Trading Spouses

Season 3 Episode 4

Kahn-Robson/Wiessmeyer (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2006 on FOX

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    Get those kids out of that crazy abusive household and put them with their father. Wendy you need intensive therapy.
  • Educate These Children To Their Rights !!!

    This woman is pathetic ! The child/husband is only interested in the same thing teenage boys are....

    Is the father of these girls aware of the going on in and around these girls ?? If not, someone needs to send him this episode to watch and if he doesn't get off his kester and take these girls then he is just as big a loser as the mother...right now, she is not acting as one. If the father does not step in or hasn't since this has aired then these poor girls are in for a hard time. As they get older, they may begin to look better to the loser/husband than the older wife and then they cold really be in trouble.

    I am a mother and grandmother and this is a terrible thing to watch and feel for these girls. If I had anyway to contact the father, I would do so TODAY !!!
  • Wendy and her boy toy are despicable!

    Wendy is such a loser! I am so thrilled that the girls got the money, HA Witch.

    Most moms would be thrilled to pieces to know that their children would not have to suffer financially through college. Not Wendy. Wendy is an uppity spoiled self-centered woman. She is lucky that she even got 6k to spend in her home. That woman does NOT deserve the right to be called mom.

    I was floored when boy toy commented how he dropped on the ladder then basically pushed the girls out of the way to drag Wendy up to bed to get some private action. Those girls were clearly put off and lonely. If someone knows that family, please contact the girls father. That man... step dad is a pervert! His antics concern me, especially living with 2 young teen girls.
  • That Wendy chick and retard husband are pathetic... I hope the girls go live with their biological father.. Wendy made a huge mistake divorcing that man.. selfish woman.

    I was getting soo way pissed at Wendy and her young boy of a husband... Im glad her daughters got most of the money... Loved the other family.. very down to earth.. real people..Im glad Eddie didnt change his clothes.. Hes a real man, unlike the mentally challenged bike riding, self centered dork that Wendy is married too.. Cant even think of his name ... Laura is a hard core chick, who knows what work and family is all about.. Im sure her and her husband will be married til death due them part... Unlike the other couple.. good luck sister
  • I hope that there's NEVER an episode aired such as this one. Wendy made me wish for child-services to investigate people "of affluence". The 2 young girls were belittled and demeaned by the step-father, and no one stepped up to defend them!SHOCKING

    I've just watched the episode of the, I believe Kahn-Robson family in Boulder,CO, and the Wiessmeyer family in Boston.

    Wendy and her husband/boytoy were very painful to watch, especially in regard to the two young girls in the home(Wendy's daughters).

    Wendy not only DID NOT tell her girls goodbye, or even wake them up to tell them she was leaving for the week, but nearly ALL of Wendy's attention was focused on "hubby", upon her return! If I were her ex-husband,Tom, after viewing this very revealing and informative insight into what his daughters' lives are like with these two narcisstic, selfish,self-absorbed "adults", I would RUN, not walk, to my attorney!!! Laura,the new mom/wife was WONDERFULLY protective of the girls, and I just wish the 3 (Wendy/Mike/Tom) adults in that family had taken some heed of Laura's advice.

    As for The Wiessmeyer family, they were very polite, understanding, and gracious to the new mom/wife, Wendy.
    She never seemed open-minded,nor very tolerant, of a life-style different from her own.
    Except when she left for the neighbors house, in the middle of preparing dinner, to get drunk and have fun for herself....and THEN wondered WHY the family was upset that dinner STILL would not be ready until 10:30-11:00 P.M.

    I TRULY hope that the Kahn_Robson family either changed their ways of dealing with the children, got rid of Mike, or Mike and Wendy learned how to be GOOD PARENTS, instead of sex-hungry, lusty, care-about-nothing-except-themselves, hedonists.

  • Sad and Infuriating

    I first want to commend Laura Wiessmeyer for remaining calm and cool in what had to be a heartbreaking experience to observe. I'm sure she spent the entire week wanting nothing more than to literally slap Mike for his horrible treatment towards his stepchildren. She attempted on many occasions to offer Mike some help and advice on working towards a better relationship with his stepchildren, but he is obviously way too immature and self-centered to be concerned about anyone other than himself. And his wife Wendy is THE exact same way. Clearly neither Wendy or Mike have any concern at all about the negative effects Mike's verbal abuse has on the children. I am glad that Laura gave most of the money to the children even though I think the entire 50K should have went to intensive parental/family counseling and therapy for the Kahn-Robson's. What a classic example of highly dysfunctional parents. Both are so self-absorbed in their own wants to the point of neglecting the needs and best interests of the children. Mike is verbally abusive and Wendy is emotionally neglectful. I'm sure if Wendy could she would happily send Vanessa and Natalie to live with their father, but she retains custody because she needs the child support payments to maintain her current lifestyle. The entire week Mike never went to work or mentioned being employed so apparrently he is living off of Wendy and her children. In the end when Wendy discovered that only a small portion of the money was granted towards her and Mike she behaved (whined) like a spoiled child. She complained that the girls already had more money than she did and that Laura just didn't "get it". Oh believe me Laura totally got it and this is what fueled her decision to give most of the money to the girls instead of their selfish mother and stepfather. Victims compensation so to speak. If any good comes of this all hopefully it will give Vanessa and Natalie's father an inside look at the dysfunctional environment his daughters are currently living in and move to seek full custody of them.
  • Wendy the old stuck up wanna be young and sexy with her UGLY! as$-stralian second husband were a@# holes and I am glad that they only got 6,000 ( they should have gotten $0). I feel sorry for their daughters. The Parents Suck!! Piss on them!

    Old wrinkly Wendy and her Uber Ugly australian husband are disgusting (get a room )he is only with you for the green card... Both of you need to get off of your selfish ways and learn to be better parents. You are a terrible mother Wendy..your NOT young anymore so GET OVER IT! and be a mom to your daughters. You are so desperate to keep your second hubby its pathetic...I hope yall get DIVORCED and he gets DEPORTED!! And best wishes for your rich daughters...ha ha... life has a way of righting all wrongs! Good luck to the girls!