Transformers Animated

Season 1 Episode 5

Blast From the Past

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Jan 12, 2008 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Despite what Tutor Bot says, fossil fuels are not made from dinosaur fossils. Fossil fuels are made from various hydrocarbons, which are mostly formed from plant matter that has long since settled in the Earth's crust.

    • When Megatron is talking shortly before Grimlock assumes a name, you can hear him emphasize the words Grim and Lock.

    • Running Gag: Bulkhead keeps running/knocking into Prowl.

    • Grimlock was the only Dinobot who transforms in this episode. He is also the only Dinobot to talk.

    • Character(s) Introduced:

  • Quotes

    • Prowl: (To Bulkhead) Remember, you must move like a gentle wind.
      Bumblebee: "Gentle wind?" You'll be lucky if you can get him down to "omega-class solar storm!"

    • Issac Sumdac: (About the Dinobots) I am very sorry about the eh... 'glitch.'
      Ratchet: You call fire breathing a 'glitch?'

    • Ratchet: Don't these things ever learn?
      Grimlock: Cars and trucks bad.
      Prowl: Apparently they learned how to talk. (Dinobots shoot fire at the cars)
      Optimus Prime: ...and a few other tricks.

    • Issac Sumdac: (Sighs after hearing Tutor-Bot's explanation) I cannot believe I programmed you with such simplistic information. Everybody knows this.
      Megatron: Oh, but I did not.
      Issac Sumdac: Well, everyone but you... (Realizes that Megatron spoke)

    • Megatron: XL-4 processor- how primitive. My captor obviously possesses the means to manufacture robotics. But, clearly nothing of the scale I shall require for my own robotic body.

    • Bulkhead: (Meditating) Assess the situation, choose the right move.... Execute with graceful precision!

    • Bumblebee: You ask me, Dinosaurs move with more grace than some Autobots.
      Bulkhead: Very funny.

    • Grimlock: (after transforming from a dinosaur to a robot mode) Me Grimlock like.

    • (Referring to Prowl's attempt to train Bulkhead)
      Ratchet: Nice, Prowl. Maybe next you can teach an engine block to float.

    • Arriving at Sumdac Tower, where the Dinobots are rampaging
      Captain Fanzone: How bad is it?
      Snarl throws a car, which lands on Captain Fanzone's car, destroying it.
      Captain Fanzone: Give me that! Grabs a missile launcher from a nearby officer and fires on the Dinobots. Snarl swallows the missile and belches the smoke from the explosion
      Captain Fanzone: This is why I hate machines!

    • Prowl: (To Bulkhead) This island will be the ideal place to train you. Quiet, peaceful and nothing around for you to damage.

    • Bulkhead: (about the Dinobots) They do look kinda happy here.
      Prowl: Thanks again for your help getting them here... and thanks for keeping it a secret from the others. The Dinobots won't cause any harm here... and, with a little hologram trickery, they won't even know they're here. (Prowl uses a holographic device to cover the Dinobots surroundings)
      Bulkhead: Do you really think it's the right thing to do?
      Prowl: Just because something is big and lumbering and destructive, doesn't mean you give up on it.

    • Prowl: Bulkhead, what are you doing?
      Bulkhead: I'm trying to do what you do!
      Prowl: Better idea: do what you do.

    • Grimlock: Stupid nature! Come back and fight like Dinobot!

    • Bulkhead: (About the Dinobots) Wait! I... I was thinking, maybe we should lure them someplace safer first.
      Optimus Prime: Good thinking, Bulkhead.
      Bulkhead: He said good thinking...
      Bumblebee: and Bulkhead!

    • Grimlock: Car and truck- bad! Car robots- worse!

    • Tutor-Bot: As you'll see, many of the dinosaurs replicated here are from the Jurassic era, which means they're over two hundred million years old.
      Ratchet: Heh, we've been around for about ten billion years.

    • Bulkhead: Sorry I'm late... did I miss anything?
      Bumblebee: No, I'd say you hit just about every car in the lot.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dinobots in Tar
      This is not the first series to use a tar pit to entrap the Dinobots. In the original G1 cartoon episode "Dinobot Island," Megatron used the island's residents to drive the Dinobots into a tar pit to get them out of the Decepticon's way. In the G1 Marvel comic series, the Decepticon Shockwave defeated the Dinobots by entombing them in tar (before falling in himself).

    • Grimlock's Robot Mode:
      Grimlock's robot mode resembles his look in the Generation One series. However, in this series, he wields a flaming sword just like his G1 toy and depiction in several comic series including Transformers War Within.

    • Dino Drive: Jurassic Park
      The entrance to Dino Drive, with the exception of the robotic t-rex head, resembles the entrance gate from the movie Jurassic Park; complete with towering gate holders, stone wall, and torches.

    • Grimlock: Car Robots worse!
      Car Robots was the japanese name for the short lived anime "Transformers: Robots in Disguise," which was a much lesser series in popularity. In fact, it was the only Transformers cartoon to feature a Grimlock that wasn't a Dinobot, he was a construction vehicle.