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  • Season 2
    • Your Honour
      Your Honour
      Episode 10
      Marlon - Pete - Seymour

      Marlon and Pete finally meet and Seymour mentions to Marlon about the job that Pete got for him. Marlon tells Pete that he isn't going to be working in a place wearing a hairnet for far to long. Seymour tells Marlon about Pete and him hanging out and having a good time. Pete then tells Marlon that just cause he wears a suit doesn't make him a bad guy and he really isn't boring.

      Pete then gives a 50 cent cd to Marlon but he doesn't want it. Seymour then takes it and Pete talks about rap music and he himself gives a rap that he heard on a song to Seymour.

      Pete talks about how his friend went to jail for insider trading and he wasn't ready for jail. Marlon tells Pete that he isnt his pet project for being a good Samaritan. Pete understands and Seymour talks about hanging out with Marlon at the crib.

      Johnny - Liz - Randy

      Johnny talks about the joke he played at work when his wife made brownies and put Exlax's in them so they would have to go to the washroom later. Johnny tells Randy how he put the brownies inside the refrigerator and all the guys had them and had to use the portapotty. He tells Randy he told one guy to go to use another portapotty that wasn't in use so the guy went inside and Johnny explains to Randy how he got a crane and lifted it up in the air so the guy was 20 feet off the ground. Johnny then says the foreman came and told Johnny that he was fired.

      They all talk about robots and Randy mentions at work they are going to make a fighting robot. They talk more about the robot and Johnny makes an idea about how they should get robots to fight over in Iraq so the soldiers don't die. Randy and Liz say they are doing that so the robots can save the lives of the soldiers.

      Randy then talks about how robots are going to be used alot such as how a doctor can use a robotic arm to do surgery so people are better taken care of since the arm can do precise surgery.

      Johnny talks about if they can make a female robot so he can push a button on it to tell it to shut up and put bigger breasts on it. Liz then tells Johnny how she is offended and she lives. Randy and Johnny then talk about the movie Weird Science.

      Zach - Lucas - Dana

      Zach gives a thank you card to Lucas. Lucas tells Zach that his mother is bugging him about the tape that he gave her. Zach says his mother can really be pushy but he tells Lucas that his work is done. Zach asks Lucas if he can find out what Dana got for him cause he isn't sure. Lucas tells Zach to go there himself since it was his wedding party. So Zach goes and talks to Dana as Lucas looks on. Zach talks about how the party was and they talk about the music and the flowers and all that. Zach slowly tries to figure out what Dana got him so he mentions a waffle maker and a mirror. Dana doesn't know what Zach is talking about then Lucas sits with them and they talk about the gift the Dana gave to Zach. Zach says he liked the gift and Lucas asks him to describe it but Zach can't and he says that Ana can best describe it.

      Dana then see's where this is going and says that she took the gift back cause of what Ana did at the wedding party when she came in and Ana took the gift outta her hands and put them on the table. Zach says to Dana that its not her fault cause he explains Ana was mad cause Ana's father came and Zach and him got into a pushing fight and were yelling at each other and Ana was just mad at what happened. Zach says he shouldn't have had the party but Lucas tells Zach to just brush it off as it was really nothing

      We then see Seymour talking about inviting Pete to hang with them. Pete says he will bring the food. Pete says he wants to get to know Marlon better. Marlon says why would he want to get to know him better. Pete says to Marlon that people wont like him cause he just got outta jail and he is trying to be a nice guy and just hang out with him and Seymour.

      Seymour says to Pete if he wants to listen to 50 cents but Pete says its called Cent.moreless
    • Old dogs and new tricks (Part 2)
      Pete - Bob

      Bob tells Pete about his birthday party that they are going to. Bob asks about the marriage with Ritu and Pete explains how it was all modern day and they didn't connect so he couldn't marry her. Pete looks for his wallet but can't find it so he tells his dad how he would have to pay for the party. Pete then gives his dad a birthday card and his father looks it over but isn't happy. Pete tells his father that it's not all about gifts and this year he thought he would give him a card instead.

      Bob says to Pete about getting into his Alfo Amaro car. Pete tells his father that its in the shop but Bob says to Pete that he knows he is lying about something but Pete says he is not. Bob says to Pete that he must be gay and he was holding that secret in. Pete's father say's its alright that he is gay. Pete tells his dad he is not gay and that he lost money to a shady character in a investment that gone wrong and he had to pay him back and he got beat up in the process. Pete says to his dad now he is broke and cant pay for it.

      Pete tells his father that he didn't want to marry Ritu cause of the situation he was in cause if he did he would have been marrying for money and he didnt want to tell his dad about the money he had to give away.

      Brenda - Randy - Dana

      Dana is listening to music on her CD player. She then gives it to Randy to listen to and Randy is shocked in what he hears. Brenda asks about the CD that Randy is hearing but Dana tells Brenda that its not her type of music that she would be into listening.

      Randy after listening to the CD gives it back to Dana then Brenda asks again about listening to the music on the CD. She tells Dana and Randy how she was into the music and got all crazy at a Burton Cummings Concert where she got drunk and took her tube top off.

      Liz - Johnny - Zach - Shannon

      Liz is on her cell phone and finds out that her marble kitchen counter is all broken cause of his huge dog that lives on her street. She says to Johnny how she wants to shoot it and how she now has to take care of her cause the family that owns the dog is going on a trip. Johnny tells Liz that she must hate dogs but Liz says she doesn't but she isn't too pleased with this dog.

      Zach says how his experience with a dog when he was 10 years old really bothered him. He says how he was on a paper route and how a dog would always chase him everywhere he went. Finally he couldn't ride his bike any longer to chase the dog so he fell down and the dog licked him. Johnny then tells Zach that the dog was just playing and that's how dogs are.

      Johnny then gives his experience with a dog and says how him and his dad went out to a forest type area and how he had lost his dad so he was crying. He says how a huge white dog came to him and started licking his cheeks cause he was crying. Johnny says how the dog starting howling for his dad cause his dad's name was Howard so when his dad came he shot the dog cause his dad thought the dog was ready to kill him. Johnny says how sometimes it just gives the wrong impression on things.

      Liz is back on the cell phone with the dog owners and she tries to get outta taking care of the dog. She asks them to put it in a kennel but they cant put him in there. So Liz is stuck with the dog until she tries to give the dog to Johnny to take care of but Johnny says Crystal is allergic of dogs so he cant take care of it.

      We then see Brenda jumping and swaying to the music and she takes the earphones off and says how she likes the music. But later she asks what is a big booty chicken head hoe? Dana and Randy try to explain it to her but they don't know what to say.moreless
    • Old dogs and new tricks (Part 1)
    • Coming from you, I'd believe it
    • Pay Up!
      Pay Up!
      Episode 6
    • Buyers and Sellers All
    • Live and Let Live
    • Hypocrites Anonymous
    • Et Toque, Randy?
      Et Toque, Randy?
      Episode 2
    • Title Will Be Added Later
      Pete - Lucas - Shannon

      Pete is back from his trip and tells Lucas that he is now living with Trini because he loves her. Lucas mentions to Pete that he is whipped and he doesn't know it but Pete says he is in love with this woman. Shannon doesn't understand what had gotten into Pete cause he would sleep with a woman just to get stock tips.

      Then Shannon mentions how she got Gavin a gift and Pete and Lucas want to see but Shannon won't let them. She says how she is sleeping with Gavin but her mother doesnt know about it and she is keeping it that way. But Lucas mentions how Shannon is sleeping with her mom's nurse and that is just wrong and Shannon doesn't really care either way.

      Shannon tells Lucas about Nicole not being around anymore cause she was suppose to get a facial done but her phone is outta service and at her work she left so Pete asks what's this all about and Shannon mentions how Max came in and talked about taking her away and Shannon think's Nicole went away with Max cause of his bank account.

      Randy - Zach

      First Randy sits down and is looking around for Liz then Zach sits down and mentions that he spoke to his friend and there doing a Star Trek play and he asks Randy to join him there and do the play but Randy doesnt seem all too interested with it. Randy says its been weeks since the kiss and he hasnt heard from Liz and hopes to see her on the train if she does show up.

      Zach mentions to Randy how he would like to see them kiss because he wants to live through Randy since his life isnt going so well but Randy thinks that is odd that Zach wants to live through him.

      Randy talks about how he was keeping it cool not talking to Liz and then he heard about the hurricane in Bermuda and felt like he should see how Liz is doing so he did and Liz wrote back a very odd message that said Talk to you when i get back and Randy feels she is feeling weird about the kiss but Zach assures Randy that the kiss isnt scarying her away from him. He says Liz and you are great friends so there wont be any problems when she comes back and says she isnt freaking out on you like Victoria is.

      Randy asks Zach about how it was going with Victoria and Zach mentions how he wanted to be friends with her and how she came on the train and now she is acting all weird and crying all the time and coming over all the time to his place and he feels its all so weird.

      Johnny - Dana - Brenda

      Brenda says to Dana and Johnny how she is taking the kids to Rocky Lobster cause thats where she would go with Doug and the kids. She wants her kids to remember their dad. Johnny starts to mention how he once ate 100 Shrimps there and how the place is amazing but Brenda laughs and says how she doesnt think her husband could eat that.

      Johnny asks Dana how the schooling is going and she says how its so good at U of T and how she couldnt get into one course that dealt with poetry cause she didnt submit a good enough poetry and Johnny is shocked that she didnt get it.

      Brenda calls her kids and tells them to get ready and one of them isnt getting ready and she yells at him and tells him to get ready and Johnny and Dana are in shock at whats going on. Then when Brenda is done with the phone Johnny mentions how her good her parenting was but Dana doesnt think so and says that there kids are dealing with the death of there dad in there own way and Brenda says how this day is important and they should go no matter what.

      Then we see Shannon talking to Lucas and Pete about how if Pete will look at another woman and Pete says he will not cause he is in love with Trini. Then Shannon says its her stop and she gets up and shows the guys if her present to Gavin is alright and she is takes off her trenchcoat and shows them leather that she is wearing and she walks away and thats how the show ended.moreless
    • You'll Pay For That Later
    • Signed, Sealed, Delivered
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