Trading Spouses

Season 2 Episode 1

D’Amico-Flisher/Perrin (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2005 on FOX

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  • What in the world?! Borderline Personality Disorder anyone? I was so saddened to see how horrible and bossy this "Christian" mother was to her children and to most everyone around her.


    As a Christian woman myself, it made me cringe to see Margarette and her friends act so mean to Jeanne and "in Jesus' Name". She seemed to use Jesus as a weapon. No wonder a lot of people think Christians are hypocritical and judgmental people. We are called to LOVE, NOT to judge!!

    I hope that Margarette is able to someday understand that Christ didn't come here to condemn, but to love. As Christians and Christ in us, we are given the amazing opportunity to show the love of Jesus through our compassion and understanding toward others! We don't have to agree or take part in what others do if it is against what we stand for as Christians. But just as we take a stand against killing or abuse, we have to be just as appalled by not being compassionate, or not being loving to others.

    As much as Margarette seems to read the Bible, I think she needs to revisit what the Bible says about the definition of love. Was she kind, patient, forgiving, compassionate, not easily angered? Uh, no. Did she protect, trust, hope, and preserve the relationships in her life? Not really. Maybe she forgot to read the New Testament and grace side of the Bible, and just stuck to the Old Testament and condemnation that was in place before Christ came.

    She was a bit of a dramatic hateful mess - always wanting her own way at the cost of everyone's feelings. And to say that people who don't believe in Jesus are not allowed in her home... really?! That doesn't sound Christlike to me.

    I pray that her children and grandchild don't continue this legacy of judgment and pain. There is so much more that God wants for us.

  • The first half of the swap between the d'amico-Flisher and Perrin families.

    I am a born-again Christian, but I think Margaret went waaay over the top (in the first half. In the second half, she lost it!) The other family tried to welcome her- they even said grace at the dinner table for her! It appeared that they even believed in God and Jesus Christ to an extent, even if they didn't classify themselves as Christians or "God Warriors". About the summer solstice party- again -I think Margaret went over the top. The idea of having a party for a solstice does seem a bit strange, but it sounds like fun, especially a summer solstice party (although when you are a grown-up, maybe summer isn't as exciting, but still.) All it meant was a celebration, just like she celebrates Christmas and Easter. Then the whole issue with the psychic on the radio- even if she dosen't believe in psychics, still, the CHRISTIAN Bible says to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I don't know about you, but I wouldn't have the way she flipped out done unto me. I also felt sorry for Brooke, she seemed very sweet, but she was told what to do way to often. Still, the episode was very humerous.
  • An episode of extremes.

    Fanatic Christains are usually anything but Christain, and Margaret certainly proves this. Unless the show was edited to show one woman only in the positive and one woman only in the negative, I saw nothing that led me to believe that the Mass. family were hardened members of the "darkside" (whatever that is). Quite the opposite--Margaret's family were the oppressed ones. I do think that both families are a bit dysfunctional, with the "traded spouses" being a bit self-centered. Margaret was just incredibly fanatical with her selfishness. I rated it a "6" simply because I find it hard to believe that these spouses go into these situations totally unaware of what they are getting into, hence the extra drama is contrived. Not to mention that clever editing can make anyone look foolish, or help them look more foolish.
  • A southern-"Christian"family trades "moms/families" with another family of "other" beliefs.

    Mauregites family are of such different beliefs and values, Mauregite "pretended" to be tolerant and understanding of the other families' belief system and values, and way of life.

    But, upon returning to her own "home", M became hysterical, ranting and raving about how "unGodly", and "sinful", and "OF the Devil", and, most prominently, "dark-sided", that WHOLE FAMILY is, and now HER family is!!!

    M's family had a GOOD experience with the "new" mom/wife, and M proceeded to destroy that. She would not even accept, nor read,the letter, allocating how her family was to spend the $50,000 was "tainted by the Devil!!!"

    Yet, "tainted money", or no, she DID accept the $50,000.

    Does this woman handle venomous snakes??? NOT as a part of her religion, but just as a part of her daily constitutional????

    Just askin'!

  • In this episode a christian family and a new age family switch mothers. The Christian mother was opposed to trying to understand how the new age family lived. The new age mother was an awesome understanding open-minded woman who didnt push her beliefs.

    I never watch this show but when I saw this I had to watch. I was shocked and appalled by what I saw. I am not a christian, I am very much Wiccan, I have many Christian friends who have never behaved like that around me. I think this woman needs a lesson in tolerance and that differences in religious beliefs dont make people evil or bad it just makes them different. If she would have taken the time to educate herself on other peoples religions and cultures she may have learned something and become a better christian herslf. God was probably shaking his head in disgrace. She is the perfect example of what is wrong with the world. She was supposed to see what their life was like and she didnt but Jeanne respected and saw what life in the Christian home was like. Such a sad pathetic woman. Someone should get her help and well it didnt do much for how non-christian's view christians. I feel it only showed how open minded Jeanne and her family are.
  • I was amazed at how horrible this "Christian" acted and spoke.

    This show brought me to tears!! I ached for this so called 'christians' poor children. How messed up they will become, not because of her belief - but her actions. She needs to seek medical help!! Something is not right in her head. I hope child protective services jumped in after this show, and took the kids away from such a mentally abusive home. I pray these kids have a chance to grow up in a healthy enviroment - living around her they are in danger for their own troubles down the line. The little 6 yr old looked so scared when her grandma had a melt down at the end. So not right. On so many levels. I think sadly many 'christians' are the main cause of athiesm today. It's a shame.
  • i give this show a 5 rating only because mrs. flisher proved herself to be how a christian woman should act. mrs. perrin. God Bless you woman. I could see satan in her eyes. i seen the show tonite and i was embarrased.

    i give this show a 5 rating only because mrs. flisher proved herself to be how a christian woman should act. mrs. perrin. God Bless you woman. I could see satan in her eyes. i seen the show tonite and i was embarrased. i hope she watched this show and seen the hatred in her eyes. if she was really a christian she would learn to be more open to other peope's views. in the bible it says in genesis 1:14-15 and God said let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night: and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and for years;And let them be for for lights in the heaven to give light upon the earth; and it was so and you may continue to the end of the chapter. but GOD does say that it was good. Mrs. perrin you need help.
  • Wow! We all have our issues, but she gives "Christian" a bad name.

    The other lady had more of a "Christ-like" attitude than the lady who proclaimed Christianity. The Bible says over and over how important LOVE is. "Faith, hope and love.. and the greatest of these is love" (1 Co 13:13), "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and most important commandment. The second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself" (Matt 22:37-39). She needs to be careful, b/c "not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord!' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of My father is heaven." (Matt 7:21) She's being a religious hypocrite (Matt 23). The other lady was more accepting and open minded than the 'Christian' lady. Who are we to judge? (Matt 7). It's not our place. I love this show b/c it helps people to see that the grass is not always greener on the other side, and to be grateful for what you have.
  • If Christians take offence to this woman, then for god's sake do something about it. Excise the mentally ill from the church!

    Absolutely hands down the most amazing thing I have seen on tv. If i hadn't worked in psych wards a fair bit I would probably find it funnier, as it is it's a 49/51 mix of comedy/pity. Everybody should be forced to watch the last ten minutes of this episode.
  • I don't usually watch this show, but when I saw this advertised, I had to see it.

    I don't usually watch this show, but when I saw this advertised, I knew I had to see it. I did watch the first season finale of Trading Spouses, and it was kinda funny, but this episode, well I don't know whether it was good or bad, so I'm just going to say that it was entertaining. So in this episode, we see a very dedicated Christian woman swap families with a hippie (well I'm not sure if she was a hippie, but her family were very free spirited). I thought the hippie woman was really cool, she was open and accepting. But the Christian was way over the top! I can't understand why you would act like that on TV. And her friends, totally attacking the other wife, who did they think they were. That was unnecessary and uncalled for. But the throwing up when she walked into the house, oh god, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or look in disgust. I think I will tune in next week to see what happens, I think that maybe one family won't be receiving their money.
  • CRAZY!

    This person is hilairious and thinks evreyone should beleive in God i do but others dont and there dark spirited to lmao! Then she excepts the money which is even funnier! this is the funniest thing i saw this whole week. She is so evil and she yelled at the camera crew lmao!
  • First of all let me say that I am not one to judge so I am going to leave it up to the ones reading this. Just some things that I noticed about Margaret Perrin and her \\\"Christian\\\" friends.

    \\\"Christians\\\" know that God is the only one who can judge an individual.The way that her friends \\\"attacked\\\" Ms Flisher because she did not share their same belief goes to show that they need not only to work on themselves, but also their relationship with God. Ms Perrin should also work on herself, her relationship with her family and most definately the relationship that she says she has with God. She says/acts nasty towards people in the show and then says \\\"put God into your heart\\\" and \\\"God bless you\\\". Come on now, lets get real and lets get God.
  • One of the most interesting shows of the season

    I think this is one of the funniest things that I\'ve seen on this show. Seriously, this lady reminds me of Mandy Moore in \"Saved!\" (\"I am filled with christ\'s love!\"(then she throws a book at someone))

    if his lady thinks that she can hate people like this, then she really doesn\'t know God. God has commanded us to love one another. I seriously think she has some repenting to do.

    I have officially dubbed her as "Warrior Christian Woman"
  • The scariest thing I have ever seen on TV.

    I'm giving this episode a rating of 10 because it was just simply amazing. I sat there on my couch with my mouth dropped the entire time -- I could not believe what I was watching. I was HORRIFIED and sickened at the same time, and I also found the whole thing incredibly funny. It's funny that Marguerite is such a sick and sad person and hey, it's fun to laugh at the crazy self-righteous right-wing Christians. In the words of Martha Corey from "The Crucible" -- "What else are fools good for?"

    Apparently, Marguerite went on a show after the episode aired, and while they showed her a clip of herself she smiled and seemed quite proud. That just shows how sick this Evangelical nutcase is.

    Of course Fatty McFat decided to take the money (after rejecting it "in the name of the lord" because the woman who decided how it would be used is "dark-sided" and Marguerite won't stand for that because she's a "GOD-WARRIOR!") when she found out Jeanne had decided to use almost half of it so Marguerite could get that hideous fat sucked out of her poisonous body. Maybe when all that fat is sucked out of her, the evil will be sucked out of her along with it.

    We can only hope.
  • Wow

    Noone is out to slam Christians, this show just shows othersides. I grew up Catholic but chose a religion that was better suited for me. Due to being a Pagan I have come across Christians like the Margret Warrior.People like her are for real. I have been teated horrible by some Christians however the majority if my buddies and family that are Christian are cool. There is good and bad in all religions.My question for her is, didn\'t your Jesus tell you not to judge people? A good person comes from within your heart no matter what religion you are.
  • The Perrin/Fisher Episode.

    Wow, I have never watched this show until the first episode of Perrin/Fisher. Margaret was such a freak! It was like a car accident or a train wreck. I didn't want to watch, but I couldn't look away. I am a spiritual, Christian, person myself but I don't think anyone should be that extreme. I think Margaret needs committed.
  • Crazy Christian else are you going to portray them on TV?

    Frankly, I was embarassed that this woman was a Christian. I was embarassed her friends were Christians, too. Maybe because of the way I was brought up that I tend to be a little more tolerant. I don't talk to anyone about my own Christian faith unless they want to know about it because, well, you draw more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. What I got a kick out of, though, was that she reconsidered taking the money for doing the show for her family. Money for her oldest daughter and grandchild to move out of the house, money for the younger daughter for dance school, money for her to get gastric bypass surgery (the only way that the other mother could know that is by talking with her husband). Makes me wonder what she wrote in the note.
  • 7.6
    I sat in total shock, watching that woman scream like a banshee, I feel sorry for her children and husband. They have to live with her.Professional help seems to be needed.
    I have never seen such close-mindedness in my life. It makes me cringe to know people like her exist in this world.
    Christians do not act this way.
    Why did she agree to do the show, if she was so narrow minded?
    Why did she distort what happened at the house she went too? They treated her fine, so far as I could tell.
    If she spent as much time working on her body as she does trying to foist her religious beliefs on others, she would not look the way she does, and maybe then she would have a better attitude and outlook on life.
    When anyone becomes so hellbent on changing others, and refuses to entertain other peoples views and ideas, something is definitely wrong.
  • As crazy as that woman was she was set up to look a fool, although not by Satan. He's too classy for a show like this.

    I won't go as far as to say Marguerite’s freak show break down was staged using willing participants and actors, but the producers of this show certainly knew this might happen and were undoubtedly thrilled when it did.

    Marguerite Perrin was obviously a close minded and disturbed woman. Her hypocrisy was glaringly obvious in how she pushed her religion at every chance and then created opportunities to push it when there were none and yet would not tolerate any other opinion. She was not only uninterested in other people's points of view, she was hostile and openly hateful of the notion. The few times the new age family did bring up their beliefs she displayed a monumental lack of class. I'm no fan of new age notions and have encountered some close minded folks in that realm, but none as vicious as Marguerite appeared to be.

    It's best to simply ignore people like Marguerite and then vote against her chosen candidates come Election Day, but it is far too late for that now. (at least until November 2006) The producers got their ratings and she got her pulpit. We on the other hand lost a little bit of our dignity for watching. But it was pretty cool, wasn't it!

  • Magaret is the end result if your mom did drugs while pregnant), raised you on a farm (around paint fumes),and you become pregnant at age 15 (like mom). Oh yeah. And if bikers used your mouth as a bottle opener.

    Hilarious (and an important lesson)!

    I just had to register at after seeing this episode. Cindiloum, you are absolutely right! Vodreaux, I agree and disagree. Bad name yes, but only to folks as inanely ignorant and "trailer trash" as Margaret (or whatever that repulsive THING was named). The “Earth Mother” who is really nothing more then an agnostic (rightfully so because it’s her choice to believe in whatever she would like) and WAS a saint, compared to that disgusting toothless obese woman. She spent the entirety of the show deceiveing herself, and anyone around her. The temporary husband was so gracious and respectful to her!

    I don’t think there was any personal agenda on the show. The name of the game is ratings, and IMO, most people laughed their butts off at that show! It was really hilarious. I was saddened at the end however, for this family that has to live with Margaret. What she is doing is as bad as teaching kids racism. To be so close minded and innately stupid in this world to anything that is outside of her myopic grasp (because let’s face it, she’s a REALLY lazy women) is a travesty to those nice kids (particularly the youngest and the dancer). Meanwhile, the husband needs to be more responsible: Mr. I've never slept with anything but the Pillsbury Dough Women so it works for me.

    I personally believe in the wise words of Pascal (better to then not to; more to lose) so I’m a Christian and so are many of my friends. I’m no devout church going type by any stretch but one doesn’t need to be, in order to believe in Jesus. Not according to Margaret. I'm inherently evil! LOL. Nor do I need to be as naïve, biased, or lacking in any and all faculty for abstract thought such as this atrocity of the female sort. However, anyone with a bit more decency and common sense then her (or perhaps someone that made it past 4th grade, unlike her) will not stereotype all Christians under this umbrella. Don’t you see? In doing so, they’d be no better then this women and her web of lies (i.e. a star is the sign of the macabre?). IMO, that’s the message.

    Lastly to illady, if you think this was staged, you need to get out a bit more. I KNOW there are people like this in this country; as narrow minded and “ghetto fabulous” as this trash Margarete. She would fit right in on the Jerry Springer show, right between the Nazi, Clansmen, and the pregnant 16 year old with 8 babies. When she reneged (and then reneged again) on that check, I wonder what the stipulations were. I hope those girls got the money they deserve to escape that hell hole. But I’m afraid it all was either donated to a church (less the gastric surgery of course) and ding dongs.

    Lesson of the Day: DON’T end up like this miserable woman in your lives. If she’s in heaven when I die, the name should be changed to hell (j/k)!
  • I'm sorry to say that I know women like Mrs. Perrin.

    I hope that there aren't that many people out there like her, because she does indeed give Christians a bad name. I do not subscribe to the beliefs of either family, but I do find that I relate a bit more to the Flisher family - in the fact that I am open-minded to all beliefs. I am also much quieter, as I feel that Margaret sometimes caused a scene just for the sake of causing a scene.

    My girlfriend and I were talking about Margaret last night, thinking that perhaps she had suffered from alcoholism in the past. A few of the women that we know who act like Mrs. Perrin had been alcoholics in the past. After sobering up and finding God, they took comfort in food and the Lord. They basically ate through their pain instead of drinking it away. Now they are very large, angry, "God Warriors."

    Anyway, just a little psycho-ramble from yours truly. Next week's episode seems to be at least moderately watchable. We shall see!
  • This show should open our eyes as to what we think of as entertainment.

    At first I had a hard time believing the producers of this show actually let this episode air. Maybe I'm wrong but I thought this show was for entertainment, with a dose of awareness, being able to see how the grass grows on the other side. Marguerite should be treated both physically and mentally tout-suite. She is putting her whole family in danger. Plus I'd have social service get in there and save those children from an abusive situation. I don't think for one minute the producers were 'anti-christian' nor do I know for sure if Marguerite was just putting it all on for 'show', but God help us if she was really serious about being a "God Warrior". I say we send her to Iraq and send dad and the kids to the Flishers for some peace. It's people like her that give us (Christians, New Age, Muslims, Jews, all of us) a bad rap. I am embarrassed that she's a Christian and a US citizen.
  • A staged performance and bad acting to say the least.

    An intentional slam against Christians. This woman is not an example of a Christian, she is an extreme and a bad actor on top of it. A Christian does not talk about their beliefs, a Christian just quietly lives their beliefs. Another example of media biased against religion. How strange that the \"Christian\" woman is loud and obnoxious and someone you would run from while the \"new age\" woman is beautiful and kind. Good casting guys, a staged performance.
  • An intentional slam against Christians everywhere; It was like watching the wicked witch of the West battling poor innocent Dorothy; If I didn't know better (and I DO), I would run for the nearest Wicka meeting to escape those scary Christians! GIVE ME A

    Fox has matched a cartoon character (who behaves unlike any Christian I know) against an \"Earth Mother\" who came off as a made me as a Christian woman very upset at this program, which I usually enjoy! If some producer has an ax to grind against Christians, he certainly got his point across...It was clear from the beginning...the \"Christian\" woman was not attractive, had a hateful attitude and a loud mouth; the \"Earth Mother\" was quite pretty, soft spoken and inoffensive; which woman will look the fool? Gee, I wonder!
    The bias was so obviously anti-Christian, I think this show came off as a joke; the sad thing is there are those out there that will believe Christians are really like that. Maybe that was the reason for this particualr episode?? Give us all a break and leave your personal agendas out of the show; I turn this show on to be entertained...if I want to think, I\'ll watch 20/20.
  • part deux comments

    Margaret Perrin , please read this , I think, anyone who watched this show would agree with me that your in need of mental assistance.
    that poor family you stayed with i hope they dont have nightmares with having the guest from hell. yes you r so brainwashed and mean person ,you are the spawn of satan who you believe everyone else is . i pray for your family that you dont harm them . your the type that would hurt them if they didnt agree with you or said they didnt believe in god anymore you would probably kill them in there sleep. your fanatical, brain has major screws loose & should be locked away in a psychiatric facility near your area. you have committed a sin during the show , wrath/anger. now read your bible and look it up . your church should ban you from their services and blacklist you for your actions & that nasty blonde church lady too!
  • A 'Christian' version of Mrs. Crabtree on South Park.

    Never in my entire life have I ever seen someone make such a spectical of themselves. Margaret Perrin acted in a foolish & weirdly terrifying manner. In what universe do people actually carry on in such a fashion? It seemed to me that she was actually yelling at & blaming her family for Jeannie being in her house & not being Christian. What were they supposed to do? Kick her out? Stick her on a cross, throw rocks at her & burn her? I feel such pity for he children in that house & I hope that they can somehow manage to escape without having too much therapy in their futures. I laughed at the hypocracy of her 'relenting' and taking the money once it was learned that she would get her gastric bypass surgury.... Hey Margaret, God clearly intended for your butt to be as big as a Buick & you want a Doctor to mess with your festering guts & try to fix that? I hope he turns out to be a closet Satanist & sacrifices you to his dark lord you narrow minded, screechy lard-monkey. Maybe you should take that money & get your surfboard buck teeth fixed instead. YOU'RE the witch B*tch.
  • I can not believe she was claiming to be a Christian and acting like that! To be a Christian is to be Christ like and honey Christ never acted like that. I could not believe she was spouting off at the mouth about God like that and misrepresenting Him.

    She lied about how she was treated and totally judged the family without even getting to know them. Her attitude was so none Christian that I as Christian was in raged by. \"God warrior\" more like control warrior and as for the dark-sided the only thing I saw dark-sided in this episode was her attitude. Here is a song I once heard in church \"how can you reach a world you have never touched and how can you show them Christ if you\'ve never shown them love.\" From the bottom of my heart I want to say sorry to the family that had to put up with that and please know that not all Christians believe the way she does in fact you all acting more like Christians then she did. For her I wish she would do more then pick up her bible but put it in her heart and apply it to her life because being a Christians is more then just believing in God. Why do you think God robed himself in flesh? My bible, yes it is the KJV, tells me He came to seek and to save that which was lost, He came not to condemn the world but to show them there was a chance at ever lasting life. God didn\'t make hell of us he made it for the fallen angels and in fact the bible says he wishes none to parish. It also teaches us not the judge one another. Please stop being so religious and start having a relationship with God. Believe it or not I think the Perrin/Flishers\' can take something away from this because where there is a negative there can come a positive.
  • Horrible stereotyping of Christians, but all stereotypes have an element of truth.

    I've never seen too many people like Margaret. I'm sure there are people like Margaret in the world, but at least they're subtle about their beliefs.

    When I found out that she's from New Orleans, I could not help but laugh (and I know it's really, really, bad to think this) that she got what was coming to her. Then I thought about her family. Life could not have gotten any worse for them. Hope they are doing well because dealing with Margeret is bad enough.
  • It was of a crazy woman that was not open to anything, and was rude and out of control.

    i think that the christian lady was OUT OF CONTROL. As a christian you are to be open and loving to everyone. She was RUDE and inconsiderate of the other family. If I was the other family i would have gave her a piece of my mind. I don't go to church everyday, am i evil and of the dark side? NO!! she was wrong and out of control. And it was funny when she found out what the money was for she changed her mind. i don't feel she is a true christian. They are to love not hate!!!!
  • Man, what the hell was that?

    I had a hard time watching this show. I could hardly hold back from punching my tv and wanting
    to kill that fat so called christian lady. Seriously..........was that real, and do people like that realy walk the earth? I mean like wow,
    thats some messed up stuff!!!! I think that fat lady should have her own show on fox where she just sits in a chair and people in the audience
    throw crap in a burning paper bag at her.
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