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  • A show that is less about trading moms, and more about exposing religous nuts as ignorant morons.

    This show is so much about religion its unbearable. I enjoy watching it as a way of confirming my beliefs that religion is a scam that makes seemingly decent people act like complete crazies. I don't care what religion we're talking about. Christians, jews (well I think that's all that's represented by this show), this show only features die hards that freak out at the slightest suggestion that there are other ways of life than their own. I find it hillarious that people can be so closed-minded and not agree to disagree, or just accept that there may be more to life than pretending to worship a force that may or may not exist. Instead they insist on making everyone believe what they believe as if they have all the answers. No one has the answers. Theres no magical books or visions or a person alive or dead that knows Anything about how man was created (and thats all really, that any religion comes down to). I think the show would improve if they matched up families that would produce a little more conflict based on other facets of life besides religion. Let's see some fists swinging.
  • The show is great! But this episode of the woman from Kentucky. Unbelievable how someone fron the us can seem alien. She was so ignorant and always seemed blown away about everything. Iam not Jewish, but I was insulted by her stupidity.

    Its a great show. I usually enjoys the different personalities. I love it! seeing different families adjust and even change. But some like the Jewish family and the Kentuckians. WOW That was unreal. Some people are so narrow minded that they think their world and the way they <Kentuckians> think and live is the only way. UGH
  • The show is about two families who trade wives for a week or two. And then trade back. And tell the rest of the family how it was.

    I like this show because it shows some people how lucky they really are to have their spouse. Some people get someone who doesn't cook or clean, when their wife did all of that. It shows these husbands not to take their wives for granteed. And the children learn to respect how their parents treat them. Because some of these traded wives don't take crap from no one. Even if it isn't their house. So really is a learning experience for the whole family. Sometimes the mom seems funnier, not the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the hill.
  • i wish i could rate it lower

    i am so sick of reality tv. this is one of the biggest pieces of garbage to come along in years. why anyone could sit through one episode of this trash, much less an entire season is beyond me. how much longer are network execs going to keep feeding viewers this crap?
  • This show can be pretty hilarious at points!

    My favorite episodes of Trading Spouses have to be the overly religious woman and the weird guy in California who played banjos and hated furniture. The woman mentioned vomited on the lawn of the family she switched with, she said she smelt the horrible smell of a demon in their home. And at the end when they told her how to spend her $50,000, she ripped up the letter saying it was "tainted". The California family of four was just weird. The father played banjo and beilived in some strange religion based around meditating to UFOs. He also had not one piece of furniture in his home. A very underrated show! Watch it, I think you may enjoy it.
  • This particular episode showed a side of Christianity that few people dare to enter.

    I, for one, appreciate fox finally putting Christians on their program that don\'t easily turn coat and fail to profess their faith with vigor. This poor woman has gotten a lot of spite, hate, and criticism for her behavior on the show. Yes, throwing fits and screaming at the camera crew was probably not the shining moment in all of the Christian faith, but this woman gets an astounding amount of kudos for sticking up for her beliefs. She wasn\'t willing to yield her convictions even if it made her look like a fool. I would love to see more and more so-called Christians profess their faith (maybe not as loud or obtusely) with this same un-yielding fury.

    Christians should reference the scripture that quotes \"what fellowship does light have with darkness?\" The answer, of course, is none. This woman defended her beliefs to the point of looking incredibly crazy on national television, but I can find few examples of a zealous Christian in today\'s society. Perhaps she was a bit out of line in her absolute expression of her convictions. Perhaps she did go overboard just a tad. But I would rather join her in going overboard than to compromise my faith, my convictions, and what I know to be true. She\'s not out there killing heretics or infidels, but she definitely isn\'t standing by idly. The worst she can be accused of is not being tolerant (which is the most abused word in the human language today) which certainly isn\'t the worst crime in the world.

    Thank you, Fox, for finally putting on television people that aren\'t in the religion of \"eh, whatever.\"
  • great Funny show. I love the reality.

    This show is a funny show. Many will enjoy and be impressed with the show. Wife Swap is better though. Wife Swap lets the Moms do what ever they want to, by Trading Spouses doesnt. Trading Dads will occasionally come on. Not that much though. Most of the episodes are trading moms.
  • Great show

    Oh, this show is such good therapy. There's a bit of guilty pleasure in seeing how other people live and think -- and feeling superior. Then I think back to when my own children were young and see some of the same behavior. Anyway, I look forward to Wednesdays and love the way the producers match up such opposites. I will say that on at least a good number of the episodes, they won't leave my mind, and my prayer list for the sad, guiltless children of some of these totally dysfunctional vegans and self-absorbed parents grows.
  • Whew!! That ending was worth sitting through all the teasers and commercials. The build up was fantastic and the payoff did not disappoint.

    I\'m a GOD WARRIOR! That episode was the scariest, funniest thing I have ever seen! I was rolling. It was refreshing to see a little reality on the tube these days. I wonder if people can handle looking at what red state rednecks are really all about. Those poor kids.
  • This episode that no one should watch and I mean it...or...What the hell is she talking about this so-called "darkside" business? Is she out of her mind?!

    This episode of \"Trading Spouses\" is a totally unwatchable show due to the fact that this isn\'t funny, and I wouldn\'t let her in the house with me or any member of the Edmonds\' Family with that \"dark-sided\" business because all that crap is 100% trash and it won't fly anywhere in the residence.

    It's unfunny and uncomedic in a sense due to the fact that of Perrin-san\'s behavior. It's just rejectable, or in your case, as unacceptable. I, TLE, do indeed mean it. If anyone, like Perrin-san, come past my door and dealing about religious beliefs, I, TLE, will simply ignore it and her family or any other family pairs up with my family will not get any money out of Fox\'s or even my own pocket...period. She just doesn\'t deserve it, but the others will.

    I personally do not appreciate Fox for airing this episode, but they should NOT reair the two-part set. This meltdown was/is nothing to joke about in the first place because this would been Grade-AAA compared with Tyra Banks' outburst that too wasn't acceptable. BTW, Perrin-san if you're reading this, I WILL yell back and this will get ugly and not even police can end a shouting contest because the Edmonds' Family and LokomotrivTLE00 aka Teshawn LeVarr Edmonds will not joke around. So, calm down, start breating because there will be no tomorrow if you or anyone show yourself not just on national television, but worldwide television as well.

    I'm done for now.
  • The best TV ever!!!!

    Forget the final episode of Mash, forget the moon landing... Margaret Perrin needs her own reality show on an island with Howard Stern. That would get 60% of the country watching. The people who dragged down the rating on this piece of art should be ashamed. PERFECT. The way it shows the contrast between sanity and insanity is reality TV at it best. I would like to pay her 50,000 to show up at my house for my next party so we could rebuke together. She has the look, the mind, , the hair, the teeth, and the butt for stardom.

    Comedy aside those poor children somebody need to call child protective services.
  • Appalling behavior by a so called Christian woman.......

    I was totally appalled and disgusted with that so called God Warrior's behavior and her over the top anticts!!! She needs a reality check and then needs to check herself into an institution!!!!! Her Husband needs to stand up to that crazy brod and kick her to the curb for the sake of his children and granddaughter who wittnessed her tantrum!!!! She was the most closed minded person I have ever seen. Her way or no way at all. I feel that the children are being abused by that woman!!! Unbelievable how RUDE that woman was!!!! She needs some serious psychiatric help and fast!!!!!!
  • Wow, what a great show. This shows the difference between an open-mind and a closed-mind, religion has little to nothing to do with this episode as it\'s an excuse for why the lady is so confined.

    Woah. This is the first time I\'ve watched this show and it was quite entertaining. I think this episode illistrates how hard it can be for some people to step outside their own comfort zone, and have a discussion. The closed-minded lady didn\'t have to partake in any of the activities, I understand that she thought it was against her beliefs, but she could have had a discussion with the other family.
    She instead chose to have monlogues with each family member and force her views on them. I hope the other family, especially the children, keep in toutch with Jen as she seemed to be a very positive force for that family.
    My first impression was that the \'new age\' family was rather cold and distant, but after seeing their mother return I believe now it was the host mom that lacked compassion and warmth. Jen came across as a warm and compassionate person with great insite.
    I wish them both the best.
  • Oh my gosh! Was that for real? It had to be staged…

    Wow! I cannot believe that Margaret and her friends claim to be Christians. Christians are supposed to love everyone, regardless of whom and what they are. We are not to judge others. In my opinion, they should be ashamed of themselves and should evaluate there claims and learn how to be a “true” Christian, not hypocritical idiots. I am a Christian and love everyone for who they are and do not dare to judge another, for that is not my place. Unfortunately, the few like Margaret and her friends give the rest of us with a soft true loving heart a bad name and actually push people away from the Lord. So when it comes to judgment day, let us pray for Margaret and her friends! They may need it. Watching her, I felt as though maybe she was possessed. I also felt as though “the dark side family“, as Margaret put it, was actually a very loving and functional family. The kids seemed to be very grounded and the husband was very open to anything that was dealt to him. Again in my opinion, Margarets family seemed to have very many issues. I think there must be allot of guilt and control going on there. Hopefully she comes to her senses before it destroys her family and scares her kids for life. Again, let’s all pray for Margaret, I really think she needs all she can get…
  • Psychotic mom unwinds infront of all America

    One thing I found strange was that Margaret seemed almost normal when she was dealing with Jeanne\'s family .. until Chris asked her to just try to think about things in a new way.
    Although Jeanne seemed like a very nice, understanding lady, it was strange that she seemed to take Margaret\'s word about Chris bothering her about all the \'New Age\' stuff. Why would a woman who loves her husband take the word of a total stranger over someone who is, frankly, pretty strange? Only after Jeanne heard Chris\' version and the kids, did she then stop being \'angry\' with him and believed him.
    I was raised as a Christian and thank God I never ran into a woman like Margaret. Jesus is about love, compassion and understanding, not someone who judges everyone as \"dark sided\" simply because she is too ignorant to understand. When she went ballistic on her own family, I worried about the kids\' mental states. Does she really think she helps her family by going nuts in front of them? Good God, what would happen if one of her kids became a Buddhist, would she have a human sacrifice?
    Therapy, Margaret, therapy ... and hurry!!!
  • I feel really bad for those great kids! I was raised by a scary mom that made me believe alot of the same things this very sick lady is teaching her children. It is so very sad I can only hope their father will stop this abuse.

    The show must go on!
    But only when the small minds of our young ones are not effected!
    I am sickend by the abuse those children suffered.
    That woman needs help ASAP, before those children develop damage that even with years of therapy will not be undone.
    Why would the network allow the children to suffer.
    Someone call children protective services!
    Please help those kids!
  • about tonights show

    Margaret Perrin , please read this , I think, anyone who watched this show would agree with me that your in need of mental assistance.
    that poor family you stayed with i hope they dont have nightmares with having the guest from hell. yes you r so brainwashed and mean person ,you are the spawn of satan who you believe everyone else is . i pray for your family that you dont harm them . your the type that would hurt them if they didnt agree with you or said they didnt believe in god anymore you would probably kill them in there sleep. your fanatical, brain has major screws loose & should be locked away in a psychiatric facility near your area. you have committed a sin during the show , wrath/anger. now read your bible and look it up . your church should ban you from their services and blacklist you for your actions & that nasty blonde church lady too!
  • A friend told me to watch tonights episode....

    Tonight was the first time I watched this show. I was dumbfounded by the way the LA mom acted. I felt really sorry for the other family\'s daughter because of the way the LA mom allocated the money to her - it was done in a really cold demeaner. I also felt sorry for the LA mom\'s daughters, I wanted to jump through the TV when she accused her eldest daughter of not praying for her. This woman is the Un-godly, evil one. She uses religion and christianity to treat people horribly and to get away with lying about others. I hope her children do not grow up to be like her.

    I hope everytime she loses pounds from her surgery she thinks of how terrible she treated the family that made it possible for her to have it (but I won't hold my breath on it).

  • I really hope the so called "God warrior" will watch what the rest of America had seen tonight. I was in such disbelief! She was treated so kindly by this family. Jeanne and her family were wrongly persecuted. Everyone was open-minded and accomodating exc

    This episode had a real profound message. I know alot of people like Margeret(none quite as extreme!). I can't stand these so called "Godly" people who are so judgemental,mean,opinionated, and close minded. They are so negative and never have a nice thing to say about anyone! And the worst part about it is they do it in the name of God!!! Thats so sacreligious! They need to check themselves! They're so busy pointing out whats wrong with everyone, while they, themselves, are exactly the nasty things they are saying everyone else is! You all know the kind of people I'm talking about! It amazes me how much they know about a person just by looking at the clothes they are wearing! SHAME ON YOU!!! If you judge every book by its cover, you are missing out on alot of good stories! In fact, some of the best books have torn covers! I pray for these people. These are the people who will be judged by God. I hope they never have to feel the way they have made others feel. I don't care what they say-WORDS DO HURT! and they cannot be taken back. Tonights show is a perfect example of all this. You know the saying:"Birds of a feather flock together"? that couldn't be more true for Margeret and her friends! They were so rude to Jeanne. I think they were just jealous because she's so pretty! I don't believe in violence but, I wanted to smack that short haired blonde lady who asked the very sarcastic and rude question:"Do you believe in God or do you believe in higher power?" Those of you who watched the show probably remember the tone she said it in. Lady-Jesus may love you, but I think you're a real #@%$>!!!! That goes for all of you(Miserable Housewive's). Now I'm sinking to their level. I'm sorry,shame on me. I think its so ironic, looking back on the summer solstice party vs. the Margerets friends gathering(Darkside vs.'Good Christians'). Every single person at that party were all so nice to Margeret,they all went out of their way to try and make her feel comfortable.And nobody judged her!!Lets face it people, there was alot of her to be judged!If the body is a temple, hers is an empire! Okay,there I go being mean again,and again-I'm sorry. Meanwhile, the "Good Christians" were so rude, very judgemental, and they put alot of effort into making Jeanne feel uncomfortable. Now, who is darksided???? Oh, and by the way, anyone who thinks astrology is evil, is ignorant. Dont judge something you know nothing about. Get educated on the subject, and then state your opinion! Margeret-there are gargoyles on alot of old churches!they are used to scare away evil spirits!They scared you didn't they?!! and futhermore, it's JUST A STAR!!!! I really hope you will watch the show and see how wrong you were, you are not a victim! It made me crazy to hear this woman say she's tired of being pushed.WHAT??? it take an army to push you lady(sorry!)I mean seriously, she was not willing to learn about anything new. Poor Chris! He handled himself really well! His patience was unreal. Good for you man! I could go on and on, but I won't, this episode{Margeret)really chapped my hyde!! Like I said, I hope something was learned through this, and that it brings positive things to all involved. Thanks for entertaining us at your expense-thats no small thing!!One more thing-Margeret and Ashley: Leave the poor girl alone!, let her go and be a young teenager-Please!!
  • The lady was wild!

    I enjoyed the show. It is so interesting to see how humans are so "Godly". I am a firm believer in GOD, and I feel that only GOD can judge, so I feel her actions were very close-minded and pretty childish. The show was very funny though. I feel the need to pray for Mrs. Perrin---She was rather DARK-SIDED!
  • Great job exposing a manipulating, bully for who she is. Christian is what you do, not who you are. Mrs Perrin is not. She's a controlling tyrant who has to get her own way, which is just unstable for a woman her age.

    This show did a great job exposing the manipulation and bullying done by Mrs. Perrin,
    which has obviously manifested itself in her oldest daughter. That’s the only seed this woman has planted. It shows truly how twisted these self professed Christians can be. Never realizing that to be a Christian is something you do not something you are and this lady and her friends are far from it. Both the blonde and brunette friends of hers who are wearing plenty of makeup and jewelry ( which the bible has plenty to say about) are ignorant and judgmental, both attributes being un-Christian like. These are great examples of hypocrites using the Lords name in vain. Especially for Mrs Perrin “having things her way” at the Flischer home and controlling and manipulating her own family. Her abusive tyrade on her own family should be reviewed by the local authorities. This woman is a nut-job her poor husband should demand councilling or leave her, that man must need some peace of his own away from her. Not to mention the money for her surgery of vanity. If Mrs. Perrrin was so concerned about having a so called, “dark sided” person in her home then she would have left immediately, and would have never accepted the money. Her husband said it right at the end that Margarit was full of bullshit.
  • what is wrong with that lady. i feel sorry for her family.

    i hope the crazy lady reads this and the other reviews, so maybe she will realize that she is a minority in the world and that other christians have now been stereotyped has wierd and closed minded, crazy, psyhco people. i feel sorry for her children that are now humiliated and ostracized by their peers for the actions of their mother, and i hope her communtiy does not condone her radical views like her friends do, i'll make sure i never move there.
  • It could be a good show where people could learn different lifestyles about other people, but when you put someone on like Margaret Perrin, it doesn't make people in Louisiana very happy that the Trading Spouses show would degrade the rest of us here in L

    Margaret Perrin is an idiot. Not because she believes in Jesus or the Catholic Church, but because of the way she acted about the whole situation. I am a Catholic and live in Louisiana, and I would never be so closed minded about listening to other peoples points of view. She seemed like an hysterical, religious fanatic for the camera. You have depicted two people from Louisiana as backwoods idiots. Why not find someone from our state who has an open mind and who is down to earth and rather normal. We are not all backwoods, bayou people who are not educated, find some good people to go on the show and give your viewing audience a different idea of what good Louisiana people are about. Please stop finding idiots like Margaret Perrin. By the way, if she was so against the dark sided money, why did she take it after the fact? What an idiot!!!!!!
  • The show was Good and Bad...

    Mrs. Perrin was absolutley out of order, I am a Christian and I have a strong belief in God, First of all she was doing too much cursing in the name of God. She doesnt have any power to rebuke anything except in the name in Jesus. Her friends where too judgemental, they would scare any unbeliever from God with their judgemental ways. They were not friendly they attacked her and made her scared and that is not how you win a sinner to Christ.God is a God of order and they were out of order. She(Perrin)says she has the Holy Spirit in her, but she may what to ask her self does she really have it, because the holy spirit does not curse. She mad me mad because as a Christian we should always watch our ways because someone is all ways watching you and for her to curse on national t.v. like that, she may have discouraged someone who was not saved...we can't be like that as Christian we are the servants of the most High God. The Holy Spirit does not dwell in unclean places.
  • The most boring show ever in Fox!!!

    This show is full of crap, there is nothing good about it.It's all the same, there is two mothers and one of them gets to know the family better and the other one has a problem with the family.This show is not funny.Worst show ever

    P.S: This is my first review
  • Trading Spouses gives a bird's eye view into the lifestyles of families across America. We may all live in the same country, but we sure have very different opinions about how to raise kids, keep house, spend money, etc.

    Trading Spouses give a bird's eye view into the lifestyles of famlies across America. We may all live in the same country, but we sure have very different opinions about how to raise kids, keep house, spend money, etc. Many of the families on this show have no idea what they are getting into or how exchanging the mother of the family for a new mother will challenge and change them over the course of a week. Do they do it for the $50,000? Many of these people are revealed as weak, shallow, selfish, fearful, and judgmental. Others are very charismatic, flexible, and pragmatic. Black, white, rich, poor, educated, uneducated, old, young, fat, skinny, it's all there. I do like this show.
  • This show needs a little twist! Maybe a competition between the two wifes to see \"who understands who\'s family more at the end\" and their needs rather than \"both getting $50,000\". Some of these wifes are pure greedy and mouthy.

    I love the show however the wives that \"cry\" they didn\'t get the money situated the way they wanted it \"make me hysterical\". How greedy they look! Do they know they look that way to their families? Some are even rude and intrusive to the children as if they know \"the answers\" to everyday strife.

    The wives should be more concerned (in my opinion) with learning more and judging less.
    If this show does nothing else it shows that some women are never happy and others are born that way. Some seem not to know about blessings (let alone counting them).
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