Transformers Animated

Season 1 Episode 5

Blast From the Past

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Jan 12, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • cool

    this a really awesome episode and it has really cool fighting scenes and it's really funny because in this episode bulkhead keep crashing into prowl alot and when he hits every single car in the parking lot at dino land.
    i think that there is a lesson in too. i think that the lesson is that no matter how big or graceful you are you just need to be yourself and use your unique ablity to your advante when the time is right for you to use your ability whether it's good or bad. i really like this episode because it the coolest.
  • cool episode

    Professor Sumdac's latest creations begin to think for themselves. Eventually, these Dinobots start to hunt down the Autobots. The episode starts out at a historical Jurassic museum where Bulkhead knocks over every car in the parking lot. While learning about the history of Dinosaurs, a curious Bulkhead damages three of the robotic lizards (A Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pterodactyl and Triceratops) and a Tutor-bot.

    While Professor Sumdac is in his lab, he discovers that Megatron is online. Assuming that he is a friend of the Autobots, he explains what happens and feels he needs to tell them. Megatron convices Sumdac that it would be a bad idea to explain how he got the idea for a robotic world without showing them and everyone how useful it could be. So Professor Sumdac works on repairing the dinosaurs using Cybertronian technology.

    Meanwhile, Prowl begins to teach Bulkhead how to move swiftly without breaking things. When Bulkhead tries, he just trips up and lands on Prowl.

    The new Dinobots are introduced to the public and all seems well... until Megatron takes control of them in order to attack the Autobots. Ratchet and Bumblebee hold them off until Sari uses her Key to help. When the flash disappears, the Dinobots are offline.

    Megatron rants about how useless he is, trapped without a body when the Dinobots reawaken. Megatron soon realizes that they now have a spark of their own and, with the help of a repaired Tutor-bot, convinces the Dinobots that car and trucks, maining ones that transform into robots, are very bad. He then orders them to destroy the Autobots so he can create more Dinobots like them.

    The Dinobots stike again, attacking any vehicle in sight, until they're lured away by the Autobots. Bulkhead finally decides to stop acting like Prowl and more like himself in time to throw all three Dinobots into the melting pavement. While keeping Megatron's existence a secret, Sumdac apologizes to the Autobots for the trouble he's caused. Then, he promises to melt the Dinobots down in the morning. This concerns Prowl, since he detects a spark within them.

    Sumdac arrives the next morning to find that the Dinobots are missing. Prowl, with the help of Bulkhead, relocated the Dinobots to an island and added a hologram to prevent humans from finding them. Grimlock transforms to Robot Mode and likes what he sees.
  • Awesome! The Dinobots are here to turn it up!

    Finally! The Dinobots are here and ready to challenge the Autobots! After Megatron's plans have gone to waste, with the help from the professor, the Dinobots are created! As prototypes for Megatron's new army, this test will prove their loyalty to Megatron... DESTROY THE AUTOBOTS. Now, the Autobots face their greatest challenge yet! Meanwhile, Bulkhead has to learn the right skills and technique to help the Autobots. In this episode, he gets it right as the main hero. Bulkhead sure has something in him that lights him up!

    10/10 I've missed the dinobots and this episode has many references to the first generation of Transformers!
  • I'm sure this episode is going to be a series classic in the future. But for now Its a very special one. just because you get to see the Dinbots in action.

    This episodes air date was changed because the episode "Total Meltdown" that was supposed to air on this date was re-scheduled to air later in the series.

    This episode just shows you what a good team of writers this series has. The characters are developed further, as are their relationships. Prowl is starting to work more in the team collective mind frame, instead of being such a loner. He's getting involved with the other autobots. Even teaching Bulkhead his attack technique, of "Assess the situation... Choose your move... Execute with great precision". Prowl continues to develop as the most insightful, and sensitive of the team. Bumblebee had little dialog, if only to make fun of Bulkhead. no real character development there, just being a bit annoying as usual.

    Megatron is just so deliciously scheming, shrewd, manipulative, and evil, its incredible.
    One of the finer Megatron characterizations in a long time. The Voice acting is also very much there. With the slightly British accent adding to the evilness of the character. Don't know why evil characters must always have a British accent.

    The only thing I still can't get over, is Bulkhead, I keep waiting for a certain purple star fish to pop out and call for a certain yellow Sponge. Bill (The censor filter edited out his last name, for being offensive, go figure)
    needs to work on his "dumb dumb" voice so it sounds less like Patrick Star (who he also voices) and more like a Transformer. (

    The Dinobots where spot on in their characterizations. Even the "Me Grimlock" bit brought a smile to my face. From the get go Grimlock does not let anybody even Megatron control him. "Me Grimlock Leader" although he is easily manipulated into attacking the autobots and screaming, "Car Robots Worse". A very obvious allusion to the Japanese Verison of the Robot's In Disguise Animated series that aired in 2000.

    Well done, interesting Origin Story for the Dinobots, and overall a good episode. Quite Recommended.
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