? Not really. Maybe she forgot to read the New Testament and grace side of the Bible, and just stuck to the Old Testament and condemnation that was in place before Christ came.

    She was a bit of a dramatic hateful mess - always wanting her own way at the cost of everyone's feelings. And to say that people who don't believe in Jesus are not allowed in her home... really?! That doesn't sound Christlike to me.

    I pray that her children and grandchild don't continue this legacy of judgment and pain. There is so much more that God wants for us.moreless
  • The first half of the swap between the d'amico-Flisher and Perrin families.

    I am a born-again Christian, but I think Margaret went waaay over the top (in the first half. In the second half, she lost it!) The other family tried to welcome her- they even said grace at the dinner table for her! It appeared that they even believed in God and Jesus Christ to an extent, even if they didn't classify themselves as Christians or "God Warriors". About the summer solstice party- again -I think Margaret went over the top. The idea of having a party for a solstice does seem a bit strange, but it sounds like fun, especially a summer solstice party (although when you are a grown-up, maybe summer isn't as exciting, but still.) All it meant was a celebration, just like she celebrates Christmas and Easter. Then the whole issue with the psychic on the radio- even if she dosen't believe in psychics, still, the CHRISTIAN Bible says to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I don't know about you, but I wouldn't have the way she flipped out done unto me. I also felt sorry for Brooke, she seemed very sweet, but she was told what to do way to often. Still, the episode was very humerous.moreless
  • An episode of extremes.

    Fanatic Christains are usually anything but Christain, and Margaret certainly proves this. Unless the show was edited to show one woman only in the positive and one woman only in the negative, I saw nothing that led me to believe that the Mass. family were hardened members of the "darkside" (whatever that is). Quite the opposite--Margaret's family were the oppressed ones. I do think that both families are a bit dysfunctional, with the "traded spouses" being a bit self-centered. Margaret was just incredibly fanatical with her selfishness. I rated it a "6" simply because I find it hard to believe that these spouses go into these situations totally unaware of what they are getting into, hence the extra drama is contrived. Not to mention that clever editing can make anyone look foolish, or help them look more foolish.moreless
  • A southern-"Christian"family trades "moms/families" with another family of "other" beliefs.

    Mauregites family are of such different beliefs and values, Mauregite "pretended" to be tolerant and understanding of the other families' belief system and values, and way of life.

    But, upon returning to her own "home", M became hysterical, ranting and raving about how "unGodly", and "sinful", and "OF the Devil", and, most prominently, "dark-sided", that WHOLE FAMILY is, and now HER family is!!!

    M's family had a GOOD experience with the "new" mom/wife, and M proceeded to destroy that. She would not even accept, nor read,the letter, allocating how her family was to spend the $50,000 money....it was "tainted by the Devil!!!"

    Yet, "tainted money", or no, she DID accept the $50,000.

    Does this woman handle venomous snakes??? NOT as a part of her religion, but just as a part of her daily constitutional????

    Just askin'!

  • In this episode a christian family and a new age family switch mothers. The Christian mother was opposed to trying to understand how the new age family lived. The new age mother was an awesome understanding open-minded woman who didnt push her beliefs.moreless

    I never watch this show but when I saw this I had to watch. I was shocked and appalled by what I saw. I am not a christian, I am very much Wiccan, I have many Christian friends who have never behaved like that around me. I think this woman needs a lesson in tolerance and that differences in religious beliefs dont make people evil or bad it just makes them different. If she would have taken the time to educate herself on other peoples religions and cultures she may have learned something and become a better christian herslf. God was probably shaking his head in disgrace. She is the perfect example of what is wrong with the world. She was supposed to see what their life was like and she didnt but Jeanne respected and saw what life in the Christian home was like. Such a sad pathetic woman. Someone should get her help and well it didnt do much for how non-christian's view christians. I feel it only showed how open minded Jeanne and her family are.moreless

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