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The evil Decepticons have appeared in Detroit. With the all powerful Allspark, Megatron can use it to turn all of Earth's robots into Decepticons. However, Optimus Prime and his Autobots arrive and plan to stop Megatron and his evil plan in Transformers Animated. Broadcast History: "Transformers Animated" premiered on December 26th, 2007 at 8:00pm (ET) with the three-part episode "Transform and Roll Out". The series then moved to its regular timeslot of Saturdays at 10:30am (ET) on January 5th, 2008. New episodes continued to premiere at that timeslot until the second season finale, "A Bridge Too Close", on July 5th, 2008. After an eight month break of new episodes, "Transformers Animated" returned with the three-part third season premiere, "TransWarped", at 8:00am (ET) on March 14th, 2009. New episodes currently premiere at its new timeslot of 8:00am (ET) on Saturdays.
Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Megatron, Ratchet

David Kaye

David Kaye

Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Lugnut

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Sari Sumdac

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Starscream, Isaac Sumdac

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Prowl, Captain Fanzone, Ultra Magnus

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr


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  • Why transformers animated got cancelled on Cartoon Network

    Why spike witwickey young Kid not appear on transformers animated on Cartoon Network Don't worry will new transformers series 2015 and new hub network call cool retro action hero cartoon! About Cornelius and spike Cornelius Raibon wear decepticon t-shirt spike witwickey wear autobot t-shirt I watch phineas and ferb I watch oh yeah cartoon fairly oddparents Dexter's lab Johnny test teenage robot chalkzone mighty b powerpuff girls codename kids next door cool retro action hero cartoon! Creators of oh yeah cartoon! And random cartoon! Huboom toons I like watch transformers prime on hub network Cornelius Raibon being decepticon transformer fan spike witwickey being autobot fan transformer Cornelius Raibon born on Halloween birthday October 31 1985moreless
  • Autobots, transform and make an excellent tv series!

    I used to love this cartoon when it was on! This is just like Invader ZIM or Rocko's Modern Life, a show that should have never been canceled! Its a descent spinoff of TV & more entertainment. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is very similar to Transformers Animated. Its CGI is the same. The humor isn't very similar really. I know there are bad ripoffs of any type of entertainment that is currently our childhood, but this show is creative! Though the Autobots transformations aren't the same as how they are in the original transformers. Sari was really cute. I remember funny moments from this show. Like Sari's father would always struggle with machines like Phones, Computers, and I bet more. Sorry I can't remember, Transformers Animated has been off the air so long I don't know if I'm right on what I say are, you know... "Facts". Now back to Sari's father... Whenever he uses a machine, he often gets angry and says: "This is why I hate machines!" Every time I heard Sari's father say that, I'd laugh anything on me off or out. Example: "That was so hilarious I'd laugh all my organs and bones, out!" Then I can remember Sari's pranks. Such as eating all the candy. The 2 Construction robots were hilarious too. Unlike the Transformers movies, Transformers Animated also has better acting. Transformers movies have better sound effects and better action. But these 2 are still even with the graphics and logos. Anyway I don't think this show is from the Creators of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. But It still has lots of similarities to Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. I like the humor mostly. Its funny. Plus the names are creative. But the main reason why I love this show is the theme song/intro. You can type in and search "Transformers Animated Theme Song" or "Transformers Animated intro" on Youtube. I loved this show with all my heart. I'd still be okay if it returned but no longer aired on Cartoon Network. This was one of the last good Cartoon Network shows even though it started airing in like Winter 2007 or Spring 2008. Cartoon Network lost its charm when Squirrel Boy came. This was one of the only good shows still airing in 2007-2009. Along with Ed Eddn Eddy, Fosters home for Imaginary friends, Camp Lazlo, Codename: Kids Next Door, and Billy and Mandy. I just ignored the stupid Cartoon Network shows that time, like Out of Jimmy's Head, Skunk Fu! (also known as stuoid skunk poo!) Pokemon, Chowder, Squirrel Boy, Flapjack, 6teen, and the very stupid Johnny Test! Anyway, I'm hoping and I bet that one day, we'll have a new transformers spinoff series that's actually funny, creative, and spectacular! Just like this!moreless
  • Will never be as good as G1, but it isn't half bad!

    Call me a bit biased, but hey, it was the series that got me interested in Transformers in general so I have to leave something of a good review.

    This show is not bad, despite some rather wonky details that contradict much of the other series, and continues to show promise the more I see of it. The character designs are not bad, they're actually quite good, giving the Transformers a less blocky and more sleek appearance than their G1 counterparts.

    I think that the characters voice acting needs a bit of work, overall, but it isn't so bad it makes you want to cringe. The characters themselves are pretty good, quite well developed though they too could use a bit of work... By far my favorite is Blitzwing- never before have I laughed so much at a cartoon character's antics. Though I love most of the details of the show, Sari always makes me stop in my tracks. I'm not sure why I am so put off toward her, but to me she seems like something of a marysue- the Autobots love her, she is actually a protoform that took the shape of a human and she never knew, she has all sorts of funky powers (most of which show up later on in the series).. Honestly I'm not sure about her all around. But overall the series was great and should have lasted much much longer than it did.moreless
  • Another Transformers spin-off, but this one is awesome!!!!

    Personally I really like this show. The concept of this show is the same as the others. The Autobots fight the Decepticons to save the Earth from destruction. This show though has different characters. Some of the Autobots are from the Transformers movie. My favorite is Bumblebee. I think he is funny, and cool. The dialog in this show is excellent. Sari, and the Autobots have some funny moments, and it will keep you hooked on the series. The music in this show rocks!! I like the theme song, I think it is a great song. Another good thing to this show in my mind is that it is child friendly. Most of these shows that have giant robots in them are usually meant for teens. The movie was rated PG13 because of the intense violence. The creators I think did a great job on making the violence as little harsh as possible. I am grateful for this. Overall, awesome show, excellent dialog, cool characters, awesome music, another Transformers adventure. I would recommend this show to anyone.moreless
  • Transformers saga, retold and reimagined for the new generation... aged 7 and below.

    Firstly, taking Optimus Prime... calling him the same name, but making him a military reject AND making him a young rookie is wrong in so many ways that idiots who came up with that idea should be slapped across the face and the idiots who actually paid money to make them should be punched in the face.

    Secondly, the art. Transformers like Star Wars has always been associated with high tech and good art. Granted the old series wasn't cutting edge art but it was still good.

    And in modern times, after Armada, Energon and Cybertron, there truly is no excuse to make a backdated artstyle to create an animation who by the sheer premise needs have atleast decent art.

    Thirdly, the characters. Sure the other characters might be bearable but for how long !? The Sari and Sundak characters are created by some hack writers who probably thought that they'll make their mark on the Transformers world. Guess what, you guys are no Bruce Timm [DCAU] or Greg Weisman [Spectacular Spidey]. Without Sam 'Spike' Witwicky. The human aspect of the series is very much gone.

    It's like Spider-man without Harry Osborn or Uncle Ben.

    Or Batman without Commissioner Gordon.

    This show just went wrong in so many ways from the start, and having it focus on the younger viewers by dumbing down the story didn't help either.

    Look at AVATAR and SPECTACULAR SPIDEY. Two prime example of how to make a show for children without making them stupid.

    On the story front I'd have to say they did very good, along with the amazing the voice cast. Too bad the stroy never truly went anywhere.

    You don't get to see Prime become the legend he's suppose to be. Spike never entered the picture.

    No legend of Unicron... the faults go on.

    In the end, this is a ba$tardised version of Transformers fused with Smallville probably 'cause the writers thought it was cool and that people would care about a young Optimus. Problem is, people does, if we saw this new young one slowly turn into the legend.

    That never happened, so we didn't care about the show either.

    I genuinely think there was a brilliant story and styling hidden underneath this children cartoon. They just couldn't rightly find that sweet balance.moreless

    June 17, 2008 DVD Releases

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