Trading Spouses

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • I have watched this show since Day one and Never Never have I ever been so disappointed in a program, that would allow someone to intentionally hurt someone in this way. Even Abasi's friends came down on him for his behavior, and I think he stinks

    I was APPALLED at the way Abasi treated Margurette on this episode. His wife was treated with respect by Margurette's family, and they actually went into the devastation and did something positive. What did Abasi do? Hide the butter, mistreat her constantly and embarass her in front of his company. BOO to Abasi. He shows that there is still so much hostility between the races of our great America. I am ashamed that the show allowed Margurette to be treated so poorly. I dont know that I can even finish this episode. It's breaking my heart.