Trading Spouses

Season 3 Episode 14

Malone-Brown/Perrin (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2007 on FOX

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  • Black panther party here we come!

    Marguerite has made a wonderful turn around in her attitude towards others. I'm sure that the producers of Trading Spouses had hoped for another "melt down" when they were planning this particular swap. Abasi was disgraceful and his behavior shows what type of leadership we can expect from Senator Obama if he's elected. I say that because Abasi's comments were very much in line with the words spoken from Wright; Obama's former friend and pastor. This white bashing/blaming has got to stop! one owes you a dime buddy. Go back to school, learn proper grammar,then get a good job and better your family. Don't sit and wait for the government to hand out reparations! They've already paid, in the form of welfare, and look how much that's harmed the black population!
    For Latoya, not once did it appear that you were at all interested in learning anything about Marguerite's family. You had your own agenda the entire week which the family happily complied kudos from you for that though. If Ashley is happy and home, and the family functions well together, what does it matter if she stays there. Furthermore, how is her situation different from Jackie's? Here's a woman living with her mom, children, and 12 grandchildren! Apparently someone made a few bad choices along the way in that family too! My heart breaks for her current living conditions but the facts are the facts. Ashley has worked and established a profitable business. Anyone living in this blessed country could do the same thing! How can you and your husband be so colorblind?
  • Oh my gosh, I had such a hard time watching the 1st 5 minutes of the show. In fact, it infuriated me so bad that I turned it off (it was a DVR).

    I would love to have a 1 on 1 debate with Abasi. His remark about Hurricane Katrina was absolutely ludicrous! He is instilling hate into his little girl and his wife just goes right along with it. Abasi is definitely not an American, he is more like a terrorist and I would gladly pay for a one way ticket to Africa to send him "home".

    Abasi messed his life up and now has to struggle to provide for his family, he won’t take responsibility for it so, let’s blame the “White” people. GIVE ME A BREAK As a white person and like many black people, we are so tired of white people being blamed for everything bad in a black person’s life.

    I’m not sure if my blood pressure can handle watching the 2nd episode. God Bless Marguerite if she can stand being in the same house with him 1 more week
  • The summary of this is that two families live together for a week to try and learn new experiences and different cultures.

    I felt that this show was good, I thought Abasi was a complete jerk toward his new spouse Marguerite Abasi did not deserve the money, and got what was coming to him. I thought also that Ashley, the Perrin daughter is a fat lazy, worth girl, and she needs to show her daughter a better example of a mother. She also did not deserve money, and should get off her fat but and help out at home more.