Trading Spouses

Season 3 Episode 10

de Conciliis/Hawkins (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 22, 2006 on FOX

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  • Why do people talk trash

    I think there were unfortunate circumstances on both sides. I really don't believe Henrietta was trying to do the wrong thing with the Hawkins money, I really think she was thinking more about the mother and kids trying to fix the emotional part and didn't maybe think if the money as much as just helping the kids which is more important that money the same way as mrs Hawkins was to fix the Deconciliis. People talking mess about how money was spent should shut up and realize that this experience should be worth much more than money. I think the people talking mess about either mother should be the ones ashamed because they are the ones selfish thinking about how pissed they would be not what good came of the situation. What is happening to people, money is all people ever care about anymore
  • de Conciliis/Hawkins (2)

    This show and episode was so amazing. The most incredible part of this show were the courage of these kids!!!!! Hawkins family, you guys rock! I was moved and blown away by your level of courage and honesty in just putting the truth out there!!! The world needs more thoughtful, kind, honest young adults like you. The de Consillis children I say kudos to you as well! With all of the garbage on tv these days, this episode was by far a lesson I will never forget, so thank you for enriching this artists life!

    By the way if any writers out there would dare to make any snide comments or criticisms of anyone in these two families I challenge you to get out from behind your anonymous,. comfortable computer desk and go in front of a camera for the world to see and share that kind of courage and honesty!!!

    I never write in these forums but after seeing this incredible episode I just want the two families and especially the MOMS of both families to know how amazing they were. We need more shows of this caliber. Sharing the Solution instead of spreading the mess! Anyone can complain and talk about the problem, it's the winners of this world that are the solution makers! Peace.
  • WELL DONE!!!

    This was really a moving episode and two families that were matched perfectly for each other to honestly address your issues. It was so refreshing to see a show that was not focused on the different ways the families lived but on the types of relationships the family members were having with each other. Well done. Very touching with the Hawkins hug fest and the De Conciliis marriage counselling. I wonder if these two families get the opportunity to meet again and offer up explainations for the choices they made regarding spending the money. i.e. the donation to the mayor and not giving anyhing to the twins. It's unfortunate that the end was mared by that but overall I was very pleased with the content. All the best
  • thought was great.

    even though the one family was upset, i thought that the moms contributed to the stability of their counterparts families more than any other episode. but why the heck would you give somebody's money to the mayor. that pisses me off and i didn't even get any money. obviously things are awry in the miami family. the husband is most likely banging the models he is working with. Then the mom is going out to the clubs with her girlfriends looking for men. either fix whats broken or just shut up and deal with it on both sides, just as long as the kids are taken care of.