Trading Spouses

Season 2 Episode 10

Wilson / White

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2006 on FOX

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  • Tina Wilson...good for NOTHING!

    I was just trying to find somewhere to vent after viewing this episode. Tina Wilson is a selfish, good for nothing, sorry excuse of a mother AND wife. She doesn't care about anybody but herself. I hated the end when her poor family wanted to have a dinner at the table and the fat cow just made nacho's for herself and sat by herself and ate them. She needs MAJOR help. Depression? Jealousy? What the heck had gone so wrong with this person that she doesn't even care that her family took the time to welcome her home and made her tokens of affection. To Tina's husband...I would divorce that selfish cow and get your children a real mother and yourself and real wife who will love you more than her ulgy hairless rat of a dog. F'ing C**T!
  • Revealing in the fact that you one two total opposites. 1 totally giving,the other a taker.

    I cringed for Elaine, for having to go down in her standard of living. Tina saw that Elaine had such a nice life, but she didn't understand that it takes a speical person, and a special committment to have a home you can be proud of, esp. the clean part, and the giving of Elaine to her family. It's all about giving, and not being selfish. Elaine and her husband are a prime example of great parents.
    Tina and her husband need to grow up, and think more of their kids. I believe that Tina's husband and kids wish they had the type of Mother/Wife that Elaine is. Who wouldn't? I think Tina was jealous, and was thoughtless as to how she spent Elaine's family's money. I believe she wanted to spite the family for having money. Well, Tina, you work for those things. You work in different ways to perfect your home and family. I didn't see any sign that Tina was thinking about anyone but herself.
    Did you hear what she told her sons' who had made her those welcome home signs? I will be throwing them away, she said. What an unfit mother and wife.
    You have a lot of growing to do, and it's not just your weight I'm talking about.
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