Train 48

Season 2 Episode 9

Old dogs and new tricks (Part 2)

Aired Weekdays 7:00 PM Feb 17, 2004 on Global
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Old dogs and new tricks (Part 2)
Pete - Bob

Bob tells Pete about his birthday party that they are going to. Bob asks about the marriage with Ritu and Pete explains how it was all modern day and they didn't connect so he couldn't marry her. Pete looks for his wallet but can't find it so he tells his dad how he would have to pay for the party. Pete then gives his dad a birthday card and his father looks it over but isn't happy. Pete tells his father that it's not all about gifts and this year he thought he would give him a card instead.

Bob says to Pete about getting into his Alfo Amaro car. Pete tells his father that its in the shop but Bob says to Pete that he knows he is lying about something but Pete says he is not. Bob says to Pete that he must be gay and he was holding that secret in. Pete's father say's its alright that he is gay. Pete tells his dad he is not gay and that he lost money to a shady character in a investment that gone wrong and he had to pay him back and he got beat up in the process. Pete says to his dad now he is broke and cant pay for it.

Pete tells his father that he didn't want to marry Ritu cause of the situation he was in cause if he did he would have been marrying for money and he didnt want to tell his dad about the money he had to give away.

Brenda - Randy - Dana

Dana is listening to music on her CD player. She then gives it to Randy to listen to and Randy is shocked in what he hears. Brenda asks about the CD that Randy is hearing but Dana tells Brenda that its not her type of music that she would be into listening.

Randy after listening to the CD gives it back to Dana then Brenda asks again about listening to the music on the CD. She tells Dana and Randy how she was into the music and got all crazy at a Burton Cummings Concert where she got drunk and took her tube top off.

Liz - Johnny - Zach - Shannon

Liz is on her cell phone and finds out that her marble kitchen counter is all broken cause of his huge dog that lives on her street. She says to Johnny how she wants to shoot it and how she now has to take care of her cause the family that owns the dog is going on a trip. Johnny tells Liz that she must hate dogs but Liz says she doesn't but she isn't too pleased with this dog.

Zach says how his experience with a dog when he was 10 years old really bothered him. He says how he was on a paper route and how a dog would always chase him everywhere he went. Finally he couldn't ride his bike any longer to chase the dog so he fell down and the dog licked him. Johnny then tells Zach that the dog was just playing and that's how dogs are.

Johnny then gives his experience with a dog and says how him and his dad went out to a forest type area and how he had lost his dad so he was crying. He says how a huge white dog came to him and started licking his cheeks cause he was crying. Johnny says how the dog starting howling for his dad cause his dad's name was Howard so when his dad came he shot the dog cause his dad thought the dog was ready to kill him. Johnny says how sometimes it just gives the wrong impression on things.

Liz is back on the cell phone with the dog owners and she tries to get outta taking care of the dog. She asks them to put it in a kennel but they cant put him in there. So Liz is stuck with the dog until she tries to give the dog to Johnny to take care of but Johnny says Crystal is allergic of dogs so he cant take care of it.

We then see Brenda jumping and swaying to the music and she takes the earphones off and says how she likes the music. But later she asks what is a big booty chicken head hoe? Dana and Randy try to explain it to her but they don't know what to say.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

Jason Cadieux

Jason Cadieux

Dr. David Garneau (Season 2+)

Ingrid Hart

Ingrid Hart

Shannon Lamarche

Amy Price-Francis

Amy Price-Francis

Nicole Svendsen (season 1)

Joanne Boland

Joanne Boland

Dana Davin

Krista Sutton

Krista Sutton

Liz Irwin-Gallo

Jack Mosshammer

Jack Mosshammer

Seymour Shackleton (season 2+, recurring previously)

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