Trading Spouses

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • Harlem mom vs. Mansion mom

    I have never- ever in my life been so offended for someone else as I was for the young black woman who went to the Caucasian home (mansion). At the family b-b-q, grandma or some other civil war throwback actually asks the poor woman "what African tribe are you from?" This English-speaking, Harlem born and raised woman whose clearly never seen Africa a day in her life and probably has no desire to either. REALLY!!!!??!! I'm not sure what episode this was, but if you watch it, you'll never forget it. While the black woman found practical ways to use $50,000.00 even specifically leaving mom and dad money "for bills" which will probably go towards a new boat, well-meaning but clueless Caucasian mom tied all of the Harlem family's money up in "trust" for 5 to 10 years, each- with provisions that if the children don't go to college, they will NEVER see the money. I guess it was just beyond this idiots capability to let the parents figure out what their own children and household needed. Of all the condescending, patronizing nonsense......This was just painful to watch.