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  • This was a well done adaptation of the movie Traffic, about drug dealers.

    The father in the miniseries is an agent and not just a beuraucrat like in the movie. This allows him to perform some action himself. And his messed up child is a son who actually only has a friend who does drugs. In fact, this actor who played the son was just on an episode of Lost. The miniseries was nominated for outstanding miniseries at the Emmy awards this year. It deserved it. There were no cliches and the characters were real and it was well acted. This was so good it is one of the only miniseries I have ever seen.
  • This may well have been a movie spin-off but who cares. Gripping and compelling television from start thru finish. This needs to be a fully fledged series in its own right. Quitesimply its the finest television export that America has produced in years

    Quite simply this show was abslutely compelling; thanks to MultiChoice's DStv platform in South Africa we had this show aired in March 06. It's probably even more relevant today than when it was first aired in the States. I found the plot credible, the interplay between the three linked stories to be gripping, the acting stunning and the performances spot on; overall a highly powerful tv viewing experienxce. This series with its outstanding acting, cinematography and compelling plot lines simply deserves to have won Emmy after Emmy. Please please lets have a second series with character development. Outstanding, simply outstanding!