Transformers Animated

Season 2 Episode 7

A Fistful of Energon

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM May 31, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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A Fistful of Energon
Prowl goes after Starscream when he escapes from the custody of the Elite Guard. However, he receives competition from Lockdown when Megatron offers a bounty on Starscream.

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  • Prowl and Lockdown face-off to capture Starscream while a much bigger plot is unfolding.

    Now THIS is why we watch Transformers Animated; Autobots vs. Decepticons. An overall EXCELLENT episode that provided action, suspense and drama along with a compelling storyline.

    The episode starts out in space, with blasting out of his stasis cuffs somehow. All this does is show how incapable the Elite Guard is. Anyway, the scene shifts to Dinobot Island where Prowl is lurking in the rough appreciating nature when Bulkhead storms in frightening away some deer. Shortly afterwards, a rampaging Grimlock emerges from the shrubs in pain because he has a spike in his foot. Prowl takes care of it with Ratchet's EMP module.

    Optimus sends word to Prowl that Ultra Magnus informed the Autobots that Starscream escaped. Big shock. Megatron, who has the tachion device stolen from the Autobots listens in on the converation and offers a reward to any Decepticon who captures Starscream. Prowl and Bulkhead used their Ship's sensors to locate the Decepticons, and they picked up an Allspark fragment locatd on the moon. As Bulkhead left the Ship to notify the other Autobots, Prowl makes an impromptu decision and takes a shuttle into space to investigate. In space, Prowl located the Decepticon base, and Starscream after a brief scan. Shortly afterwards, Lockdown shows who is also after Starscream for the bounty issued by Megatron so the two duke it out for the bounty. After a quick exchange of blows, the duo surmise that Starscream has broken the stasis cuffs and escaped. Outisde, Starscream destroys Prowl's shuttle and escapes. Lockdown climbs aboard his ship in pursuit with Prowl sneaking aboard Lockdown's vessel. Lockdown and Prowl agree to combine their effort to capture Starscream after Lockdown offers some upgrades to his systems. The duo arrive on Earth and in search of Starscream and locate him in the shadows of a freeway overpass. Starscream, with a different color scheme is behaving strangely; like a coward. Thanks to the new upgrades, Prowl captures Starscream relatively easy only for Lockdown to betray him, tie him up and claim Starscream for the bounty. Lockdown then contacts Megatron and arranges to exchange Starscream for his booty.

    Once the Autobots arrive to free Prowl, they track Lockdown. On the way, they encounter another Starscream reminescent of the G1 version who wants to form an alliance with the Autobots in order to overthrow Megatron, and create peace between the Bots and the Cons. Prowl captures this version of Starscream and the Autobots continue their pursuit of Lockdown. At the designated location, Megatron soon gives their position away and the other Autobots arrive with the second Starscream. With both parties, Bots and Cons trying to figure out the deal, the chestplates open on Starscream (that appear to look like the G1 Matrix of Leadership) revealing bombs to destroy both the Bots and the Cons. Megatron decides to retreat with the Cons while the Bots figure out how to save the city from the bomb's destruction.

    Prowl figures out that the only viable choice is to use his upgrades and fly the two Starscream clones into the sky where the bombs will harmlessly detonate. Once done, both clones explode in the air, close to the Decepticons.

    The episode wraps with Prowl removing his modifications and giving the EMP back to Ratchet. Lockdown contacts Prowl to become team member bounty hunters, but Prowl turns down his offer and warns him to not contact him further. Megatron, angered at Starscream's trechery, doubles the bounty on the Con that brings in Starscream. The last board shows Starscream on his Moonbase with an army of clones as he vows to seek revenge on Megatron.moreless
David Kaye

David Kaye

Optimus Prime, Lugnut, Grimlock

Bill Fagerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke


Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Prowl, Ultra Magnus

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Ratchet, Megatron

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny


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