Trailer Park Boys

Season 2 Episode 1

What in the F*ck Happened to Our Trailer Park?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 23, 2002 on Showcase
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What in the F*ck Happened to Our Trailer Park?
When Ricky gets a job as a mall security guard, he puts Julian's dope-growing operation at risk and tries to arrest Bubbles for stealing shopping carts.

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  • This was a good episode.

    This is a really good episode that's really funny.

    Julian and Ricky finally get out of jail. They have this plan that they are going to grow a bunch of weed and sell it to the security gaurds in jail. They call it freedom 35. They steal like 20 car radios and sell them to J-Roc for gear to grow weed. Lucy is banging Randy and they live together. Ricky gets a job at the mall and doesn't grow weed with Julian. His job is to make sure no one steals shopping carts. Julian steals a car radio and puts it in Ricky's trunk so he would get fired so he would help Julian grow weed. Ricky almost rats out Bubbles, but then he doesn't. Ricky gets fired and then he hates Julian even more. He forgives Julian and starts to grow weed with him. Julian f*cked everything up. Half of the plants are female.

    I give this episode a 9.0 out of 10.moreless
Kim Dunn

Kim Dunn

Mall Manager

Guest Star

Iain MacLeod

Iain MacLeod

Mall Cop

Guest Star

Blain Morris

Blain Morris

Terry (voice)

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Lucy and Randy are talking in the kitchen, they say that Randy has been the assistant trailer park supervisor for 12 years, but in the very first episode of the show, Ricky asks Randy, "So what are you, his new assistant?" and Randy says "Yes, I am."

    • Ricky yells at the bottle kids that he just got his car out of storage, yet Bubbles picked up the boys up in the car.

    • Julian and Ricky's prison term seems to vary in length. Last season, it was mentioned as being 7.5 months. This episode, it varies from 12 to 14 months.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Bubbles: He just waltzes in there, and becomes the king of the carts. What the f*ck does he thing I'm supposed to do? Go down to E.I. Hey there, yeah, I haul shopping carts out of ponds and sell them back to the store for a living, I've been doing it for eighteen years, so give me a f*cking check please. That's not gonna f*cking happen. I haven't been paying into U.I., E.I. or whatever the f*ck there calling it these days.

    • Bubbles: People don't realize how much money are in carts. I'd take these homes and fix 'em, sell 'em to a different mall for $18. I got the 2 malls paying off of each other. That's how I make my living. It's not really stealing if you ask me because most of the money I make here I spend it back there anyway on fucking cat food and stuff like that so somebody's here and on a cart like this...woopsie! Down she goes...
      Ricky: Bubbles.
      Bubbles: ...Somebody comes and fixes it later.
      Ricky: Bubbles what are you doing? You can't be touching the carts like this.
      Bubbles: What do care if I touch the carts or not Ricky?
      Ricky: Because I'm working at the mall now. I'm a security guard. Can't you see what I'm wearing here?
      Bubbles: No way. You're in charge of the f**king carts?
      Ricky: Yeah I am. And you can't take them all right?

  • NOTES (1)


    • J-Roc: Me and T know that when you all was up in the OZ you lost your honey wagon and sh*t.

      Oz is one of HBO's first programs. Oz (Oswald State Correctional Facility) is a maximum-security prison in the state of New York where they are experimenting with Emerald City (from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) cellblock of the prison that emphisezes on rehabliitation.