Transformers Animated

Season 2 Episode 13

A Bridge Too Close, Part II

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Jul 05, 2008 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Character(s) Introduced:
      Omega Supreme

    • Both Cartoon Network and YTV's original airings of this episode had something interrupting the end credit scene. However, Cartoon Network's reairings of this episode did properly display the end credit scene.

    • This is the first episode of Transformers Animated that has a scene playing during the end credits.

    • This is the first episode of Transformers Animated (except for the primetime premiere of the 'Transform and Roll Out' pilot) to debut at 11:00am (ET). All other season one and two episodes have premiered at 10:30am (ET).

  • Quotes

    • Slipstream: What are you doing? Aim for Megatron's spark chamber!
      : Aim for his spark chamber?! Don't tell me how to slag Megatron. I was slagging Megatron when you were still a gleam in my spark!
      Slipstream: And look how well that turned out...

    • Thundercracker: A mere construction bot is no match for my superior firepower!
      Mixmaster: Oh, really? Well, you know where you can stick it! (Sprays him with cement)
      Thundercracker: (Struggles) Impossible! You cannot defeat me! You are not worthy, you are inferior, and your joke stinks!

    • Prowl: More Starscream Clones?
      Optimus Prime: How is that even possible?
      Blurr: Based on the unusuallly high level of AllSpark energy emanating from Starscream, one can only assume that he somehow acquired more AllSpark fragments, and used their life-giving properties to bring the Clones online.
      Bumblebee: (To Optimus Prime) Aren't you sorry you asked?

    • Bulkhead: Don't get your circuits in a bunch. The space bridge is useless without a receiving code, and for that Megatron, well, he'd already need to have someone on Cybertron.
      Bumblebee: Don't you remember anything? The communication broadcast I picked up; Wasp, the Deception spy I caught back in bootcamp?
      Shockwave: You mean the spy we caught in bootcamp, don't you Bumblebee?
      Bumblebee: How do you know my name?
      Shockwave: (transforms into Longarm Prime) Surely you remember your old pal, Longarm?
      Bumblebee: So... Wasp wasn't a double agent? Which means...
      Bulkhead: You sent an innocent bot to the stockade.

    • Omega Supreme: (About the Decepticons) There's too many! I'm not ready!
      Ratchet: You can do this, old friend! I believe in you!
      Sari Sumdac: That makes one of us...

    • Ratchet: Careful not to fire on our friends!
      Sari Sumdac: And try to get a visual on my dad!
      Omega Supreme: Sure. What's a dad?

    • Angry Blitzwing: You overgrown Autobot! I will scramble your circuits so bad you'll need a GPS scanner to find your own exhaust port. (Omega Supreme headbutts Blitzwing, sending him flying)
      Crazy Blitzwing: Mayday! Mayday! Let's all dance around ze maypole!

    • Optimus Prime: I still don't see where all this "expertise" came from.
      Bulkhead: I had a lot of time studying space bridge schematics back on the energon farm. I just had a knack for 'em, I guess.
      Bumblebee: Oh, well, that's great. So the one thing you're good at is going to hand Cybertron over to the Decepticons.

    • Bumblebee: (About Prowl's humming) Will you please stop that stupid humming?
      Prowl: This 'stupid humming' is a focusing technique. A cyber-ninja can use processor over matter to remove these stasis cuffs.
      Bulkhead: You can really do that?
      Prowl: In theory... I haven't actually completed my cyber-ninja training.

    • Professor Sumdac: (After taking Starscream's head off using the Headmaster Unit) Total ownage, Noob!

    • Megatron: Stop staring at me!
      Starscream: No, you stop staring at me!
      Megatron: Do you think I actually want to spend the rest of eternity gazing at your unsightly visage?
      Starscream: Trust me: your visage is no picnic either! And your face is ugly too!
      Megatron: Someone just take me offline now.
      Starscream: What do you think I was trying to do for the last four million stellar cycles? (Cracks up laughing) It's funny if you really think about it... Tragic but funny! (Laughs some more)
      Megatron: Oh, shut up.

    • Ramjet: (After Prowl puts him in stasis cuffs) I'm not down! I can escape any time I want to... I just don't want to.

    • Starscream: It's not like you to hide behind an Autobot.
      Megatron: But it's completely like you to hide behind an army of cheap knockoffs.

    • Bulkhead: Come on professor, we have to shut down the space bridge.
      Professor Sumdac: Why did you make it work in the first place?! What were you thinking?!
      Bulkhead: This coming from the guy that rebuilt Megatron.

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  • Allusions

    • A Bridge Too Close, Part 2
      A reference to the 1974 book A Bridge Too Far by Cornelius Ryan, which is about a failed attempt by the Allies to break through German lines in World War II.