Traffic Cops

Tuesday 9:30 PM on BBC Premiered Jan 01, 2002 In Season


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  • Season 14
    • Under Attack
      Under Attack
      Episode 6
      Yorkshire's traffic cops are in hot pursuit of some criminals dragging a generator with just one wheel across the county, a van that nearly causes carnage when it crashes through a level crossing and a van full of contraband in Bradford.
    • On the Edge
      On the Edge
      Episode 5
      In Bradford there's a high-octane chase through a housing estate, a cocky petrol thief tries every trick in the book to wriggle free and Yorkshire's back roads have their peace disturbed by two cars carrying gun-toting drug dealers.
    • Special: Carjacked
    • In the Pursuit of Crime
      This episode follows officers from the North Yorkshire Road Policing Group as they chase down career criminals, disqualified drivers and a suspect who fails to stop for the police after a report of a shop theft. A burglary forces the traffic cops into high-speed pursuit of a stolen car, and with its occupants desperate to evade capture, Tadcaster traffic officers enact a risky boxing tactic.moreless
    • The Ripple Effect
      North Yorkshire's traffic cops police the largest county in England and Wales - 6,000 miles of some of Britain's most scenic, and most unforgiving, roads. They deal with among the highest number of serious collisions per person than anywhere in the UK. This episode follows a major investigation in the aftermath of a collision that has left a young motorcyclist critically injured.moreless
    • Drivers Behaving Badly
      In 2014 there were more than 2,500 casualties as a result of accidents on North Yorkshire roads. Most of these were caused by driver error, and often by careless drivers or by those who shouldn't have even been on the road at all. This episode follows North Yorkshire's traffic officers as they deal with consequences of bad driving and catch out illegal drivers.moreless
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