Trading Spouses

Season 3 Episode 7

Hammond/Girone (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2006 on FOX

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  • All talk, but no Christian heart.

    I've seen this episode before, and the rerun ran tonight. Like the other person, I've never been moved enough to write a post, but I am by this episode. Alyce's attitude, consideration and respect for her husband and family was so selfish and self-righteous, it was just horrible to see. The little regard she had for her husband and family after being gone for so long ... and her only concern was whether her rules were followed or not... her complete disregard for her family's feelings, the lack of consideration she has for her family and husband... it was horrible and heart breaking at the same time. Tim seems like a man with a good heart.. and Barb was right, he needs to be built up and encouraged. Her daughters the same way. Alyce is a clear example of a self-righteous person who is so unhappy with herself, she can't find happiness in others. SHE is an example of a person who needs to find religion. Humanity, Compassion... is the religion she needs. My heart broke for her husband and children. It's been a long time since the episode first aired. I hope since then that the husband has gained self-confidence and courage to either help Alyce see the error of her ways OR frankly, leave her to be by her miserable self. It made me so mad and disgruntled to see her treat her family that way. Christianity starts in the heart - and it shows by how you treat others. Whether Barb believes in God or not, she believes in GOOD. And in essence, that is where God starts. Barb was more of a Christian in her heart than Alyce was with her many words and attitude. The whole episode was a great example of what kind of person I DON'T WANT TO BE. I hope when Alyce saw this episode she was able to see how others see her and how her family sees her, and hopefully that opened her eyes. That is one woman who really needs some saving. I hope those girls grow up to appreciate what they have in their Dad and help their mother see her imperfections and found other good role models in other Mothers they interface with, because they weren't going to find it in theirs, unfortunately. So sad. God bless that husband and those children, and God help that woman. Okay. I've had my peace now.
  • Hmmond/Girone....So DISGUSTED!!!! by the "Godfearing Elise"!!!!

    I've never been moved enough to write a post on any of these episodes that I've ever watched. But Elise's demeanor was so off-putting that it put me in a very disgruntled mood for a few hours. What I really want to write about her is not positive since she is such a horridly NEGATIVE person. OMG!!! Does this woman seriously just hates herself and her family or what? NOT ONE SINGLE TIME IN THIS SHOW DID THAT WOMAN REALLY LAUGH!!!!! What a sorry soul. I really feel so bad for her husband and children. She has a beautiful family. Her husband is her doormat. I wish he could be a damn man and put his foot down. Actually I'm tempted to loan him both my feet so he could put 4 feet down...seriously. OMG! did y'all see how that spawn of satan looked when Barb wrote that compliment about her husband that he was a "free spirit:" she looked as disgusted as I am right now. How in God's wonderful creation is she a servant of the GOOD LORD??? She is the worst representation of ANYTHING that bears good news. What's wrong with having wine you demon? If God turned water into wine: what does that tell you? That it might just be ok to drink wine right? As a matter of fact, you need to skip wine and drink Whiskey, Brandy and White Rum all at the same time. Be sure to give your Mom some also. Maybe it will make you a better person. Try to smile with your kids and give your husband a hug and a kiss once is a while. You are the last bitter creature to tell someone else to pray to any God. Barb's family don't have a God but they seem happier than you. Because if who you are is what someone else might become from serving help us all. Smile once in a while. Try to laugh about something or anything, even fake it, and then try to sell people your God and then maybe someone would buy into it. But for a FACT, You do not pray to the God of Abraham. If so you need to do some serious self searching. You are going to find yourself by yourself.
  • unhappy family

    Barb who claims to have God in her life is very unhappy and she is making her husband and daughters unhappy. She needs to ask herself how would Jesus treat them. They cooked dinner and bought her flowers to welcome her back home and all she could talk about was the wine. Something is deeply wrong and she needs to get some counseling. The other couple although they had no ties to religion, which Jesus was against anyway, were so happy they made me cry. Especially when the dad said that now that his wife was back he could breath again, and breath her in. AMAZING.
  • I strongly recommend that the producers of your program suggest to Barb to seek out a psychotherapist/counselor. There were "red flags", that only a trained professional can help her and her family work out.

    After veiwing Barb the agnostic, I became very concerned for her and her family. She is emotionally unattached to her children, possibly because of some abuse in her past??? Her husband stay's at home to do his job. He is there not only to do is work, but to be a support to his children. Speaking of their children. Let's start with her twin boys. In counseling we call them the "good and bad twins". The good twin is NOT allowed to be bad and the bad twin is Not allowed to be good. This is evidenced by the good twin getting a guitar and the bad twin getting excuses. Help me understand how you buy for one child and ignore the other???
    Do you remember dad coming home from work? Who greeted him-the good twin. Not the bad twin or his daughter. And speaking of his daughter, she has learned well from her emotionally unattached mother (the female role model) to be unattached herself. It would not surprise me that the "bad" twin reminds Barb of the person who abused her. Possibly a neighbor, stranger or family member??? Barb's mother was possibly emotionally unattached to her and unable to protect her and when Barb reached out to God she believed he let her down. Hence agnostic. Again I strongly recommend that the producers of your program suggest to Barb and her family to seek counseling. I could be wrong, however as a retired counselor I see to many red flags, and I'm very concerned for Barb and family. Barb is a loving woman with issues like all of us.
  • Two mothers, Alyce and Barb, trade. Alyce is a self-styled and self-righteous Christian, and Barb an agnostic. Alyce tries to help a family that is already happy, but Barb sees an unhappy husband who needs to be allowed to connect with his family.

    Interesting to watch the cold but \"religious\" Alyce attempt to help a family which needs no help, and the warm-hearted but \"godless\" Barb make a difference to a Alyce\'s loveless home. Alyce is so focused on \"God\" that she doesn\'t see that her mental abuse of her husband and her carping in front of her beautiful girls don\'t reflect the loving God she pretends to worship. She has alienated her children from her husband, and is more interested in pleasing her equally dried-up mother than her mate. Commendations to Barb for showing Alyce how to be a real \"Christian.\"