Transformers Animated

Season 1 Episode 5

Blast From the Past

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Jan 12, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • I'm sure this episode is going to be a series classic in the future. But for now Its a very special one. just because you get to see the Dinbots in action.

    This episodes air date was changed because the episode "Total Meltdown" that was supposed to air on this date was re-scheduled to air later in the series.

    This episode just shows you what a good team of writers this series has. The characters are developed further, as are their relationships. Prowl is starting to work more in the team collective mind frame, instead of being such a loner. He's getting involved with the other autobots. Even teaching Bulkhead his attack technique, of "Assess the situation... Choose your move... Execute with great precision". Prowl continues to develop as the most insightful, and sensitive of the team. Bumblebee had little dialog, if only to make fun of Bulkhead. no real character development there, just being a bit annoying as usual.

    Megatron is just so deliciously scheming, shrewd, manipulative, and evil, its incredible.
    One of the finer Megatron characterizations in a long time. The Voice acting is also very much there. With the slightly British accent adding to the evilness of the character. Don't know why evil characters must always have a British accent.

    The only thing I still can't get over, is Bulkhead, I keep waiting for a certain purple star fish to pop out and call for a certain yellow Sponge. Bill (The censor filter edited out his last name, for being offensive, go figure)
    needs to work on his "dumb dumb" voice so it sounds less like Patrick Star (who he also voices) and more like a Transformer. (

    The Dinobots where spot on in their characterizations. Even the "Me Grimlock" bit brought a smile to my face. From the get go Grimlock does not let anybody even Megatron control him. "Me Grimlock Leader" although he is easily manipulated into attacking the autobots and screaming, "Car Robots Worse". A very obvious allusion to the Japanese Verison of the Robot's In Disguise Animated series that aired in 2000.

    Well done, interesting Origin Story for the Dinobots, and overall a good episode. Quite Recommended.