Trading Spouses

Season 2 Episode 2

D’Amico-Flisher / Perrin (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on FOX

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  • christain hateeer

    This is the prove why I cannot stand christain people. Who are they to judge people? What a bunch of evil people.
  • a mom from California switches with a mom from Louisiana and proceeds to anger everyone she meets with her superior attitude while the mom from Louisiana tries her best to fit in and bring a little Cajun culture with her.

    The mom from California spent so much time thinking that she was better and smarter than the down home Cajuns that it was sick. She makes the mistake of thinking that booksmart equals common sense. Californians often move to my home in southern Oregon and assume that we're ignorant rednecks (every tree in the world must be saved except for those that build their houses)so I had much empathy for the Louisana people. Her superior attitude was sick to watch and I loved the guy that let her know that her healthy lifestyle took up land also. She should've tried to understand the local economy instead of forming her opinion beforehand. She was very typical of the hypocritical attitude of many Californians. They want to save the world now that they've ruined their state. The Louisiana boy was hilarious and he shouldn't worry too much...all those preservatives will probably keep him alive till he's 90. The women at the party in California actually didn't look healthy. Some of them appeared to be anorexic (the top of their arms looked equivalent to their wrists) and their skin looked dry and damaged. They also all appeared very rude at the party. They all need to learn some manners and see a doctor!!