Trading Spouses

Season 2 Episode 14

Frazier / Zandi (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2006 on FOX

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    I watched this show in 2007 as I am in New Zealand. I loved the turkey dinner! The assessment of Mr Zandi being hard on his younger son is correct. I am writing as I am digusted at Mrs Frazier for the way she made the family get their money! Tracey was generous put a lot of thought into the fraziers $50,000 and I dont see why the Fraziers should have work for there money then only be allowed to spend it on bills! Does allow discretion in cases like this? They earned the money......Let then have it.
  • Dead pan humor! Perfect from Licking MO: From the few trading spouses episodes I've seen, this has been my favorite. Best Turkey dinner ever on television came over Showtime taking me right home, when I am stationed far, far from it!!

    There's a scene of a speeding truck coming up the road. And it's definitely going way past the rural speed limit. You can hear the gears changes and the engine revving and the turkeys chuckling and yes … hit and run. The Frazier child, who was sitting on the front steps, witnessed his pet turkey's (Clyde) death. So now, Zeb and his dad are sitting on the table and the Zeb says, " I can't believe Clyde is dead."

    Dad replies, " Today's menu is going to be…."and Zeb completes his sentence- "Clyde"

    Then Zeb speaks into the camera and says ' We plan to cook Clyde for our new mom' Dad starts preparing the turkey (Clyde) and speaks into the camera 'We are excited to give Tracey this special treat'. By this point I am laughing so much I'm crying and I know I need to control myself because the best is yet to come. AWESOME GUT BUST for this one!
  • YEA two moms who really worked at contributing to their new families. Mrs. Frazier was brillant in how she used the $50,000 to help the family redefine,given Mr. Zandi's stuborness. I saw how Mrs. Zandi respected and understood the Frazier Family.

    Here are two families with very different values and goals. We have an opportunity in this episode to examine our fears and go beyond the surface of Penny Frazier. We watch her move from kookie to brillant in comprehending the Zandi Family dynamic and how to help the family in her allocation of the $50,000.00 She uses the money as a tool to help the family overcome Mr. Zandi's agenda for the family.
    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It is obvious that Mrs. Frazier was trying very hard to give something lasting to the Zandi Family.

    We watch Mrs. Zandi grow from a frightened child to a woman full of compassion and caring. Mrs. Zandi comes to terms with the ways her husband's agenda might be determental to the family and appears ready to address problems. This is excellent television, entertaining and thoughtful. There are some very telling moments in this episode if one watches the faces of the husbands and wives in this trade. Great work, people
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