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  • To adalovelace5494

    The character acting is not supposed to be believable you muppet!

    Knock knock Lovelace...............
  • 10th Season is just Awful

    I thought I was the only one, but I'm glad to see other fans of the show feel the same. Love the series 1-7. Watch them over and over again. 8 and 9 were okay, enjoyable. It was a show I could put on and enjoy anytime. This 10th season, I don't have a clue what is happening over there, the increased fame? The celebrities, The writing? Everything just feels off, wrong.

    The show was always about trailer park life, and sure Ricky is a big pot head and crime happens. But at the heart it was just them living their lives. Now it feels like they turned their stereotypes up to 11 and none of them feel like their old characters. I was super disappointed by season 10. They may be getting more fans world wide and becoming more recognized, but they are losing what made them great in the process. So I guess that is a acceptable loss. Turn away the true fans in replace for the mass fans. At least I still have seasons 1-9 to remember them :(
  • New TPB sucks!

    Trailer Park Boys has been my favorite show for years. I've watched season 1-7 about a million times and it never gets old. Seasons 8 and 9 didn't really give me that trailer park vibe anymore, it had its funny moments but all in all I was not impressed. Then season 10 just completely lost me... The show is not the same at all, I didn't even laugh during season 10. Did they lose a key writer or something. As I said, I've been a fan for years and was super excited that they were making new episodes only to be extremely disappointed. Now there's all these stupid washed up celeb cameos, not a story at all, no funny jokes. All the people who said best season ever are either teenagers or just dumb people who will enjoy any carp they put out there. I'm still a TPB fan for life... but ill stick with the first 7 seasons... Bring back the trailer park, cause it no longer is one, and keep wash ups like snoop dogg and Tom arnold away.

  • Trailer park life

    Love this show. Not only is it hilarious because of the stupid shit that goes on and the behavior of the characters but all in all it teaches us how to live simply and not be so caught up in bullshit. I think it kind of shows us to sit back relax and enjoy company and friends. Also shows you that there's no such thing as hate. Enemies in the show are still apart of a community and in the end are still friends.

    To each his own I guess.

    It does not matter what it is , someone will dislike it.

    I personally think the show is brilliant.
  • Funny ass show

    I challenge anyone who thinks this show unfunny to get really faded and watch season 7, episode 3, and not laugh at least twice... thats what I'm watching right now and I'm feeling like this is the most hilarious show I've ever seen
  • Season 8

    So so bad. They lost their good writer evidently. I see wonderful reviews for season 8 but can only think that Netflix must be paying to have reviews posted. God it is stupid now. used to have sparks. Maybe preteens are posting the favorable flood of reviews
  • An acquired taste

    I think Trailer Park Boys is an acquired taste. I really didn't like it at first - I mean the fake reality show style has really turned me off and I thought some of the actors were really bad. But I realized that if I still wanted to cuddle with my boyfriend I had to sit in front of the show with him, so I watched it. I wasn't interested in the first episodes, but slowly I started to understand the characters and get attached to them. I mean, they are so unique, so ridiculous. And then came the hilarious jokes, and the weird behavior of these guys just made it into my new favorite comedy show!! Trailer Park Boys is a good entertainment overall.
  • Absolute Crap

    The character acting is terrible and nowhere close to believable. The plot lines are shallow. The dialog is crap and after watching for more time than I'm willing to admit to, I barely chuckled even once. I didn't hear a single decent joke nor did I experience a single bit of decent situational comedy. This slow just plain-ass sucks.
  • Did you know?

    To all the guys here, particularly Danwietzel, if you didnt know. Trailer Park boys has returned. There are 10 new episodes and a season 8 available, but not on tv, only through Netflix!
  • Simply, I love it

    Please, pretty please, bring this show back. I just couldn't get enough of it. Have watched the complete series more than once. Thank you for such a great cast.
  • I loved this show so much, I wrote a book about it!

    I fell in love with this awesome comedy saga last year. This show is so rich, so funny, so compulsively watchable, I had to figure out why. So I would up writing a collection of essays called FIFTY SHADES OF TRAILER PARK BOYS: TPB in the Great Comedic Traditions. It's a great look at the history of fiction, especially comedy, seen the through examples of great modern comedies and, of course, Trailer Park Boys. It's a great xmas gift for the TPB fan in your life! At Amazon now.
  • Love this show!

    Knock knock...!
  • Diamond in the $^#$#$^&V!!!V Rough........

    I love watching Red Green. How I missed this Canadian series astounds me. I'm in northern Minnesota, you'd have thought I'd have heard about it. Within a day of watching a few episodes, I ordered every dvd of the series. Tv, and movies. I know people who live in trailer parks who emulate the cast of Trailer Park Boys. They were playing the parts 30 years ago, and they didn't realize someone would make a movie about it someday. I thoroughly have enjoyed watching this series. And I will be having showings of it for my friends . They'll have to leave the guns, and drugs at the door. Fun show, thanks, StreetRodder
  • Perhaps one of the greatest shows ever shown.


    At first, I was skeptical of this crude, cheaply-made Canadian mockumentary focused mainly on the lives of three friends who are constantly concocting get rich quick schemes. The three main characters, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles come together and become a forceful comedic trio as the show progresses. Having the characters be so different leads the show to never have a dull moment. A must watch for anyone who enjoys adult-oriented humor.

  • Canadian Humor

    The best show in my opinion to come out of Canada. The show follows Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles who are always in and out of jail. Ricky is a marijuana grower and dealer, Julian, a person always looking to get rich fast, and always has an alcoholic drink in his hand, Bubbles who loves cats, and is a very lovable person. The show also Has Mr.Lahey the trailer park supervisor, an alcoholic, and later a cop once again, and Randy a cheeseburger addicted weekend trailer park supervisor. The show is going to be one of Canada's classic comedies, and i suggest you see it.
  • Cool!

    Like most people when I first saw this show I thought it was just another mindless low budget comedy series aimed at the dim-witted pot smokers among us. Then I watched it more and became mesmerized by the underlying brilliance, everything was not as it seemed, from the beautifully languid intro music, to the ingenious documentary style of filming. Much like SCTV, it uses the low budget quality of the show, and turns that into a bonus. THe shaky hand-held camera, the occasional boom mic shot all blend perfectly with the mostly improvised dialogue. There's something uniquely Canadian about this, making the best out of the fewest resources, and it demonstrates the greatness of the show that it does not need huge production values to make you laugh your ass off. And laugh you will as you watch the main characters, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles stumble their way through life. We have all met people like this, much like in the movie "Fubar", people who are completely ignorant and emotionally underdeveloped, yet very much content with their position in life. Both Fubar and TPB, the key is not to make fun of these people in a condescending way, look equally at their naive stupidity but also at their loyalty and innocence and genuineness.
  • This is an insult to Canadian Television(and that's saying something!)

    This is an insult to Canadian Television(and that's saying something!)The mindless drivel seen on Trailer Park Boys is enough to make you long for reality television. It is probably the worst show on tv. Just watching it makes you feel like your brain cells are dissintigrating! Please don't watch this offensive, pathetic attempt at humor and originality. The sooner it gets cancelled, the better.
  • This is one of the worst show i've ever seen in my life.

    This is one of the worst show i've ever seen in my life. This show has a lot of stupid jokes and rude languages, and all those jokes are very retarded and i dont find them funny AT ALL. It is such a shame on Canadians. They arent what Canadians are like, they are just a bunch of idiots who are very ignorant and all they do it smoking weed and getting drunk. Showcase could obviously do better than this..... Bascially this show is completly waste of time and show case should definalty get rid of this ridiculously dumb show and put on some awesome shows like WEEDS!
  • The funniest show in the trailer park.

    Bubbles, Julian, and Ricky are three guys from the trailer park trying to make it big. They pull off jobs that fail constantly or end up getting them arrested again and again. Bubbles with his stealing shopping carts so that he can feed his cats, Julian striving to set up a job that doesn't end with him or Ricky in jail, and Ricky with his visions of grandeur as well as trying to get back into Lucy's good graces, seems to get them into trouble with the law. Either by Jim Lahey or Randy. It is a show I will surely miss and hope to have a few surprises along the way.
  • Funny!

    Trailer Park Boys is a very stupid show but if you can get past how stupid and unbelievable/ridiculous it is it is also a very very funny show! The characters are all well played and very over the top funny. My favourite is Lahey the drunk ex-cop now trailer park superviser at Sunnyvale Trailer Park. He takes his job really seriously and his assistant Randy is always shirtless with an unbelievably puffed out stomach. Julian always has a rye and coke in his hand, and he always commits crimes with his stupid friend and the always hilarious Bubbles, so named because of his thick glasses. Check out the show if you haven't seen it it is very funny! Not for kids, lots of swearing and even some nudity/sexual situations, etc.
  • Hidden gem.

    This is a fantastic show, not many can rival it. To last seven seasons and still be totally hilarious is outstanding. It's extremely well casted, and it seems that the actors have a great time making the show; witch makes it a great time watching it too.

    It's completely underrated, and not given the credit it deserves here in the UK, if it was advertised at prime time, it would get a big audience. Trailer Park Boys recently lost two main characters, Cory and Trevor, but where as other shows would crumble, Trailer Park Boys grew stronger, with the longest season yet being the seventh, even without Cory and Trevor, it was a delight top watch.

    I love this show and everything about it, and I hope they continue to bring us brilliant and classics moments for many years to come.
  • Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian, the perfect trio for a laugh. With the boys getting on Lahey's and Randy's last nerve you know theres going to be trouble. We know they'll either go to jail(most always happens) or not, but we know for sure we will get a laugh.

    Three boys grew up together. Being friends from the beginning, and having fun all the way. When they started they were humble kids, hanging out with Randy, until he got baked, then they left him. Pursuing a career, the boys try every way to make some money. Unfortunately, the one they hang out with-Randy-grew up to become assistant trailer park supervisor. Now, with every chance he and Lahey get, they try and thwart the boys hopes of becoming retired. Will the boys succeed, fail, or will one of them end in jail. Well, for these answers tune into the Trailer Park Boys, Canada's finest show ever made. When you watch you are guaranteed to laugh at Ricky the clown, Lahey the drunk, or Bubbles and his kitties. So when you read "why did I watch," well when you watch an episode, you'll know why!
  • i need this show in my life...

    This show is genius... we need more episodes!! it is clever enough for viewers to watch an episode and wholly enjoy it, as it only has a loose attatchment to ongoing storylines, much like Friends, and each episode is focused on an adventure.
    I love Bubbles the best, and Conky. And Steve French. And the way he says 'FFFack Ricky!"
    And J Roc, 'Ya know what im seyyyin??' Also we love it in England so much, we need it on actual telly here, rather that on DVD....Dave TV should pick it up... everyone write them an email.. because that would be awesome, even if youre from outside the it for us...
  • One of the best comedies out there, and certainly tops among Canadian television.

    The Trailer Park Boys are some of the funniest people on Earth. They are always scheming to make whatever money they can, whether that be from stealing and selling meat, to growing marijuana, their constant struggle to make an easy dollar is truly hilarious.
    My favourite character is probably Ricky, due to the fact that he is the one who spearheads most of the stupid get rich quick schemes that they get themselves into. Not to mention he is one of the most original and hilarious characters of any television show out there. When he is swearing his head off, I can't help but laugh mine off. Now, thats not to say that the rest of the cast isn't downright hilarious, because they all are. Whether it be his drunken father, his best friends Julian and Bubbles who go along with his plans and end up getting screwed along with him, or his on-again-off-again girlfriend Lucy who is constantly asking him to help her out, yet never helps herself. The show is non-stop laughs from start to finish, and I believe it is truly one of the best comedies to hit the airways in a long, long time.
  • HAhah

    All hail trailer park boys, the funniest show on television. This show is an absolute must-watch. The plot of the show has already been summed-up by the other comments on the board, so I'll only say: watch this show it is hilarious It's hysterical. everyone must watch trailer park boys its the best First of all it love how its a fake documentary i find they lose this around season four i also found season 6 and 7 werent that great by far the best was either 5 or 2 r even 1 so like isaid before everyone must watch this show it is great, in fact very great
  • Sick show its the best on televson today

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  • this show makes you want to never stop watching it.

    this show makes you want to never stop watching it. ive watched every single trailer park boys episode and i still cant get enough of it. they put so much time and effort into every episode that they cant make enough episodes. i think they should make an episode where bubles and ricky play golf. the cast on this show plays their parts absololutly great you almost think that you are there and that this is reakky happening to them right now. i think the humor is really original. every day is a perfect day to watch trailer park boys. what a great show!
  • Absolute genius with an incredibly well observed cast of characters

    At first i didnt have a clue what to make of this show - it was like nothing i had ever seen before. It is a spoof documentary set among a bunch of freaks and odd balls living on a Canadian trailer park. However as you watch it and they tell you about their hopes and fears you start to care about them and even empathise with them, which is unusual for a comedy. Despite the fact that all the characters are over exaggerated thay are also very human.
    It is also a laugh out loud comedy about dope, kitties, petty crime, dope, family, friends, dope, drinking, burgers, dope, trollies, bare chests, being happy with what you have got(for the most part) and more dope.
    The first time i saw it i wasnt sure if i would like it, but as jroc says if it happened to me it can happen to you

    This show is so good i cant find the words for it.When i first saw this show being advertised i thought to myself that looks so boring and cheaply made,why would anyone watch it.Then one day i thought screw it lets see what is like,and thank god i did.The show is basically about a gang of pals that get upto some quick money schemes,that always seem to go wrong.The cast is so good and everyone of them brings a mad quality to the show.If you like to laugh then i advise you to watch this,as it's my favourite comedy show and each episode never fails to make me laugh.
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