Trading Spouses

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • de Conciliis/Hawkins Season 3 Episode 3

    I truly believe that Mrs. de Conciliis could have made a better decision in utilizing the money for the family., Instead of looking at the interior design of the families home she should considered helping the family with counseling and also I was very upset that she did not give the twins anything, when she saw the situation up close and personal. My heart goes out to this family because Mrs. Hawkins really helped her family and made sure Mrs. de Conciliis kids had what they wanted even though they already are financially stable to get the things they so desire. I really was sad for Mrs. Hawkins. I do not believe that was not cool for her to give a 19 years $4,000 worth of VS and the twins nothing. SMH when you know better you do better. ijs I just did not agree with her decision and I would probably have had the outburst that Mrs. Hawkins did. God bless both families just my opinion.