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  • Mr Chaffee AKA Mr. Dick Asshole


    Mr. Chaffee is not a christian he is a man who has turned his family into his personal cult.

    No one is perfect Jesus Christ was as close to,perfect as anyone or anything will ever be and he himself was not perfect.

    Mr. Chaffee is an ass (ASS) let the kids be kids.

    I bet he fucked up growing up and he wants to make sure his kids are his idea of perfect.

    Mark my word look into his past I bet there are dark secrets.
  • Georgia/Massachusettes Episode

    That was the best episode it was so refreshing that two different families made each other feel at home. I wish that all people behaved that way. I would love to meet Diane one day she really know how to show love no matter your ethnic background ;)

  • Mrs de Conciliis a self-absorbed, thoughtless woman

    Mrs Hawkins was so kind and thoughtful - really wanted to help the de Conciliis family. She did so with her wise advice as well as thoughtful use for their money. Mrs. de Conciliis should be ashamed of the way she wasted the Hawkin's $50K - it could have made a real difference in their lives. It could have gone towards education - NOT interior decorating, trips to Rome and donations to others. What an wasted opportunity!
  • de Conciliis/Hawkins Season 3 Episode 3

    I truly believe that Mrs. de Conciliis could have made a better decision in utilizing the money for the family., Instead of looking at the interior design of the families home she should considered helping the family with counseling and also I was very upset that she did not give the twins anything, when she saw the situation up close and personal. My heart goes out to this family because Mrs. Hawkins really helped her family and made sure Mrs. de Conciliis kids had what they wanted even though they already are financially stable to get the things they so desire. I really was sad for Mrs. Hawkins. I do not believe that was not cool for her to give a 19 years $4,000 worth of VS and the twins nothing. SMH when you know better you do better. ijs I just did not agree with her decision and I would probably have had the outburst that Mrs. Hawkins did. God bless both families just my opinion.
  • Harlem mom vs. Mansion mom

    I have never- ever in my life been so offended for someone else as I was for the young black woman who went to the Caucasian home (mansion). At the family b-b-q, grandma or some other civil war throwback actually asks the poor woman "what African tribe are you from?" This English-speaking, Harlem born and raised woman whose clearly never seen Africa a day in her life and probably has no desire to either. REALLY!!!!??!! I'm not sure what episode this was, but if you watch it, you'll never forget it. While the black woman found practical ways to use $50,000.00 even specifically leaving mom and dad money "for bills" which will probably go towards a new boat, well-meaning but clueless Caucasian mom tied all of the Harlem family's money up in "trust" for 5 to 10 years, each- with provisions that if the children don't go to college, they will NEVER see the money. I guess it was just beyond this idiots capability to let the parents figure out what their own children and household needed. Of all the condescending, patronizing nonsense......This was just painful to watch.
  • The Snob Disgusting Etiquette Family vs the Mud Wrestling Odells (Macleash) (Nasty Snob Family)

    This disgusting excuse for a proper woman and her looser husband are rude, obnoxious, and need a good wake up call. This family is so snobby and ignorant, get a grip!!! What your doing to your daughters is pathetic, you need a reality check. Both families are a bit over the top....duh here is the famous world of all should be so proud for creating it, being involved in it and so forth. The idiots who created the show did it to show the major idiots of this country who are over the top and not 'normal' well adjusted families....anyone on the show should be embarassed and only realize your on it because you a dumb ass!!! The mud wrestling family is a bit over the top but please this snob infested disgusting family are literally an evil family. They are so fake and it is just disgusting beyond words. It is exactly about who you are on the inside and you pathetic moronic Macleash family are a bunch of nasty disgusting less than human beings!!!!!! Your so contradicting its pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rosa you need a major attitude adjustment, your a nasty person inside and out!!!
  • CA moms

    I have watched two family switches. The Verdutto mom and the Gates mom both came off looking badly. They showed up in Tennessee and Louisiana respectively, with attitudes. The first mom was shallow and dense. The San Diego mom was a mean hypocrite. She was lecturing her guests about how soy burgers save you from cancer and then two seconds later the cameras showed her drinking beer and smoking. I hope she watches the show and sees how she came across.
  • Dave Crow awful parenting!

    Dave Crow it is absolutely horrible how you treat your child chad! It made me so sad to see his face when you kept making such hateful comments at the museum when all he wanted to do was hang out with his father! You should be ashamed I've never seen such favoritism you act like you despise your child! My thoughts and prayers go out to you to open your eyes and see the pain you caused your child!!!
  • Terrible show ending. SAD

    I've never in my life seen a show where you earn so much money and the money didn't go towards to family in the areas they need it. My heart goes out to the Hawkins family and I hope one day I will have the chance to meet the woman who was so self-centered and made them donate their much needed money to the Governor of the state and other unnecessary repairs to their home. This will remind me to never open my life for another woman to come into my home. De Conciliis Mom, you should be ashamed of yourself!
  • Jurek Pilek of Orange County and his wife Samantha's girlfriends are a disgrace to humanity. Totally self-absorbed, hateful, rude, plastic and with no conscience. Horribly bad behavior by them in front of millions of viewers. What idiots.

    I watched episode 104 tonight. Bowers/Pilek. Holy smokes, I cannot believe that the OC (Orange County) girlfriends and husband of Samantha Pilek were so down right rude, plastic, self-absorbed, unenlightened, and shamefully obnoxious. I would be embarrassed if I were those women to have my face shown on TV to millions of viewers the way they behaved. They are so clueless. No heart or soul in any of them. Lisa was a sweet girl, who sometimes came on a bit strong, but her heart was in the right place. She did not deserve the treatment she got from the trophy wives with the fake boobs. Their beauty was plastically created on the outside only. Inside they were all dead and ugly.

    Samantha was nice to Lisa's sweet family and it made me wonder why Samantha chose the husband and friends she has. She seemed to be far more aware than any of them. An odd mix for sure. Jurek Pilek, her husband was without a conscience. He made Lisa cry and just acted like it was no big deal. Very insensitive. He was far more shameful than any of them. This guy must be in business somewhere and I wonder how he can show his face anywhere knowing how badly he behaved towards a perfect stranger that did not meet up to his physical standards of beauty on Tv in front of millions of viewers.

    To me, this is a typical OC family. It is all about them. Shameful indeed.
  • I don't usually watch this show, but tonight I did. It was the double episode of the Gates/Loupe family. I have never wanted to jump through the tv and slap someone as much as I did tonight.

    I don't usually watch this show,(Trading Spouses) but tonight I did. It was the double episode of the Gates/Loupe family. I have never wanted to jump through the tv and slap someone as much as I did tonight. Barbara Gates was so appalling that I felt compelled to sign up and write a review! OMG She is so mean and controlling, and she is a hypocrite!!! She says Diana has out an dated style, Hello!! Barbara, miss frizz head, no make-up and grandma sweaters, you have no room to talk! And by the way the plural spelling for monkeys is MONKEYS!! Not monkies as you so rudely told ZZ, I guess you don't really know what you are talking about huh? Not as intelligent as you think you are, huh?! Maybe the little Cajun boy knows a thing or two, he told you the right way and you acted as if you were superior to him.

    Barbara, Miss vegan, against animal cruelty.....Why then did you find it necessary to hurt the Loupe family dog? Are dogs not mammals? I would love the opportunity to grab you by the neck and force your nose to the floor, while you cry, and spank you as well, and more than once like you did to that dog!!!!
    Perhaps you should re-evaluate your stance on animal cruelty, since it seems to apply to you only when you deem it necessary, or have a need to be the center of attention. ZZ is a cute kid, a KID!! He is intelligent, kind, and funny! You wrote your little letter stating you thought he was depressed and needed his mom more. You are talking about your own family. Can you say projection?! He cried for his mom, I never once saw your kids cry for you. Your family didn't even bother to get out of bed to see you off! Think about that for a minute.

    Barbara you tell your kids not cry when your reading the letter from Diana about how the $50,000 dollars will be spent, or they won't get anything. Someone cries, but it wasn't your kids you hypocrite! It was you, because you didn't get your way. Then you read on and see that Diana allocated $20,000 for you to do with as you please. Then your happy. What a brat you are.

    Your family doesn't like you, the Loupe's don't like you and the good people of Louisiana probably don't like you either. And no one cares how you do things in California! I have been to CA and LA, and I would rather spend my time with the Loupe family in Louisiana anytime over spending one minute with you anywhere! You are lucky that Diana did not know the half of how poorly you behaved while with her family, otherwise I think she just may have knocked your teeth down your throat. I would have!!
  • You're Not My Mommy!

    This show is a trip. Is the grass truly greener on the other side? Most of them say no. This is a show where, they send you to the total opposite house of your dreams.
    They sent a vegan woman to a home with meat eating people. The people didn't even eat veggies. How cruel is that?
    They sent a animal lover to a house where they slaughtered crocodiles and alligators.
    Shows like this only want to cause trouble, and conflict. The thing that I don't understand, is these families know what they signed up for. Why cant they cooperate during rule changes? Then they have the most disrespectful kids. They condone foul language.
  • This along with Wife Swap has been the December "addiction of the month" show for me

    This along with Wife Swap has been the December "addiction of the month" show for me. And in every show I ask myself the same question "How in the heck can this person stay married to that jerk?" I do tend to wonder though, if all of these are real. Certain scenerios as just way out there (living like pirates? no job? really?). Some people just seem too big of a total putz to even be allowed to breed. I am sure that some of them are just 1/2 as bad as they are portrayed, but the producers have them to ham it up but still, to go on national TV and let people see how dirty your house is, how lazy you are, how disrespectful your children are (not to mention just plain stupid), that your priorities lie in making sure little Johnny is in touch with his feminine side and can tap dance, how you talk to trees, etc, etc, etc. That is just throwing pride out the window for $50,000. (IMO)

    Now I must leave. Its time to take Susie to power weightlifting class and then we get to have a debate on global warming with our rosebush.
  • Loupe/Gates Family: I was so appalled by Mrs. Gates behavior. She is an extremely opinionated, arrogant and hypocritical person.

    It is one thing to live your life passionately. Mrs. Gates is a hypocrite. She tells her family not to cry during the dispursement of the money and then cries because her husband got money for a dream he had. She cries about cruelty to animals but then treats the Loupes dog so badly I wanted to call animal control. She rags on everyone about keeping their body sacred and then lights a cigarette and drinks a beer. Don't even get me started about her break in her passion by eating the alligator.

    She invites company over and then degrades them by screaming that they showed up an hour early and feeding them food she wanted and showing that horrible movie. Mrs. Gates you are an incrediably rude indivdual and I truly feel sorry for your husband and children. I wish you would start passing some of that love for cows and pigs onto your children. You do not have one iota of respect for either of your children or your husband.

    Mrs. Loupe on the other hand was kind, compassionate and tried to respect a lifestyle most Americans do no understand. A kind loving mother any kid would would love to have.

    P.S. Mrs. Gates your not has smart as you think. You might want to refresh your memory on singular and plural!
    P.S.S. To the Gates' family friends. You can add yourself into the list of hypocrits. You degraded Mrs. Loupe for killing snakes because they could kill her child and yet begrudgingly admitted that your passion for life doesn't include black widow spiders! Hypocrites!
  • Is this woman allowed at white sales? Holy cow! I spent 2 hours with my mouth agape!

    What makes this ridiculous woman think that her opinion has to be known to everyone she encounters. As wretched as she is it amazes me she has lived to be as old as she is. I have family in southern Oregon, minorities. I sure hope she doesn't encounter them. I have a lesbian mom, gay friends and family, I am minority as well as my husband and 2 daughters, and I have friends and family with disabilities. She could have come to a party here **heaven forbid** and talked like that and had the same result. Pepper didn't go down the shopping list for the party and say "I need one of each type of person she has taken issue with", that was simply her group of friends. I don't think Julie understood that.
    There was one point when they were in a restaurant and the waiter was Latino and she said something about speaking the native language of the land. What did she mean? Navaho? Apache? Cherokee? Lakota? WAKE UP JULIE!!! Your ancestors emigrated to this country too!!!!!
    I truly hope she meant what she said at the end of the show. I hope there is more love and ACCEPTANCE in the Chase family before it's too late for those two beautiful girls.

    Did anyone else think it looked like a scene from the mental ward when she was riding home in the taxi?

    I feel better getting this off my chest. Thank you for the forum
  • Julie Chase said she was worried people would think she was a monster. Well she's right, people do think she's a monster, and rightfully so.

    Julie Chase said she was worried people would think she was a monster. Well she's right, people do think she's a monster, and rightfully so. Julie Chase obviously is woman who belongs in Nazi Germany. Wasn't it the Nazi's who also wanted to wipe from existence the disabled, and anyone who wasn't of the "superior" Aryian race? She acts like the hateful bigoted remarks that spew from her mouth are simply facts that we must accept. She is INSANE!!! God save us from lunatic monsters like her! Not only is she completely insane, she is obviously also a moron. She was so upset because Pepper had "betrayed" her by telling the people at the party the sort of hateful comments she had been making, but never stopped to think she was saying these things on national television and alot more than just a room full of Pepper's friends would be upset by it. There has to have been ton's of hate mail, death threats, harrassing phone calls etc to her after this show aired. I wonder how she is dealing with the aftermath. I'd love to see a followup show on her. I wouldn't doubt it if the KKK stepped in to protect her in exchange for her continuing her hate mongering. What a sad existence she must have.
  • Trading Spouses is a "quest to answer one age old question-is the grass truly greener on the other side?" Two opposite mothers (or occasionally fathers) trade houses, families, and lives for one week. Each family gets $50,000 but the new parent spends it.

    Usually a great show. Some swaps tend to be boring, but most are nerve wracking, jaw-dropping, and usually hilarious. Notice the way I keep using the word usually. That is because no two swaps are alike, so it never gets old or repetitive. Some swaps result in a change for the better, some result in no change, some result in saved marriages, some result in paid debts. The changes aren't always positive, however. Sometimes, people realize they made a mistake in marrying their spouses, but this is very rare. Other episodes are plain nauseating, especially, me being a teenager sick of being "generalized", seeing stereotypical teenagers. Still this is a great series.
  • Amazingly touching show.

    I would like for the Hawkins family's money to be allotted differently. My concern, the portrayal of the caucasian woman who stated how well mannered the young Hawkins 15 year old males were and the way she touched their lives was totally negated once she gave them no money. I don't think she intentionally meant harm but the differences in their cultures and lifestyles was difficult for her to grasp. I am a southern caucasian female and I was raised that you NEVER decorate another woman's house. I personally would have allotted the $10K to the credit cards - having been there myself but then I would have given each child 2K a piece, a family vacation of their choice = $4000, placed $5K into 3 separate CDs for the childrens' educational future, and the rest I would have placed into a savings account for the family's use at their discretion.
  • One chose to get other a jacuzzi and the other one a deck. One's children real disrespectful and the others roudy. One woman overly snobby and the other not snobby enough and a whiner about everything.Husband got mad at the things chosen by the other wife

    I think the people on the show are actors that get paid for playing a roll. Who would go into another person's house and act like it is theirs for a week. Who would let you into thier home with all the craziness in this world. I think all that is involved get paid for behaving and saying what they say, and I have yet to see some low I mean real low income family switch with a well to do family. The well to do person would absolutely go crazy to actually have to live on a complete budget for an entire week I don't think they could do it ecspecially if they had to take the kids to doctors appointments, physichologists, etc and deal with kids with a slight emotional problem but who am I to say I am an ordinary person. I dont watch it all the time I think it's comical but I wish them luck.
  • no i do not think this was funny,,,scarey at the most downgrade on both sides of religion,,,mostly for the christian people,aren,t this people told anything about he other,,

    i think this was a scare me away from religion any ones,,i think this episode will upset a lot of people,,for everyone should know if you don,t belive in spirits then don,t belive in god or jesus,,,did not become a spirt before rising to god,,,and was it in the spirit to make the blind see umm,,,, and did not god create the earth and all in it so when the lit candles and incense a raised their hands to the greater our god for all things he gave us,,,i say they thought was gonna boost their rating with episode,,,maybe what you think
  • 2008 "Divorce in the Desert"

    I am sick and tired of seeing Lauren's breasts threatening to pop out of her shirts! This is a family show. I was so glad Paige was back, and at first, I thought the new season asked Lauren to tone it down because it seemed better, until I saw this episode. She is always finding reasons to bend over and flash the camera. It isn't supposed to be about her, it's about the people trading spaces.

    She (or rather her choice of clothing, or the lack there of), is why I quit watching before. Please have her choose more wisely. We don' all need to be exposed.
  • Off the wall and really not as good as Wife Swap!

    This is off the wall and if you ask me it
    Really isn't as good as Wife Swap is as
    Two families swap lives with another family that they don't know at all. Just to see how they live with each other's different family. One family thinks that it is a dream vacation. And the other thinks that it is a nightmare. As those families really find out not just about the strangers that they are living with. But also they find out about themselves in the process. In the end, they will probably get $50,000. But with a twist to split it however which way they choose.
  • well as a viewer I felt that this episode that was on tv tongiht was a very strong subject cause those people need to look at statistics before they claim that this is going to be a black world.

    That family I feel is raising there daughter to be racist against white people but they don't want us as "White people" to raise our children to be racists against them and they claim that we want it all the "white world" well they should look at the fact that they are HUMAN and they can do anything that they set there mind to. There is many men and women that are black that sit in corporate offices with great views. so they need to get it together before they open there mouths. people need to show them that.
  • The ultimate social experience-walking a mile in another person's shoes . . .

    Some episodes, though completely predictable-are quite entertaining. The best episodes are those that show an ending where both families learns something valuable about how to better their families. Sometimes, that isn't the outcome, and that's where the fun begins-fisticuffs. Yep, calling someone's wife a whore or saying one person is lazy-them's be fightin' words :)-HILARIOUS. It's all good, though.
  • Trading Spouses is a show who for two week trades spouses, usually the wife, allowing the family to see how it is on the other side of the fence while at the same time opening the family up to new experiences.

    I like to watch Trading Spouses. I can't say it is my favorite show but I do make sure I catch the show whenever its on because it is a one-of-a-kind show. I know there is Wife Swap, but Trading Spouses is to Dr. Phil while Wife Swap is to Jerry Springer at times. The experience that is exchange on Trading Spouses seems much more therapeutic versus the experience on Wife Swap. I like the way the show pairs up the family with someone who is different but are open to new experiences. It's not always fun with the pairing up of the family of course, it takes some time to settle in, so in the beginning their might be some swearing among the adults, but it just makes the show seem realer. Overall, I give a rating of 6. It's a must-see because it people actually trading their spouse out for somebody else.
  • February 9th 2007 episode at 9:00pm

    I am VERY upset with the show that aired on Friday February 9th 2007. As a daughter of a lesbian I was excited to see this show. However once the show aired I was quite disappointed in several things one thing in perticular that upset me sticks out the most. While I do not disagree with Pepper Lane's feelings toward Juile I do disagree with the way she handled the situation. If Pepper felt so strongly about her feelings towards Julie and Julie's opinions, she shouldn't have been such a coward by ambushing Julie by inviting a "hispanic" person, a lesibian couple and the parent of a down syndrome child to a party then "calling her out" on her opinions. The whole point of this show is to take people out of there "comfort zone" and maybe open there minds I belive that all Pepper did was Validate Julie's feelings and opinions if you want to change someone you don't Tell Them The Right WAY show them what do you thing Julie took away from this situation. Instead of showing Julie how good gay couples, hispanic people or even children with disablitlies could be Pepper attacked her for her feelings. I really feel Like Pepper did the lesbian community a great injustice Thank goodness that Pepper's partner handled herself in a respectable way
  • I have watched this show since Day one and Never Never have I ever been so disappointed in a program, that would allow someone to intentionally hurt someone in this way. Even Abasi's friends came down on him for his behavior, and I think he stinks

    I was APPALLED at the way Abasi treated Margurette on this episode. His wife was treated with respect by Margurette's family, and they actually went into the devastation and did something positive. What did Abasi do? Hide the butter, mistreat her constantly and embarass her in front of his company. BOO to Abasi. He shows that there is still so much hostility between the races of our great America. I am ashamed that the show allowed Margurette to be treated so poorly. I dont know that I can even finish this episode. It's breaking my heart.
  • This is a TV show that relates the problems of two women that switch places with one another for one week.

    This show is first of all, pointless. I know what you're thinking,"Why did I watch it then?" Well, I watched it because I thought it would be a nice break into modern TV and a light, funny show. I was so disapointed. I fell upon an episode of an ex-Marine woman coming into a family of free-minded people. The show is extremely fake, everything is planned and scripted in advance. But I would think they would at least be more subtle about it. But no. All of the characters were grossly stereotyped, like the frenchman named Francois. He talked with a typical accent, which is not a managable thing for foreign people, but he dressed in black and white stripes, with a beret. I have lived in France and I can tell you that they are probably more up-to-date with fashion than America is, and that the stereotype proclaimed in this, is probably from the last century. Anyway, he makes bread -again, stereotype of a french guy with a baguette under his arm- and he has such a phony devotion to it. There is also the stereotype of the typically teen-flick American teenager reject, skulking in her room with a suicidal look and dark thoughts. Then there is the ex-Marine couple. They're big and buff and perhaps scary. They have a room dedicated to military and have pro-Bush icons all over the place. The man is very macho and proud. The woman is very big-boned and tough. Their daughter is stereotyped as a very reserved girl, totally under the control of her parents, that has her future already planned out step by step. I'm sure this is not the first episode where people are conventionally cliche-d for the purpose of the show. But the problem is, many people find some of their culture or background in these stereotyped and think they are completely untrue and unfair. This show is just really pointless to me. Watch if you feel like getting really upset, really quickly.
  • Marvas' expressions were good,and she did not judge the others lifestyle, I felt for her in the way the money was dispersed,and her outrage. Marvas' husband was the hemmorid! The Florida husband had no sense or morals, but was a poser for sure!

    I like the show very much especially the yuppie couples lifestyle. Henretta, while having a wonderful creatively decorated home seemed empty headed or spacey. Her husband had all the power and money and was so delighted to be on tv. He bites. Was she bi-sexual? Was theirs an open marriage? These things were tasefully in question. Marva was the stark normal reality to others in this show, what a wonderfully expressive woman! Her children were well brought up,though fearful of dad. Her very rude husband hopfully will watch himself and lighten up!
  • Last nights show was worthwhile and entertaining until the money distribution portion of the show (the last 10 minutes). Henrietta really did a naughty on the Hawkins family. Why not put the money in their savings account or a college fund?

    Last nights show was very good until the money distribution portion of the show. Henrietta really did a number on the Hawkins family. Why not put the money in their savings account or a college fund? The Hawkins did not deserve that kind of mistreatment. Another example of wealthy people that live in a fantasy world taking advantage of the middle class. It was very a sad ending. Also, any reason why Henrietta needed to show most of her boobs in that dress? I had a good opinion of her until the end of the show and she showed her true personality (and it wasn\'t pretty).
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