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FOX (ended 2011)





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  • Very familiar set-up...

    I really like this show, a lot, but, when you think about it, it's virtually identical to the show Rules Of Engagement on CBS. I mean, they both have one couple that's been together a long time, one couple that's only been together a little while, and one wacky single friend. I wonder if maybe they're both based on some other show from another country? Anyway, I like both shows, but I think Traffic Light is actually better written. And now I'm being told that I have to keep on writing to fill up a really silly 100-word minimum quota, so that's what I'm...
  • A show about three friends from college. One married, one recently moved in with his girlfriend, and one who is single. Always.

    I really enjoy this show. While I suppose it has the same premise as Rules of Engagement, this show is done in a completely different manner. No annoying laughtrack for starters. Also, all the relationships are realistic, the actors, even though they are good-looking, looks like real people, which is more than I can say for a lot of other shows. The acting is good and natural. There are a lot of funny jokes and sweet moments, and so far the episodes have been consistently good, but we are only three episodes in as I write this, so it might change. Very happy with this show, and hope it continues.
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