Trading Spouses

Season 3 Episode 3

Kahn-Robson/Wiessmeyer (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2006 on FOX

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  • Wendy and her moron are a waste of oxygen!

    I am amazed that these people exist. These are the most selfish and repulsive idiots I have seen in a while. Wendy should never of had children. Her sorry excuse for a man are well suited for each other. I loved that they didn't get any of the money.I'm sure her exhusband aughed his arse off. Wendy and her moron really think they are smart and exceptional. They are sadly mistaken. They don't even want those girls. And the money will never replace having a mother. But I hope Wendy and her moron end up on the street in a box. Too bad a dingo didn't eat Wendys Aussie baby.But I guess dingos have better taste.
  • Wendy needs to wake up! What is going on with this woman? He cant do anything for her that she cant do for herself! Get a grip! I wish we could see some of the edited scenes. I bet this was a bigger mess than anyone thought.

    where did you find this woman? It was obvious that there had to be a lot of editing with Wendy's "family". I dont believe that she is capable of understanding the concept of the show...she isnt capable of experiencing another persons life. Her twisted self-centered perceptions are deep rooted. I suggest the title "Mother" be used loosely in association with Wendy. Wendy's ugly "boy-toy" is verbally abusive to her children and she seems to be OK with it. I wish I had seen this episode when it first aired, Children's Services needs to be called. The scene at the pond is like watching a 13 yr old boy picking on a girl he likesand trying to get a peek. Assumming (we know what happens when we do) that he is harmless, I find it disturbing that he was so determined to have this 11 year old girl, his step-daughter, get in the water and wet her shirt after she expressed her concern that her shirt would be transparent if it got wet. Being on national television didnt seem to deter him at all. It should makes us all wonder about his behavior in the privacy of their home. He is obviously jealous of the children,ie his remark about being moved down the ladder, when the daughter hugged Wendy. I hope that i am wrong. Maybe there is a real person inside that seemingly empty red skull. If there is, then this is for the real Wendy. Please quit the act. You're not a 20 something ditzy bathing suit model you are a MOTHER. And that's OK. Listen to your kids, they want you to be happy. They would not lie to you. They will be silent and allow themselves to be hurt to protect you. They are not out to get you. They love you more than life. Protect them at all cost. Please
  • Wendy you need to wake up and pay attention to you girls before you lose them forever. Your boy toy will run off and you'll be sorry you made the biggest mistakes of your life. Laura and her two are just so cute!

    The Lobsterman and his wife seemed like good people with good values and good fiends.

    Wendy and her "boytoy" got just what they deserved. Humilitation and heartache. Tom should take the airing of this episode and show the courts how much of a self-centered woman Wendy is. She certainly doesn't have her daughters' best interests as her primary focus, just her libido. I'm sure the only reason Wendy keeps the girls around is so that she can get child support for them. The final few scenes emphasizes how she felt about money, especially her lack of it vs Tom's fortune and the fact that the girls even had more money than she did. By the way, in most episodes the husband usually goes off the work, I never saw the Aussie-Ugly Babe go off to a job. Does Tom also support him with the support he pays Wendy. Afterall, he's just another child in the home. By the way Wendy, you are TOO OLD to say "AWESOME" especially that many times!!!! Your husband is too old to say that too. Grow up both of you. You're adults. Learn from Laura and her husband. I hope that your girls don't follow in your same footsteps and make your same mistakes some day. God bless you all.....You'll need it
  • The mother of those girls is terrible i hope to god that the father will watch this and go seek custody she is rotten only thinks of that of her new husband and not of her children those girls are hurting and she seems not to care somebody has to step in

    Mrs Robson is the one of the worst mother's i have ever seeen on this show its almost like child abuse to put a man before her children i thank god that the other mother allocated the money the way she did those girls deserve it wether they have money or not her mid life crisis she gets what she deserves And i hope Tom her ex watches this and takes them girls and i would never say that about a women to loose there children but she should somebody should step in and help and i hope her real estate lisence would go down the drain god help her
  • Wendy made me sick and so did the sight of her monkey looking husband.

    I was saddened to see that Wendy was such a selfish, sad excuse for a mother as well as a woman. I was exremely bothered by the way he forced the child into the lake with a white tshirt on, and acted like he didn't know why she did not want to get wet. His behavior reminded me of a sick man. DCF needs to look into that. He constantly taunted that child, and it was uncomfortable to watch. I hope that the real father saw this episode and pursued taking those girls into his custody. There was something seriously wrong with Wendy. I was just so mortified to see that all Wendy cares about is her husbands money, and her monkey husband. she needs to be a mother, an affectionate, loving, nurturing mother. She bragged about being so classy, and above everyone. I laughed when I saw her home. Is that it Wendy? What a dump.....She can brag all she wants about her younger husband, but they are both ugly inside and out. They deserve each other.The best part of the whole episode was that the money went to the girls...There is justice in the world!!!!
  • Wendy and her man are rotten people..

    Ok atfer watching wendy and her loser husband i had to write this.. I never write in to things like this, however this one made me.. Wendy what the heck is wrong with you.. First you are to old to be acting like such a Dumb a##.. That man of yours , if you can call him that is a creep.. You should be looking out for your kids, not putting them thruogh the stuff Loser boy is dishing out to them.. You should take a good look at yourself and wonder what the hell happened to you. You have let some man control your life and your kids life. If this man truley loved you he would love your kids.. Get a grip girl, kick his ugly butt to the curb.. Your children will thank you for it.. HAIRY MONSTER!!! Treat your kids right. They are always gonna be there for you unlike that poor excuse for a man who will probley leave you as soon as your skin sags even more than it already does.. As far as your friends they should learn to treat people more like the other mom's friends.. What a group you guys make... It really is sickening.. Poor girls.. I hoope one day they can forgive you!!! Signed A REAL MOM